Friday, October 31, 2008

Thougth For Today - 10/31/08

We all have experience this in Yoga class - working that pose that challenges us, makes us look on the inside, and teaches us about ourselves. On many days it might be inaccessible, something we only imagine doing, such as a full split. But once and a while, for a glorious moment, we try it and actually succeed.

This happen to me the other day I was doing a full split and was actually able to bring my forearms to the floor while in the split. That was the moment that taught me a great lesson during that class. I went into the pose, realized I was actually doing it, and then realized the fear was not there, but total excitement.
As you allow your body to move to the next level in your Yoga practice, take this next level into your daily life. See yourself going beyond your usual comfort level.

Don't be terrified or fearful. This is your opportunity for growth and freedom!

Much love,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/30/08

We are living in challenging and dangerous times. There is only one way we can make it. We must have the power of God living in our lives. Patience is one of the powers - it cannot be stopped. No matter what the circumstances, it will not quit. Temperance is another power in that it can master all unruly desires of your flesh (no matter what they are). The greatest of these powers to me is Love. LOVE NEVER FAILS!

If you don't have these powers in your life. Then, do what you need to get them operating there. Let God and His precious Son Jesus be Lord of your life. With God in your life, darkness can not hurt, harm or cause any danger to you. The power of God will just flow through you and correct any problems that come your way.

God will keep you steadfast when all the people around you are falling down. God will keep you on your feet when governments fail and when the storms of life come knocking at your door.

Guys, this is where my source is - in God and His Son Jesus. I have lived this for many, many years. It works. God has never fail me. If you have not experienced the above, will you today? If you do, you will never fail!

Much love,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/29/08

My spiritual life is based on the Bible – the Word of God. The Bible is my foundation for life. Without which I’m unable to build anything that will last.

My practice of Yoga has increased my awareness of just how much my spiritual life is based in the teaching of Jesus. Yoga has not taken away or disturbed my spiritual roots in Christianity, but it has given me deeper insight of what God is all about. God is LOVE!

Love has no selfish desires. Love is always at ease. Love is never restless and never disappointed. Love is always craving to serving others. Love wants to remove suffering from people. These are just a few things Love does.

Ok, if you don’t believe me – try this. Find someone to make happy. When you make them happy, you will see happiness in their face. Then, check yourself out – you will feel happy too!

Experience the joy of just giving something for the sake of giving. Afterward, you will wait passionately for the opportunity to get that joy over and over again.

This is what Love (God) is all about! And, starting my personal practice of Yoga which I now do 24/7 has brought out more of God (Love) in me. Nothing else really matters. Everything else will pass away. But, Love (God) will eternally be here.

Much love,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/28/08

If you are having vague thoughts and wishes about what you want to do with your life will give you no happiness or success. Few people really know what they really want of life.

However, those who do know exactly what they want, and want it badly enough, always get it. Why? Because they made a decision. Decision has the power - the ability to open the way to opportunity. It draws strong people into your life. These individuals are ones who help and breeds success in whatever it touches. You will find intelligent individuals who not only understand what you are trying to do but will help you do it. These individuals make good instead of making excuses.

You will also discover that these individuals have an attitude of prayer. They also have faith in themselves. They pray 24/7. They pray while their work - making their work a prayer.

Something to think about? I would say so!

Much love,

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Personal Stuff About Me

There are days when I’m tired, weary, and perplexed. The atmosphere, the people, the experiences just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I ask questions within myself – what in the world am I doing here? I even ask God – OK what is my next assignment?

Yet, deep inside the truth whispers to me – Joseph – you are not finished with your assignments here on earth yet. Truth goes on to say - there is more for me to do and it is so worthwhile!

I don’t apologize for my feeling. I believe it is part of my journey. The feelings I feel can mean I have reach a turning point in my life – a new journey is about to begin.

Truth goes on to tell me to be present to the moment. Don’t look at the past nor try to figure out the future. I have worked through so much. I have come so far. I can’t stop now.

Truth tells me to press through. These are more growing pains, more healing for me, more refinement of myself and allowing God to come forth fully in my life. Truth tells me the past has prepared me for NOW.

In conclusion, truth says I’m about to walk through a new door. My heart is now open. I can see clearly. I know more about the wonders of love. It’s reward time for me. I must keep moving forward – trusting Him for direction.

Now, you know a little more about me.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/27/08

This is a new week and a new day.

If we murmur and complain about our circumstances, we are already defeated because the murmuring and complaining means we are not living in faith. We have moved over to the negative side of life.

We don't thank God for what darkness has done. But in the midst of darkness, we can give thanks and praise to God because we know He will deliver us out of every test and trial that comes our way.

If we give thanks to God and count our blessings from Him, we move back to the positive side of life. Only then can God move on our behalf.

Much love,

Weekend of 10/25/08

In summary my weekend was good.

Saturday, I took a Yoga class at Yoga Island in Flower Mound and taught two Yoga class at 24HF – Carrollton (Trinity/Marsh) and Southlake. Afterward, spend over two hours giving a private session to eight Yoga students. One of the students won a raffle for the private session. I donated a free two-hour session for a charity fundraiser they had several weeks ago.

Sunday, I attended church in Arlington, spent a few hours with friends and family, then back home to Carrollton. Got ready for another week.

Here is my prayer for you this week . . .

"Father, I pray over the individuals you have brought into my life – those that I’m responsible for and to. I pray they will have a prosperous week. I thank You that You liberally supply and fill to the fullest measure every need they have this week.

I pray You will make all grace, every favor and earthly blessing, come to them in abundance so that they are always, under all circumstances and whatever the need, totally self-sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support.

Father, I thank You that Your angels are free to minister for them and bring in the necessary finances so that they can continue provide for their families and Your work.

I pray they have no lack and they want for nothing. Abundance is theirs. Success is theirs. Your blessings are theirs. I thank You for doing this for me. Amen

Much love,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/26/08

Good Sunday To You!

I don't know anyone who is dong everything right, including me! I'm always finding ways that I can do things better and in more love. We can always do more right things. We can always do the right things we are doing now - but better.

So, today, this Sunday, let me encourage you to get rid of things that may be stopping you from moving forward and living a prosperous (spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially) life.

I would love for all of us, including myself to walk more in success and love. This really means living a life according to what God says and not according to what the world says. The world system is crazy and mixed-up big time and will continue to fail. However, you and I don't have to be part of this.

God has something good and better in mind for us. He has days of heaven on earth planned for us. His will is for us to prosper (spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially) and be blessed.

You will continue to think and behave like the world until you change your way of thinking to agree with God. Change your mind and you will change your life. There is not a better day to start than today!

Much love,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/25/08

The weekend is here.

So many that you may know are dealing with lots of fear due to things happening in the world. Take this weekend to observe and to act, rather than react to situations. Let peace and compassion come forth from you to them. Let this be a weekend of meditation where you will send love and compassion to those who are suffering.

In your meditation – see their situation changing. See joy and faith coming into their lives. See them being connected to God. See them loving themselves. As you meditate on them – the same will happen to you.

Much love,

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/24/08

I’m learning to trust myself more and more in doing what is right for me. I know this might sound selfish. But, there have been so many times I have been in situations that I tried but could not adapt to. No matter how hard I tried and wanted the situation to work – at the end it did not feel right. Can you relate?

More times than few in the past I would say something is wrong with me if I don’t like this or this is not working. I would say OK, I would try a different route, a different approach – thinking it would work.

These were times I begin to feel confused, weak, scattered and uncertain. My passion began to fade, my emotions disappeared. I was always sleepy, trying to run away, moving into depression. I would even become physically ill.

I had to come to the point in my life – I need to take care of Joseph. I need to love Joseph. If we love ourselves, we won’t be down on ourselves for long. If a place, person or situation does not work, that is okay? Something I say in Yoga class daily. I had to apply that phrase to my life.

My message to you this day is to trust yourself to know what is right for you. If it does not feel right – don’t forsake yourself. Leave the situation. Try something else until it does feel right for you!

Much Love,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Connection To God

I think when some read the blogs I write - they just don't know what to think about me regarding my relationship with God. I even had one Yoga student tell me she only reads the blogs of the headings that don't have anything to do with God. But, all that I write in reality is connected with God. Some blogs are more direct while others are no so direct.

Ladies and gentlemen, God is my life. Yoga is my life. Yoga has brought me into a closer relationship with God, His Son - Yahshua and the Holy Spirit. Not wanting to know or read about my God in the blogs is saying you don't want to know or read about me. I can't separate myself from my God and my Savior - Yahshua.

Bills paid supernaturally, food provided supernaturally, new clothes given supernaturally, and the list goes on and on and on. God did it! God being in my life has changed my life. For my troubles and problems - He gave me solutions and victory. He brought what I needed into the seen realm of reality.

My healing is in God. My meals are in God. My deliverance from darkness is from God. Yahshua put His life on the line just for me - and you. It is my personal and correct choice for me to serve the God I serve. If want to experience the same things (just a sample few) of what I have written above - you can. You must accept Him as your Savior as I and many, many others have!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/23/08

There are many student in the Yoga classes I teach who often mention to me they wish their friends and loved ones would share in their passion and discover the benefits of Yoga.

One thing I suggest is they tell their friends and love ones to come try a class. I tell them to tell them they will get in the back of the class with them (to make them feel at ease). I tell them to encourage them during class and not to be a show off (you know what I mean).

However, I believe the best way to bring or introduce our friends and love ones to Yoga is by living a life of Yoga. If they would just simply conduct their Yoga practice with dedication, their friends and families will notice a positive change in their personalities. These changes can include a more loving attitude, a positive outlook on life, more energy and just a peaceful temperament.

Yoga has changed my life. Let if change your life. As we do this – our friends and families will see the change. Then, some will show up for class.

Much love,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/22/08

On a weekly basis, there are students who miss class. Some students having what I call “been missing in action.” When they come back to class, some say they have been too busy with new job, new baby, moving, and the list goes on. Coming to Yoga class was pretty much at the bottom of their list.

My response to them – don’t go more than 3-4 days without practicing your Yoga asanas. I tell them as they stick to this suggestion, they will stay healthier (inside/out), calmer and less prone to injury (which can be associated with a stop/start Yoga practice asana).

I also tell them if they can’t make it to class - please start a home Yoga practice asana. Even if it’s just only doing 10 Sun Salutation A & B. Find a small space in their home and do something that will keep their practice fresh.

Much love,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Morning Special Note - 10/21/08

I didn't sleep well last night. I got home late from teaching a late class. Stayed up until around 11:30pm. Got up around 2:30am and spend time in prayer. Afterward, went back to bed and before I knew it my alarm went off for me to head to the gym. I mainly do my workouts in early morning (around 5am) due to my work schedule.

However, this morning I didn't head to the gym. I just stayed in bed. I did manage to get up around 6:30am. After being up for a few minutes - the Word of God begin to stir up in me. I so clearly hear in my spirit that I am to ONLY allow a problem or situation 24 hours in my life. The problem or situation has no business staying longer than that.

I am to speak the Word of God to problems or situations and watch them disappear from my life. It doesn't not matter what the problem or situation is - just speak the Word of God to it.

This revelation from God was so powerful to me this morning. I begin to jump up and down in my kitchen - praising God for His Word. His Word was directly to me. However, I'm sharing it with you too! And, yes, there are times I get very excited and emotional about the goodness of God.

So, you learned something else new about Joseph today. I am person who practices, teaches Yoga, lift his hands and voice, jumps up and down as he gives God praise. What a combination. :)

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/21/08

On a weekly basis I get questions from Yoga students regarding meditation such as how do I begin a meditation practice. One of the main things I generally tell them they have to do is “focus". Most Yoga students have challenges with their “breath” during class. But, talking about the “breath” during Yoga asana can be another blog.

Back to meditation. I tell the students there is nothing mystique about meditation. I tell this especially to the Christian Yoga student. Meditation is used through out the Bible. Meditation is used through out many religions. I tell students meditation is one of the most natural of our human abilities that was given to us by God.

Meditation takes you to the “present.” You are not thinking or questioning the past or looking toward the future, but simply being “present.” This is the real meaning of meditation.

I tell students to find one and only one thing to place their focus or attention on. Bringing their focus or attention on what is significant to them at that moment or time they have set aside.

When our mind is able to focus on what is significant to what is happening at the present, we experience ourselves as being at one with what we see. Only then will you experience meditation in the true state (my interpretation), which is joyful and wonderful. It actually can bring you into a full and complete life experience.

Much love,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/20/08

Today, let everything you do be done with love. Whether its' preparing a meal, writing a computer program, teaching a Yoga class (smile), do it with a loving, delightful, joyous and sweet attitude (spirit).

Do me a favor - really try this. See how when you do things this way - it brings an energy, a joy, a pleasure to you and the people around you.

This is simply another way to touch and make a change in someones life.

Much love,

Weekend of 10/17/08

Hey, here is my weekend summary . . .

I attended an amazing Yoga workshop this weekend (Friday 1pm – Sunday 12noon). The workshop was conducted by Beryl Bender Birch. I met Beryl a couple of years ago at another workshop she conducted in Dallas and just fell in love with her and her style of Yoga (Astanga Yoga) teaching. Check out her website for additional information:

Kendall Inman – a good friend of mines, hosted the workshop. Check out her website for upcoming Yoga events:

I trust your weekend was safe and prosperous.

My prayer for you this week is . . .

“You will spend time with God (reading His Word, meditating on His Word, praying His Word) this week. That your spirit – your inner being (the real you) will be fed. That you will remember that every trouble, problem, or circumstance you are facing, God has a promise in His Word to cover it. That you will know that God has the final authority over the trouble, problem or circumstance.”

Let this be the best week that you have had yet in 2008!

Much love,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/19/08

Happy Sunday!

It's great to attend church gatherings. It's great to study and learn about the Word of God. Keep it up.

However, it's not the great revelation you have been waiting to hear that will keep you out of trouble situations. It's failing to walk in the revelations God has already given you. Now, that is a revelation!

Be faithful in the things God has already instructed you in. Continue to walk in them day in - day out. Continue your love walk.

Much love,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/18/08

The weekend is here!

This weekend - cherish it! Thursday night after the 7:30pm Yoga class I had taught, one of the member's daughter came and gave me a gift. It was a bag full of goodies. The daughter said "We want you to have it." Meaning she and her family. I thanked her for the gift. That gift was just a reminder to keep my heart open to receiving.

As we go about this weekend, gifts will come - leave your heart open to receive. Don't let the problems of life shut you down. When you shut down, your passion, your zest, your faith also shuts down.

Even open your heart for love this weekend. Don't' worry about getting your heart broken. Sometimes it happens. It is the price you pay for opening your heart - for stepping out. Nevertheless, if it does happen, cherish the moment, the weekend, open your heart again.

Much love,

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/17/08

For the past few weeks I have talked to so many people that were so fearful of the financial situation of our country. I was somewhat surprise of things coming out of their mouths – mainly words of fear and doubt.

If we think like the world thinks, eventually you will begin to act like the world acts. You will begin to fear and have doubts like the world has. Wild thoughts produce wild actions. Let your thoughts be controlled by bringing them into subjection to the Word of God.

Take the time necessary to renew your mind with the Word of God. When you begin to do this your mind becomes saturated with God. Your will, your faith becomes strong to take authority over every ungodly thought and circumstance.

Do not let darkness bring fear and doubt into your life and deceive you. Don’t look to the world for provision. Your provision is in God. His supply has no limits. Meditate on the Word instead of meditating on fear and doubt and carnal thoughts. Keep your eyes on God. He is your Help!

Much love,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More About Joseph Stingley - Your Yoga Instructor

I feel I need to clarify a few things here . . .

I am a Christian, ordained minister who practices and teaches Yoga. I am a God fearing, Jesus Christ believing, Holy Spirit filled individual. I enjoy practicing and teaching Yoga to hundreds of students on a weekly basis.

I have not and will never promote Yoga’s religious association, including mantras. I don’t use the Sanskrit language in classes. I do not attend classes that pay tribute to Hindu deities, metaphysical/New Age jargon such as negative and positive energy, divinity within you, focus on the third eye, etc, projection (emptying your mind or stepping outside of your body).

My religious belief is that Jesus gave His life – on the promise of His Father (God) that the world would be saved. I have a personal relationship with Jesus. I know His voice when He speaks to me. I talk to Him daily without fear. I even share my heart with Him honestly. He gives me answers to my questions and much, much more.

I trust this tells you somewhat more about Joseph - your Yoga instructor.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/16/08

We as Christians are not to fight our own battles. The only thing we are to fight is the “good fight of faith.” Faith will fight whatever battle is before us. Our job is to hold onto faith with a death grip – not letting it go. It may seem like you can’t hold on any longer as you have been holding on for quite a while. That is the time when your break through is so close. Don’t let go.

Keep your eyes on God. Keep your face in His Word. As you do this – you will be able to hold on until your faith for what you believe for manifests itself in the natural.

Much love,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Email From A Favorite Yoga Student

I wanted to share this email received from a 24HF member who attends several classes I teach a week. Many times she will do a double-header (taking two classes I teach per day) with me. She is one of my favorite. Check out her story. Yoga does work. Enjoy.

Much love,

"Maybe I am crazy for attending so many of your classes (and Rachelle's on Mondays). I think if everyone else in your classes can benefit as much as I do and become stronger and stronger and have less and less pain, (although I do sweat like a pig b/c of all the dedication and pushing myself as much as I can in every pose), they too would be crazy and go as much as possible.

Giving up weights was really hard, but the best thing I could have done for myself. I have not lost weight doing yoga, however my back, my knees, my ability to now do pushups and relieve all the pain in my neck, is so worth it. I use to have to use my hands to pull my legs into my car as I could not lift them on my own b/c my knees hurt so much. I really try to push myself. Every week I get a little better.

I use to think Bird of Paradise, a half pigeon, Half Moons, even a Tree was going to defeat me. I stuck with it. Monday I did the head stand in Rachelle's class all by myself for almost a minute and I wished you could have seen it. When I am not sweaty I do not slip so I have more stability.

So to not have to think I am going to need surgery or take pain pills like most people I know, I choose to better myself and my life by seeing you as much as I see my husband and I am very grateful for all that you and Rachelle have done for me. I really do think it has saved me. If you ever needed a believer you have one here.

I will see you tonight and until one of us dies I will be in your classes, :-)

Thought For Today - 10/15/08

I talk a lot about the Love of God. This is the key to the blessings of God. If you want to follow God's plan for your life and experience His blessings, you will not if you don't walk in love.

Love is the only commandment you need to concern yourself with. If you are walking in love toward one another - you will experience abundance, healing, favor, and prosperity, just to name a few - even in the mist of a failing world system. Whatever you do - don't get out of your love walk. If you do, get back in it as fast as you can!

We are to love God will all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength. And, we love our neighbor as our self.

Much love,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/14/08

If you fear that you will lose what you have - you will surely lose what you have. For your thoughts of fear express what you want. In other words, what you fear is only in your mind or imagination. Keep up the mental picture of fear and you will bring failure to pass. You have the choice of failure or success, many are choosing failure.

Take the word fear out of your vocabulary and see how your life begins to flourish. Focus your mind on thoughts that heal, bless, prosper, inspire and strengthen you. You will become what you imagine yourself to be.

Much love,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jackson Luke Stingley

Hey my grandson Jackson is entered in a cutest baby contest on 106 Kiss FM.

How about voting for him?

Here is the link:

Also, it goes in alphabetical order and his name is Jackson Luke Stingley.

Thank so much.
Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/13/08

You have heard the saying "don't burn your bridges." Some bridges you need to burn and destroy completely. Why? Because you will never go back that way.

Trust your heart. Maybe, even thank those individuals who helped you get to where you are on your journey. You may even be thankful for the places, things and experiences that shaped you.

Now, it’s time to pick up and leave. Say good-bye with love and appreciation in your heart – knowing you will never come back that way. Do burn and destroy that bridge!

Much love,

Weekend of 10/10/08

My weekend was safe and prosperous. I’m led to share this prayer for you this week . . .

"Father God, I bring all the ones that you have assigned to me (those I'm responsible to and for) before You today. I take authority over darkness and come against it’s operation in their lives. I ask You to send the perfect laborers into their paths to minister to them the word of faith.

I pray that their eyes of understanding be enlightened that they may know how rich is Your inheritance in their lives, and that they may be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, walking fully pleasing to You, increasing in the knowledge of God.

Father, I pray that these dear ones you have assigned to me (those I'm responsible to and for) will be rooted and built up in Jesus, established in faith. I am confident that He who began a good work in their life will continue until the day of Jesus Christ.

Father God, I know You heard my prayer. I know that I have the request that I ask. Thank You in Jesus’ Name.

Have a blessed week.

Much love,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Question? Do you believe your prayers will do any good?

Answer. They will if you are walking in the love of God. The second you start hating people, you give the darkness access to your heart. Once darkness enters your heart, it will mess up everything for you.

Darkness will disrupt your communication and fellowship with God. It will also bring in all kinds of fear and turmoil. Also, fear connects to the spirit of fear. Faith connects to the spirit of faith. Faith works by Love. Fear works by strife.

To receive the blessings of God, you must walk in Love towards everyone. It can be challenging to forgive some people who have done you wrong. It can be challenging to release all bitterness and start loving people who have hurt you. Still, you need to do it anyway! You tell darkness that you will obey the commandment of Love. Fear has to leave. Love will grow. That changes everything.

In doing this, God’s protection and blessings will be upon your life and household. You need that from God – especially in this day and time. Without this, you will fall prey to the devices of darkness. But, with this, you will be more than a conqueror through Him (God) who loves you.

Much love,

Sunday Oct. 12, Free Yoga Class in Carrollton

Bring a guest to the Carrollton 24 Hour Fitness (Marsh/Trinity) for FREE!

Hey, I will be teaching a special Member Appreciation class at the Carrollton 24 Hour Fitness (Marsh/Trinity) on Sunday, October 12, at 1:00 p.m.

You can bring a guest for free. What's more, both you and your guest can bring your children age 12 and under to the Kids Club for free.

Help introduce a friend or family member to a wonderful Yoga class. Bring them to this special class, for free!

Much love,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/11/08

The weekend is here. I want you to be excited about it! Wake up this Saturday morning and be happy, be at peace, be excited about just being alive another day - another weekend.

Let this feeling last. Let a new journey begin this weekend. Be healed. Clear out the old, negative feeling. Become committed to discover something new about yourself this weekend. Love yourself. Love others. Love yourself some more.:)

Much love,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/10/08 & Very Personal

Many years ago, God had placed a gift into my life. The gift was being able to experience what individuals were experiencing. It could be from just a handshake. There were times I would drive down streets and freeways – driving through neighborhoods and become overwhelmed with what I experienced. I’m not sure those reading this can relate. But, this was and is real.

The emotions I was experiencing were so strong. I had came to the place in my life that I was actually taking on their experiencing such as grief, depression, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness, just to name a few. The problem was I was trying to solve their problems. I begin to draw back from this gift. I would ignore the emotions, block out the experiences. I became cold to what people were going through. The gift was yet there, but I would not let it come forth anymore. My heart and mouth were expressing different things. This went on for years. I mean many years.

Since I started my Yoga practice in 2003, little by little, my heart began to soften. The love and compassion of God begin to peak its’ head out. Within a few years, the gift emerged. That is also when the Yoga classes I teach begin to grow to an overflowing number of students attending. Wow, that was just a revelation to me!

Today, I am a receive of the blessings of God and keeper of His commandment of love! I can and have experienced the hurts, pain, grief, sorrow, loneliness, etc. of many that I know personally and others I don’t know at all. This time around – I give it all to God. He is the fixer – not Joseph.

God loves all mankind. The commandment of love is the key to it all. God has planted me in your mist. I will be the connector if need be for all people to experience the blessing of God – even in our current time when the world system is failing all around us. I will pray and show you how to stand on the promises of God regarding your need.

I love you. I will always love you. Today, I grab a strong grip on the power of God to meet you at your need. I can’t help but love you more than ever!

Much love,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/9/08

Some of you may know that I’m a unusual individual. A Christian minister (ordained in 1982) who practices and teaches Yoga. What a combination.

From the eyes of God I see individuals as evolving spiritual beings. Some individuals have forced me to open my heart and become more and more like Jesus. I found what is not love is fear. Anything that is negative is derived from fear. And, God is love.

There is no way I can communicate with others in a meaningful way if there is judgment or blame living in my heart. God tells me to not judge.

I had to change (work in progress). I had to invite God into my life (spirit & mind). As I did and continue to do this, now I can see clearly – walking in love and being a blessing to all that I come in contact with.

My desire is to bring healing to a hurting world. I believe God has and will continue to send and guide me to make our world a better place. This is my life-long career.

Sometimes when I write these blogs, the revelation of what I’m to write comes at me so fast – its’ challenging to write it down quick enough. This particular blog is such a one. I’m sure more will come in another blog.

Much love,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/8/08

May of us probably right now are in positions that are very challenging. Now is not the time to turn your back on God! Do not blame God for the situations you are in. God is yet faithful and at all times.

What you need to do (as I have) when things become challenging and they keep dragging on and on and there is not light at the end of the road - don't blame God. God is not failing us nor is He missing it.

If you are going to blame anything - blame or look at yourself. Look and see where you may have failed. If you still can't find out what your problem is, ask God. You can say something of this nature "God, I don't know what is going on here. I know the problem is not You. I will continue to pray, reading Your Word and not be moved by circumstances." When God reveals whatever to you, act fast to make the necessary change.

My desire is to encourage you to stand steady and keep praying to God for wisdom and direction. God is listening to you and I when we are faced with challenging situations. Just make sure what He hears is not words blaming Him.

Much love,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/7/08

JESUS is the only person who can step into a life and give it happiness when health fails.

JESUS is the only person who can step into a life and give peace when possessions (house, cars,) are gone.

JESUS is the only person who can step into a life and give total security when money fly away.

How about getting to know JESUS today (if you don't)? Feel free to ask me how.

Much love,

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Power Of Love

I'm writing this in a separate blog. Last Saturday (10/4), I spent a little over an hour with a very loving couple. It was their wedding anniversary and the husband surprised his wife by having me come and do a private session with them.

The wife was over-joyed with the gift as I too, was by her happiness. We had lots of fun, getting the correct alignment of poses, learning new poses and just experiencing a deeper level of friendship.

But, I'm not writing this blog to talk about the time we spend. What I want to share regarding our time together is "the power of love" between this husband and wife.

From the moment I entered their presence I saw love they had for one another. It was so powerful. A power of love that I have not experience often between couples. I saw healing. I saw miracles. I saw gentleness. I saw kindness. I saw compassion. I saw joy. I saw comfort. I saw vulnerability. I saw honesty. I saw truth. I saw courage. I saw a life force, a connection that was giving and receiving energy. I saw the power of love!

I became somewhat overwhelmed with the heaviness of love they had for each other. It was like someone was placed on my back and I could not get up. I was overwhelmed with the power of love.

This is the power that lasts. The power that shakes our souls. The power that transforms our vision. The power that stays in the heart. The Power Of Love!

Many of you who read this blog daily (and don't leave comments - smile) are on your journey for the power love. Take your time. Because this journey is endless into the freedom of the power of love.

Much love,

Weekend of 10/3/08

I trust you all had a safe and wonderful weekend. My weekend consisted of lots of things. So, I'm only going to focus on one thing in this weekend blog.

This weekend was another opportunity for me to practice living what I preach/teach. Friday - My youngest son - David had an operation. The operation was successful and David is doing well. He was full of cheer through out the entire weekend.

The enemy wanted me and other family members to worry regarding David's operation. Worrying doesn't solve any problems. Worrying cannot and will not stop adversity. Worrying can take away your joy! Our worries can be a penalty, a form of not letting ourselves off the hook, not loving ourselves and not trusting ourselves. Worrying can bring more trouble your way.

We must trust God in all situations. When we put our trust in Him (God), we then let go of worrying or should I say fear.

David is doing fine. I want to thank those of you for your prayers regarding David and our family.

Have a safe and great week!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/6/08

When someone makes a request for you to pray for them. You say yes. More times than few, the ones requesting prayer are thinking you will pray for them later. Why wait? No matter where you are - pray for them right then! Let them know they can depend on you to help them out in their time of trouble.

Much love,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/5/08

Today is Sunday. Let's do this. Make a decision today, for the rest of the week, month, and year - that you will have a positive and loving attitude on a day-to-day basis. It will either keep you going in the right direction or cripple your progress big time!

If you fully understood the great return from living this way, you would probably be competing with others who found out the same thing, each one of you trying to love the other more.

Let's only do those things that are pleasing unto God. Love is the only choice to your success!

Much love,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/4/08

The weekend is here!

Many of us, including myself got caught in the trap of another week of being too busy. We were not necessary doing things that were bad - just too many things got on our plate.

What I have found is that being too busy is not in my best interest. Being too busy can be your enemy. An enemy that is selfish which demands and requires things from us - things we should not be giving up.

So, this weekend - let your goal (me too) is too not find more time to do things, but use your time more wisely. As we practice this - this weekend. We will be ready for the week ahead!

Much love,

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/3/08

On a weekly basis, I come in contact with so many people that are in a not so good personal or love relationship. Some of these individuals I know well. I wish I could fix or workout their situation. They have so much love to give. Yet, the person on the other side of the relationship doesn't see it, receive it or know how to receive it. Their relationships are not balance.

As I listen many times in silence and respond mainly when asked to, my heart does go out for them. I have learned that silence can be healing to these individuals.

If we see and feel relationships are taking more than giving - we should stand back and take a long and deep look at the relationship. Dose the relationship have gentleness in it? Is this a loving relationship? Is this a kind relationship? Is this an attentive relationship?

Find a relationship that has balance and the center of the relationship is God's love. If a person doesn't know and has never experienced the love of God, I'm thinking they are challenged to love you.

It you are in a relationship and feel off balance, it may just be the energy that you are connected is not right for you. See whom you are attracted to and notice who is attracted to you. See how much better you feel when you are enclosed with the energy of God's love.

Much love,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/2/08

The other day I was teaching a Yoga class at one of the local fitness centers in town. I mentioned to the class that Yoga can and will change their lives if they allow it to. It can and will change them inside/out.

I stated they could actually find love in themselves as they continue their Yoga practice. People would begin to sense a freedom, love, tenderness, and compassion - just from being around them.

When you love yourself, people that come in contact with you will respond back to you with love.

As you continue your Yoga practice - you will start a new or improve your love walk with God. People will embrace you. You will find you are no longer alone in this world. You are part of and connected to what we call life!

Much love,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/1/08

Here is a new month - October 2008. We are drawing near to the close of 2008. Let the month of October be a time for you to put the love of God to work.

Did you leave the month of September faced with a particular problem or situation which was not solved? Put the power of love to work on it! It is the greatest power in the universe. It will always win. It never fails.

God is love. When I release love into a problem or situation, I'm actually releasing God into it. It is then God's responsibility for its success.

What type of love am I taking about? It is found in the book of First Corinthians - chapter 13. Read it and you will find out what I'm talking about. The person who refuses to love is missing out on the very best God has to offer.

Haven't you missed out on it long enough? Release love in every problem and situation until it consumes your total life. Love will strengthen you. Love will rid the fear out of your life. Love will drive out ALL DARKNESS from everything you are connected to.

It has been the ONLY SOLUTION I have been able to use successfully. With it - no problem or situation was able to resist it.

Much love,