Monday, February 28, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/28/2011

Yesterday, February 27, 2011 I had my first Yoga class under the name Soul Motivation. 

One of my desires for this studio is to help students attending classes there to see that they really do matter and that they are significant in this world!

I see Soul Motivation planting seed into their lives.  I'm on assignment and I won't budge from it!

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Thank you!
Much love,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/27/2011

The moment we stop moving toward God - we always start drifting away.

I try to keep my attention focus of God as much as possible.  I had to make a decision to do this.  I now surround myself with His Word.

I listen to preaching and teaching audio via my Iphone while I'm getting dressed, driving to appointments, preparing meals, exercising, and when I go to bed just to name a few.  I listen to the Word of God anytime and anywhere!

It has made sure a huge difference in my life!  Something you might want to try?:)

Much love,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/25/2011

Hi Everyone,

OK, here is my next project! 

I am so thankful to God for those who are supporting me in making it happen, and I also thank God for the honor of being part of this great Yoga community - a place where people can receive!

Check it out!

Much love,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/23/2011

Again, one of my goals/desires for the students attending Yoga classes I teach is to teach them to reach out to others. I want them to understand that the classes I teach are a safe place for them and have them relay this information to others.

I'm ready to receive them and assist them in building theirs lives inside/out through the practice of Yoga. I will teach them how to come up to a new level of living. I can show them hope for tomorrow and a brigher future!

I want them to know that everything is going to be ALL right!

Much love,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/20/2011

One of my daily meditations and prayers is praying that God will cause me to ever excel, increase and overflow in His love.

An example of what the world needs to see from Christians - a unconditional love and living example of Christ!

Yep, short and sweet to the point today!:)

Much love,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/18/2011

God has delivered me and has come through for me time and time again in my life. And, He will do the same for you

God has already made a way, so don't run scared or allow yourself to feel hopeless or confused.

Just believe God's Word and follow it!

Much love,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/16/2011

From personal experience with talking and counseling with people, in times of crisis, their minds usually goes blank, and whatever is in their heart comes out.

When you have been in relationship only with the world, fear will come out. If you have been relationship with God, faith will be your first response.

We need the ability to stay strong and steady both in our everyday life and when challenges arise.

The good news is when we are joined together with God, that living connection will make all the difference (it has in my life). Instead of depending on me (Joseph), I can truly say "I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength!"

Much love,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/13/2011

There are days that I am challenged in many areas of my life. These are the days I have to make a choice. Is God, God all the time? Or is He just God when everything is going well and there are no challenges in my life?

No! God is God at all time, in all places, under all circumstances - good or bad! Something I have to remind myself of at times.

If I lean to my own understanding, I lose sight of the fact that God is still God. From person experience I just have to keep right on going with God, no matter what happens and challenges I face!

Much love,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/11/2011

Walking in love is about allowing God to live and shine through you in all situations and at all time. However, there will be opportunities that you will have to maybe walk in love as you keep your mouth shut.

You might even have a situation that you are really being blessed in your life (spirit, mind, body, finance). But, your friends (maybe they are not), even some relatives don’t celebrate in your being blessed.

I really don't like using this word, but will - jealous. Your friends and even relatives it seems they become jealous of the blessings that is happening in your life.

So, here is a great opportunity to walk in the love of God and let Him shine through you! Do not get caught up in taking on offense or getting an attitude toward them because of what they say or act.

Instead, continue your love walk and give the credit to God for the blessing you are receiving. Do not allow darkness to come into your spirit. Do not speak any words of criticism toward others whatsoever.

Let them see God in you. Let them see why you are blessed. Because you yet love them in spite of what they are saying and doing towards you.

It's time to to give God all the credit, glory and honor of the blessings that we experience. As we do this, God is smiling and will continue to bestow His blessing upon us. Oh yea, look for His promotions too. Look for doors to become wide open that no man can close!:)

Much love,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/9/2011

There will be times in your life that everything looks bleak and everyone says what you are trying to do is impossible. All this might be true if you look at it through the nature eye - being humanly impossible.

But, for as I'm concern, I no longer say "It can not be done." I no longer say "This is an impossible situation." I say "Yes, humanly this is impossible, but the power of God is my strength. The power of God is my source! If God said I can do it, then I can do it."

Yep, I want to encourage you to believe God and to stand in His power - to receive what belongs to you through the power of God. I am standing and moving forward in His power. Want to join me?:)

Much love,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/7/2011

I have found living for God is a daily journey. There are days that things happen instantly and other days things happen progressively.

But, I do know that God will transform you inside and out. And you will find that, in the midst of this changing world, He is now - and always will be - your Source!

As I am about to end the writing of this blog, I felt a desire to include this prayer for you to say, "Lord, I want to be transformed, inside and out. I want to do the things you want me to do. Just tell me what it is. By faith in You, I know I can do it!"

Yep, another short and sweet blog.:)

Much love,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/4/2011

Looking at the situations that is going on in our local, national and international community has taken its toll on many.

I have noticed that when I talk to some individuals about spiritual things such as faith - faith in God, they look at me right in the face with a blank expressions. They act as if they don't hear a word I'm saying. It is like I am not speaking to them at all.

But, if I change the subject and start talking about the local or world events I get an immediate response.

It seems like it is easy to hear about troubles, despair, etc. These things are all around us. But, personally I do not surround myself with the world's bad news. I do not watch TV nor read the newspaper.

However, I do make is a point to surround myself with God's Word and what He is doing. What God is doing is more than what darkness is doing! The key I have found is to respond to God's Word regarding all circumstances, not be in fear, worry or anxiety.

Through God's Word is where we draw strength!

Much love,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thought For Today - 2/2/2011

I know I have a calling on my life to minister to all those that attend the Yoga classes I teach. There are days I use words and there are days I allow the presence of Love to just over shallow the students.

Yes, it is not by my ability, but by God's ability I'm able to do what I do. He is the one that has open doors. With this calling there is no room for me giving up. Yes, I'm unyielding and uncompromising. I'm holding fast no matter what happens.

I have said this many, many times, I'm not allowing any to get away. When they come to any class I teach, they will experience the presence of Love. Yes, doors have been open and more will too - for this to happen.

I see walls coming down in the lives of students. I see an increase of Love coming into their lives like they have never experienced before! It will come to pass!

I will succeed in this calling.

Much love,