Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/30/08

Show me your friends and I can pretty much show you your future. Your association tells much of who you are. There is no such thing in my opinion as being in a "state of limbo." I believe we are either moving forward or moving backward. I also believe this is the result of our associations and friends.

Are you moving forward? Are you growing (spiritually, mentally, financially)? If not, you need to start afresh. You need to start over - in work, in love, your place of residence, your associations, your friends, even your place of worship (church). You might even have to start from scratch.

Trust your heart. Ask God for continual wisdom and direction. He will clear the way. Just make a decision to move forward.

Much love,

Monday, September 29, 2008

Past Love?

A friend told me the other day, he ran across a woman he fell in love with around a year ago. He was not sure if she saw him or not. He didn't go over to speak to her nor she him.

He went onto say, he knew for the brief moment he saw her again - his love for her was as strong as if they had never been apart. He didn't go into details regarding their relationship. But, I could tell just by the tone of his voice - he was yet in love with this woman.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been in love, but it was the wrong time - the wrong place?

It seems as if life stopped. Fear sat in - saying you're never experience love like this again. Will time take away the fear, the longing, the pain, the sleepless night, the feeling of being overwhelmed?

Healing will come. Embrace it - receive it. Again, healing will come. But only when you are ready to receive.

Your life will continue, quietly growing each moment into something new, something different, something that adds gracefully, wonderfully, and completely to what was.

In your own time, you will be given the ability to take simple steps that lie before you. Take one step at a time. You'll find the ability to love again - one moment at a time.

My friend did state - the love he has for this woman will always have a special place in his heart. And, he wouldn't change a thing regarding the love he experienced with her.

Much love,

Weekend of 9/26/08

My weekend was great. Had a great Friday night class at 24HF – Mockingbird/Greenville location.

Saturday morning – took a Yoga class for myself at Yoga Island in Flower Mound. Good class. Taught 11am 24HF Carrollton (Trinity/Marsh) and 1pm 24HF Southlake Yoga class. Both classes were great, but Carrollton had more energy.

Taught the one-year anniversary Yoga class for Lululemon Store in Highland Village (Flower Mound location) from 6-7pm. Over 25 people attended the outdoor class with lots of on-lookers. Afterward, hung out at the store for great food and fellowship with customers and staff from the store.

Sunday – didn't attend church due to had a severe allergy attack. Taught 4-5pm Yoga class at Twist Yoga (subbing for another instructor). 5:45- 7pm taught my first Yoga session with a roller derby league – called Assassination City (www.acderby.com) in Mesquite. I really enjoyed working with the team.

I trust your weekend was properous and blessed.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/29/08

A new week has started. Another opportunity to start over. An opportunity to refresh yourself, change directions, begin new.

To do this completely, you must know where you are - taking the time to be honest with yourself - admitting your present condition. Whether it's good or bad. Be open and free yourself by letting God know you need Him.

By doing this - God can and will use you (your stumbling and falling included). But, God can't do so if you refuse to admit you need Him.

Have a blessed week!

Much love,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/28/08

Sunday morning it is.

Many are gathering at various places this day to worship God. As we move forward in this week - take compassion with you. Many will only love and have compassion on those that are lovable, the beautiful. Jesus taught to love and have compassion on the unlovable, the not so beautiful.

Christians, take what you learned by gathering at your place of worship this Sunday to reach the heart of people. Let the love and compassion of Jesus reach out. If we as Christians really want people to live for God, let them feel and experience the love and compassion of Jesus from YOU!

Much love,

Will You Pray With Me?

OK, this has really been on my heart for the past several days. It really was strong this weekend. So, I'm putting this out there. Will you join with me each morning (Monday through Friday) for 15 minutes of praying? The time would be 5:15am - 5:30am. You can get up and pray for 15 minutes. Afterward, go back to bed or get on with the start of your day.

Our emphasis will be on affecting the world we live in through prayer. Prayer will do more than change our life. It will reach out in love to those who don't know God and say "I care!"

Warning: The moment you determine to pray daily, darkness will try to fill your path with distracting hindrances. Job responsibilities may increase. Family demands may increase. And, it may seems you are more tired and weary than usual.

Your mind will tell you - you are too busy. You are to occupied. Your heart is not inclined toward praying. Your mind will even tell you - you will have more time to pray later in the day. Before you know it, your entire day is gone and you will not have had a single quiet moment alone with God.

It is possible to make time for prayer!

Email me at joseph_stingley@yahoo.com to let me know you are part of this team. Sometime during the day of praying - email me your prayers answered as a result of time prayed.

Much love,

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hey, don't forget to come to the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Flower Mound Lululemon Store.

I will be teaching the 6-7pm FREE Yoga class on the plaza at the Flower Mound store this Saturday (9/27/08). After class, stay and enjoy the party from 7-9pm. There will be a DJ spinning the sounds and lots of FREE PRIZES!

The address is:

4071 Deer Creek #120
Highland Village, TX. 75077
tel: 972.317.4216

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/27/08

OK, the weekend is here and today is Saturday. As you start your day, you may sense a joyful expectation or perhaps a awful dread.


Chose the joyful expectation. How can you do this? By spending some time this morning with God. If the awful dread comes - let it come on its own. For example, don't help it by watching the news with information about the economy, local and natural disasters and the presidential debate!

If you would just spend five minutes this day in fellowship with God, I can pretty much guarantee God will be in charge of your day. And, it will be a blessed day!Remember this: God loves you with an infinite love.

Much love,

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/26/08

When I skipped the vital and necessary priorities in my life such as spending quality time with God (prayer, reading the Word), I end up paying the price. Sometime, the price is BIG!

For the past year or more, it seems like I’m rushing here and there. Rushing to teach this class. Rushing to train this client. Know what – I even rush to pray and rush to finish praying.

Years ago, I would spend much time in prayer and studying the Word of God. It was the foundation of all my successes. Don’t get me wrong; I yet spend time in prayer and studying the Word. But, nothing of the nature how I use to. To be honest, I have been running on borrowed prayers or one may say stored up prayers. Those prayer logs are going fast.

I know God wants to bring me to a greater level of His presence. It is His presence that will prepare me to operate in dominion. The more time I spend with Him (God), the greater revelation I will have of who I am in Him.

God is requiring more than just the casual prayers from me. He wants me to hunger and thirst for His mighty working. I know what it takes. My spirit is willing, yet, my flesh has challenges.

Here is what I will do. I make a new prayer commitment to God. I desire to pray each and every day for at least 30 minutes in intercession for others. I will also pray in my heavenly language two times a day for 15 minutes each time and pray my personal confessions for 15 minutes each day.

Much love,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/25/08

I talk to many, many people about God. And, one of the most common things I hear is that they don't pray. Some mentioned that their past failures kept coming to mind when they would try to pray. Then, they would feel unworthy to pray to God. My response to them? They allowed the enemy to gain and hold onto victory in their lives when they felt this way. This is what led them to stop praying altogether.

One thing I learned a long time ago - repent - ask for forgiveness when I fall short. This is the solution to the problem of feeling guilty when praying. When we repent or ask an individual or God to forgive us, it clears a path for us to get back in right standing.

The second most common comment for not praying was their attitude. So many were bitter toward others that it didn't allow them to pray. The bitterness took away the desire to pray. I mention to them they were in great danger with this type of attitude. The danger was not from their enemies, but was from their attitude towards their enemies. They allowed their spirit to become harsh, bitter and angry.

Folks, lets forgive and ask for forgiveness. Let only love rest, abide and rule in your spirit. Only then can you truly pray and then only will God hear.

Much love,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/24/08

I have done no wrong!

Wow, what do I mean when I say that? No matter what you have done in the past. When you ask for forgiveness and mean it from your heart (spirit) - you are at that very second - forgiven! You might have to deal with the consequences of your error in the natural. But, in the sight of God (in the spirit realm) - your slate has been wiped clean!

The past ended one second ago. From this moment forward, you can be clean, filled with the Spirit of God and used in so many ways for His honor and glory!

Much love,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/23/08

Today, find someone you can encourage. Really turn it on! So many people are experiencing verbal put-downs from various situations, including sarcastic jabs, critical comments and harsh judgments.

Let YOU be the person that people can come to and be encouraged - a place where people are free to just be themselves.

Much love,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend of - 9/19/08

Hey, my weekend was good.

Friday Evening
I taught the 6:30pm Yoga class at the 24HF Mockingbird/Greenville location in Dallas. Only a few students (around 23) showed for class. The class was good - but low key. Afterward, I had a wonderful dinner at Cafe` Express in Southlake with two of my favorite Yoga students (Casey & Tricia) who attend classes I teach at 24HF. This was our first ottering, but it seem as if we knew each other long before.

I took a Yoga class for myself at Yoga Island (www.yogaisland.com) that morning at 9am. Afterward, taught the 11am Yoga class (24HF - Carrollton) and 1pm class (Southlake). Both classes were great. I was able to show (just one time) Casey and Tricia how to come into the "Scorpion Pose - Vrschikasana." Pose is pictured below. These ladies have an amazing Yoga practice!

Went to 9am church service in Arlington. Taught a special 1pm Yoga class at 24HF - Carrollton location. 24HF was having a family/friends day. Anyone could visit any DFW area fitness center FREE for a workout which included FREE classes. There were 33 that attend this class. We had a great time.

OK, after class, did some grocery shopping (just a few items). Got home and cooked (yes, I do this every now and then - smile) some Basa fish I purchased from an Asian Market in Arlington - good stuff! Afterward, returned phone calls and emails, wrote in my journal, just chilled the rest of the night.

I trust your weekend was safe and prosperous.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/22/08

As you start your week, let me suggest you let go of any weights that are keeping you down. Seek God in all of your doings. Move toward joy and love. Let God lead you, but you have to let Him. Walk softly among others. Speak with love and laugh as much as possible. Trust you heart and live free from fear.

Much love,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Personal Stuff

OK, I have pursued a mate (significant other, whatever you want to name it), because I thought I needed one.

But, here is what I found. Unless God is the major quest of my life, all other quests are dead-end streets, including trying to know myself. They just won't work. They will not and have not satisfied me. They have not resulted in making me complete. They will not do for me what I think or thought they were going to do.

Rocket science? I don't think so.:)

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/21/08

Ok, Sunday is here . . . and you still don't know what to do regarding your situation.

Stop exhausting yourself hour after hour, searching here and there for the answer to your question - What should I do? What should I do? I just don't know!

No, you don't know what to do (and neither do I). So stop talking to yourself about it and start talking to God! You can say something of this sort, "Lord, what do You want me to do regarding this situation or problem?" If you are sincere in your question, God will answer you. He will show you what to do in every situation - even those you brought on yourself.

When you have asked God, now in simple words, sit down and start believing God's wisdom is on the way to you.

Much love,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/20/08

The weekend is here. Many will experience pressure from lack, fear, anger, helplessness and hopelessness, and trapped. My desire is to help with empathy, compassion and just an urge to do something!

What can I really do? Smile real big in the midst of their troubles – reminding them to “Be Happy.”

You might ask – Joseph, how can you do this – day in – day out? I have a friend and His name is God. He has never left me, nor His friendship waver. He has always been there to encourage me. He has equipped me. He has set me apart. I have my instructions. Do you?

Much love,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/19/08

Today is another day for me to grow. Another day for me to practice obedience. Another day for me to remember the good things and let go of the bad. God made this day and I will praise His name!

I seek for opportunities this day to give love, show love and to be love. I will wait and see. Some will reject the love whiles others will receive with open arms. Many will also sit back and watch. I will watch them also without notice. Yet, I will pray for them and help them in any way I can.

This is my calling.

Much love,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/18/08

There is some days (many in the past several weeks) that I feel like I'm chasing the dollar. Going to this class, that class, another class, a private, and another class. Don't get me wrong - I love what I do! I love the people I teach Yoga and provide private instructions to. But, most of my days start early and end late, including weekends. There are challenges for me to take a Yoga class for myself (it's nothing like taking a class versus doing your own personal practice).

Then, there are days I come in contact with such positive energy from students - I can feel healing in my body from just being around them. Then, there are other days I absorb negative energy of stress and tension from students, which attacks my body. Those are the days when my body actually hurt and muscles become tight.

I often tell students in class that stress and tension can affect their entire body. Stress and tension know just where to go in our bodies and take resident, such as necks, shoulders, lower backs and hips.

I'm learning to take time away from teaching and private instructions. I'm actually learning to relax. I'm taking a weekend off in October to attend a Yoga workshop with one of my favorite Yoga Masters - Beryl Bender Birch. (Her website is: http://www.power-yoga.com/) I'm also making it a point to take 2-3 Yoga classes a week - just for myself – no matter what!

I don't need or ask for much in life. My life is pretty simple. I'm a caregiver. However, I'm making the effort to explore relaxation - finding ways that I like and can afford with ease. I must love myself enough to help my spirit; mind and body relax and become refreshed.

Can you relate to this?:)

Much love,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/17/08

I come across so many individuals wanting to make a name for them. They are exhorting themselves in places where they are not yet qualified to be.

I’m not saying your gifts, your talents, your beauty is wrong. They are to be used for the entire world to see. Let them shine! Allow God to place or position you with your gifts, your talents and your beauty.

When we push our way into position its only for a short time. When God position you – it’s for a lifetime. Find rest in Him. He will move you forward. Let Him assist you. Let God led the way.

Much love,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/16/08

With all of the knowledge and information we seem to have in this day and time – we are yet having challenging (far too many to name) in our lives.

What I believe and know we need is revelation knowledge and information from above (God). Once we get out of the intellect and get the revelation from God on what and how to do things, only then will we go further. There will yet be challenges, but we will be able to rise above the challenges.

Man wisdom is good. But, God’s wisdom is best. I rather have a God idea than a good idea. As we try to reason all the things we are faced with – it can cause us to not believe or have faith in God.

Today, make a conscious decision that you will look and seek the wisdom of God in all that you do. Accept that your knowledge, earthly wisdom and information can only take you so far. But, God’s revelation will take you to places you haven’t even dream of.

Commit to opening your spirit to God’s revelation regarding your life. He will guide you and profoundly change your life. And, it will be effortlessly and without difficulty.

Much love,

Monday, September 15, 2008

No Fear Here

Now is the time to “NOT FEAR!” I know many things are going on in the world, our country and even our state. Again, I repeat – now is the time to “NOT FEAR!”

In the midst of the world, our country and state, including our own personal daily challenges – you can live a life – full of peace and free from fear. God is a loving God. The world system was build to fail (we see that more clearly now) and keep you in lack. God’s system will always reign and there will always be plenty in it.

God sees the big picture. He sees you and me – the things we are challenge with up close and personal. Jesus said “He came to give us the ability to have and enjoy life – to the fullness – until it overflows – abundance.”

This means we can live without fear. Fear is all around us. But, you don’t have to buy into it or accept it.

As believers in Christ – use your authority TODAY! Take the authority that Jesus gave you over fear, over lack, over poverty and over sickness. Jesus gave us His name to use to cast all fear out of our lives!

Search The Word (the Bible). It is God personally speaking to you and me. There you will find peace and rest. One scripture comes to mind is Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you, don’t be distressed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/15/08

I spend some time the other day on the phone with my oldest son. He wanted to share how at times, he tries to help out individuals that get into various situations – needing help. But, sometimes and more than less, his help takes him far and beyond what he intended to do. This can cause a few minor or potential problems at home.

Situations that seem safe can choke your well being if you allow it. There are situations that occur and we are not to have part in them. We may very well be in position to help, but we must count the cost of these situations. For example: How much time will it take out of your schedule? Is this a reoccurring situation? Will it take money out of your budget (if you have one – smile) to help out in this situation? Will it cause problems with your spouse?

My answer to my son was pretty simple. There are times when our spirit (heart) says yes to help in a situation. Then, there are times when our spirit (heart) says NO! Now, how does one's spirit (heart) know which situation to take on, etc.? Well, as you spend time in prayer and meditation with God, you will always know what to do and how to do it.

If we get so intertwined with life and don’t take time to hang out with God on a daily basis, we will most of the times get involved in situations that God didn’t intended us to be involved with.

Something to think about?

Much love,

Weekend of 9/12/08

Ok, here is my weekend report . . .

I had a great Yoga class Friday night at 6:30pm at the 24HF – Mockingbird/Greenville location. This is always a great class. Around 30 or more people show up and we have a great time doing what I call “Cocktail Yoga.”

After class, I had dinner at Café Express (Mockingbird Station location) with a dear student who travel over an hour that night to take class with me. We spent time talking about various subjects. Just had a wonderful time.

Side note - As we sat outside eating dinner – I notice I begin to feel stopped-up, noise begin to run and was beginning to not feel 100%.

After arriving home from dinner Friday night, I begin to sneeze like crazy for a couple of hours. Apparently, the storm Ike brought some stuff in the winds with him. I immediate took around 2000 mgs of vitamin C and a couple of wild oregano capsules. I wanted to write in the blog, but the sleep was really pulling at me. So, I venture off to bed.

Saturday morning was not much better for as me being 100%. I needed up taking another 2000 mgs of vitamin C. Taught the 11am class in Carrrollton (Trinity/Marsh) – 24HF and the 1pm class in Southlake – 24HF.

To my surprise one of my favorite Yoga student was at the 1pm class. She drove from North Plano to take the class. At both classes, I walked the students through crow, side crow and flying crow with the extended leg going backward. It was great!

After class, we (the student from Plano) headed to Central Market, had a late lunch and hung out for a while. I don’t see her often. When I do, we have lots to catch up on. She is a delight to be with. The sneezing started again. I managed to stay in the store long enough to purchase fruit, nuts (almonds) and B12 vitamin (methylocabalamin – dissolves under your tongue) then headed home.

Was I glad to get home, no more classes for the day – nor any privates? Due to the weather, I didn’t go to Saturday evening church services. I did some minor house chores, etc. Sat down and watched a couple of movies rented from Blockbuster.

Sunday, didn't go to church, but did watch several TV ministries. Yet, it cannot compare with being in the presence of people with similar minds (going to church). I felt much better than the previous days. Headed to gym to get in some cardio. Afterward, to friends home in Keller. The husband and wife - long time friends cooked a few meals for me that will last a few days.:) Then, to the store for a few more items and back home to settle down and got ready for the week ahead.

My prayer for you this week is "There is no situation that you have today or tomorrow that can't be fixed if you have an increase of God in your life!"

Much love,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/14/08

Today being Sunday, I can imagine several ministers of churches are at their pulpits give corrections to the congregation.

Corrections can come from various sources and various directions – all you may have never thought of.

I learned that my spiritual growth does come from corrections. I learned through the years to take constructive corrections and not so constructive corrections.

Offense will come. It’s just a matter of time – when. When it does come tell them “thank you for sharing.” Then, if your spirit agree with the correction or if it lines up with the Word of God, you just might need a change there.

I know it might not be easy. Who likes corrections? Please tell me. If you stay teachable, coachable, then you will be able to go forth and grow spiritual more rapidly.

You could actually give that person a big hug, kiss them and thank them with your whole heart for thinking enough of you to bring correction and help you with your spiritual growth. Doing this – you can’t help but be on top.

Much love,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/13/08

What I sense in myself and many others I come in contact with is we need a – REVIVAL! I received Christ into my life during the later years of the Hippie Movement in the States (March 1974). Talking about on FIRE for God – we were! I was practically at church 5-7 nights a week – taking in all the glory of God that I could.

There was such a daily experience of an across-the-board move of the supernatural power of God during that time. We were so hungry for the real thing! We were the moves and shakers of the world. I could not even count the number of people carried away in that life-changing experience that went on to impact the world.

The lessons we learned then are just as critical for us today. Revival only comes when we get out of the way, have a repentant heart, begin to diligently seek God, praying, reading His Word, and most importantly walking in love towards all.

Only an authentic experience with an authentic God can turn the world upside down!

Much love,

Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't Fit In?

Ok, more personal stuff.

I have mentioned this before that at times I just don’t sense I fit. There are times that I feel I’m operating at a different level than people that in my current community. I’m over 50 years of age, but don’t have hardy anything in common with people of my age. The community I most associate with are in their 20s, 30s and early 40s. I speak their language. When it comes to Yoga, I’m just as skilled as they are – except for the extra flexible females. We pretty much listen to the same music. We are comfortable with each other. We accept each other and without judgment and so forth.

In conclusion of the matter, I need to not look at things and see the possibilities of sadness and despair. I need to see the other options such as possibilities of joy, fun, and life’s abundance. I’m thinking the more creative I can be, the more possibilities I can see. I must trust that where I am is where I’m supposed to be!

Much love,

Free Yoga Class @ 24HF - Carrollton (9/21/08)

Sunday Sept. 21, Special Class in Carrollton. Bring a guest to the Carrollton (Marsh/Trinity) 24 Hour Fitness for FREE!

I will be teaching a special Member Appreciation class at the Carrollton (Marsh/Trinity) 24 Hour Fitness on Sunday, September 21, at 1:00 p.m. You can bring a guest for free. What's more, both you and your guest can bring your children age 12 and under to the Kids Club for free.

Help introduce a friend or family member to the classes you attend and I teach! Bring them to this special class, for free!

Much love,

Prayer For Hurricane Ike Evacuees

In the wake of hurricane Ike and thousands evacuating Houston and surrounding communities, I felt a strong urge to place a prayer for them in the blog. I ask that you remember them in your quiet, prayer, or meditation time.

Heaven Father, I come to You in the name of Your Son Jesus for divine protection over the thousands of people evacuating from Houston and surrounding communities. I pray that their hearts have peace instead of worry, hope instead of dread, provision instead of lack, and health instead of sickness and faith instead of fear during this time. I pray Psalms 91 over them, their households, their jobs, their businesses and everything that they are associated to and with. In Your precious Son Jesus’ name. Amen.

Much love,

Thougth For Today - 9/12/08

Inside of every one of us is a word that I no longer use (I have been delivered from this word). The word is “fear.” Fear points to how far you can go in life and what you actually see yourself doing and being. Fear in right in the middle – between you and God, holding you back, and keeping you from walking out and doing what seems unattainable.

If you attempt to get rid of fear, your subconscious mind brings fear back. It’s intended to keep you on course – you being defeated and condemn. Sometimes the condemnation comes from your past. You might have lived a pretty bad life and now the accusation is there – coming from darkness.

Well, the good new is this! God does not remember it! When you ask for forgiveness and got born again through the precious blood of Jesus – your past – my past – was remove from God’s records (see Isaiah 43:25). So if God doesn’t remember them, why should you?

Much love,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/11/08

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with my oldest son and his family at Central Market in Southlake. As we were sitting outside eating, I begin to notice the birds hanging around the tables. Some people had left their trays of foods on the tables. I also noticed how much food was on the pavement. I saw how the birds were being fed – by us! While I sat there I never did see a bird looking worried about if there would be food to eat. God said He would provide for the birds, and He keeps His Word. He is a good God! Psalm 145:9 says it all – “The Lord is good to all.”

So, what about you? Are you worrying about whether God will take care of you? Unlike the birds, many people spend a great deal of their time worrying instead of receiving from God. Yes, I was one of those people. It had become such a practice that it seemed to be foolish not to worry.

Then, one day I read Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6 that God was even interested in the birds, I knew He must care about me! I then received the eye-opener that we are not to worry.

Down through the years, I have had to put scripture to when a fear or worry would try to come at me. I have to believe God and His Word. He cares for me. It’s not my job to figure how He’s going to take care of me. I just know He will. You know, you have the same Father as I do and He takes pleasure in providing for you too!

The Lord is good to all – including you! Don’t worry.

Much love,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Headstand/Handstand For Savasana (Corpus Pose)?

The 7:30pm Wednesday night I teach at 24HF in Carrollton (Marsh/Trinity) was good. The class was strong. The pace was moderate. The music was 70s’ funk (S.O.S. Band, Brick, Average White Band, Lakeside, and a few others).

We did a few head stands during class. However, when it came time for Savasana, I gave the option to either stay in Savasana (relaxation, Corpus pose) or come into a 5-7 minute headstand or handstand. And, not to my surprise, several students went right into the 5-7 minute headstand/handstand. It was challenging for several students to stay up that long. Yet, they stayed. I noticed several students who were in regular Savasana were watching through one eye at the other students performing the headstands/handstands.

After class was over one student who held his headstand for 7 minutes said he was impressed with how I let them explore their practice and challenge them. My reply -"the class is not about me but them – the students – pushing and guiding them to their next level and without injury."

I’m thinking I may add this option on various Savasana poses for those students who don’t mind relaxing in headstand or handstand.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/10/08

I have individuals on a regular basis asking me to pray for them on many issues. The issues can be anywhere from praying they get a better job, better car, have money to pay their bills or even finding the right mate. I generally tell them – lets pray now – not wait until later. I also generally start the prayer out saying something like for example – “God, I know you have the perfect job, perfect vehicle, perfect mate, etc.” you get the picture.

God has prepared a plan for your life, but you aren't’t always ready to fulfill the next step of His plan for your life. So God takes whatever time is needed to cultivate and prepare you before He brings whatever to pass what He has planned for you.

Sometimes in following God’s plan for your life, you’ll have to do some things you’d rather not do and be in positions you’d rather not be. Yet, if you will obey God progressively every day by walking in love, staying prayerful and obedient to what He has said. You’ll ultimately fulfill the plan He has for your life.

Hey, I’m preaching to myself too!

Much love,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Word About Character And Integrity

A word about character and integrity . . . These things are develop within you. You are necessary not born with them.

Example? In July of this year, I promised a friend of mine that I would teach an 8:30am Wednesday Yoga class at her studio starting in September. The same day (day I told my friend yes to teaching the Wednesday class at her studio) I was asked to teach an 8:30am Wednesday Yoga class at 24HF in Frisco. I agreed, but for only until I would begin teaching the class in my friend’s Yoga studio.

However, after a couple of times teaching at the 24HF Frisco location, I felt I would stay and continue to teach there and not at the Yoga studio. The numbers at the Frisco club grew overnight (started with just a hand full – but grew to around 30 the second class) and members from other clubs were driving there just for this class.

However, God quickly reminded me on my word to my friend at the Yoga studio. I immediately responded. I advised management and the members at the Frisco club of my promise. Some understood while others didn’t want to understand.

This is what having integrity and character is all about – keeping your word. The class situation at the 24HF Frisco club worked itself out. Alex, a friend and student whom I’m mentored briefly is taking over the Frisco class. She is an excellence instructor and will take the members forward with their Yoga practice.

As I will start teaching my new class at Twist Power Yoga in Dallas (corner of Marsh/Forest) on Wednesday mornings, integrity (and God) goes before me, making the way for this class to prosper. I see an over flow of students attending - not having enough room to hold the students, and being a blessing to all those that attend.

All of the above written can be put in simple words – “say what you mean and mean what you say.” People need to see character and integrity in your life!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/9/08

For the past several months and especially the past several weeks – I’m sensing something important is happening. I know there is never a time when nothing is happening. We are not in limbo as some may thing. We are either moving forward or moving back.

For me, I sense a growing is taking place. Things are working themselves out, my life is transforming. I’m being prepared for the next thing. I can’t see it. Is this the way it’s destined to be?

I don’t want to be in control nor force things to happen. I want it to just happen. And, just maybe – get a glimpse of it. Can you relate to this? I bet you can.

So, I open my spirit to receive, believe, trust and know that God knows what is happening. And, what He has for me is much better than I could ever imagine or think.

Much love,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tooth Pulled

Monday, September 8 I had to get a tooth pulled which had broken off. The tooth could not be save or capped. My dentist - one of the best in the world - Dr. Thu Tran (www.ttrandds.com) provided me with the up most excellence service I have ever experienced in removing the tooth. Dr. Tran is also a Yoga student that attends classes I teach. I experience no pain, just a little swelling afterward, and was able to teach two classes later the afternoon.

Yes, this is a service announcement for her, her staff and office. If you have any dental need or desire - please contact her at 972.306.3282. Tell the office that Joseph (Yogaman) sent you there. And, no, I don't get a discount for referring customers. I'm about promoting others!

Much love,

The Week of - 9/7/08 to 9/13/08

For this week, I decided to take a different route other than talking about my weekend (which was great). Here are my desires and prayers.

I need to hear from you. Let me know what is going on in your life. Let me know how I can help!

Following are things I’m asking God for this week:

Closer relationship with Him.
Strength and the desire to pray each and every day for at least 30 minutes in intercession for others.

Divine health.
I desire to be in the best health I have ever been in.
I will eat and live healthier than I have ever in my entire life.
I know that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I need my Body to be healthy to function well in this earth.
Help me to exercise properly, eat properly and sleep properly.

Increased capacity.
Strength to study in my fields of interest and for my career.
30 minutes a day, I purpose to read in some area with a mind towards expertise and excellence.
My mind to be sharp to recognize and identify the right choices in my life and to understand quickly opportunities that He would have me seizes.

Peace and greater capacity to give love.
I will have fun everyday and enjoy life.
Balance when I receive information.
Sensitivity towards the needs of the people that I am responsible for and to.
Strength to rejoice with those that rejoice and to mourn with those that mourns.

Promotion and for influence.
I will help individuals realize and understand just how much God loves them and is trying to give them the desires of their hearts.
Opportunities to make a difference.
Desire to be included in the gates of my community.
Grant me inroads to decision makers and to influential discussions with policy makers.

Feel free to use any or all of the above for your life.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/8/08

You have heard down through the years that reality is what we see. However, I have found that reality is also what we think, feel, imagine, and believe. If you think lack, feel lack, imagine that you will never have enough to pay your bills, you then believe it. If that’s not reality, then, I don’t know what is.

When you mentally or verbally wish or speak to withhold wealth from another, you also automatically withhold it from yourself. If you indulge in hate, resentment and criticism, these negative thoughts will setup negative reactions within you.

Wealth and poverty have their origins in your mind. Wealth is not a matter of chance or luck. Ask God to give you Divine ideas that will allow you to find a need for others which in time will enrich and bless you.

This is how wealth and prosperity come into being in your life.

Much love,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/7/08

Here are excerpts from a Biblical course I taught a few years ago. Enjoy.

Everything the Father (God) has is ours. Through our union with Christ at the new birth, we are no longer constrained to Satan’s control. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death. Through the grace of God, righteousness (right-standing with God) is a free gift.

By faith in Jesus Christ, our separation from God is cancel out and we come into right-standing with Him. Nothing can separate us, now, from the love of God when we are in Christ Jesus. Our righteousness (right-standing with God) is not because we have done something to deserve it. It is because God has chosen not to hold sin against us.

Love was His motivation. God is love. In Christ Jesus, you are in right-standing (righteousness) with God because He loves you. You are blameless by faith and have peace with God. Allow the Holy Spirit to paint an image on the inside of you by meditating on God’s loving-kindness, His grace, and His mercy toward you.

This is the righteousness (right-standing with God), which is of God. We are to search for this first. By meditating on this and building it into our consciousness, we will become “peace-with-God-minded.” This awareness of right- standing (righteousness) builds our confidence in God’s willingness to use His power in our behalf.

There is no room for fear in the heart of a believer who is meditating on the love God has toward him. This is righteousness (right-standing with God) consciousness.

Much love,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/6/08

Here are excerpts from a Biblical course I taught a few years ago. Enjoy.

God and His Word are one. He cannot be separated from His Word. His Word has an integrity that is beyond criticism. Just as His nature does not change, neither does His Word. God’s Word is His bond and He will not break it.

The world and everything in it was created by the words of God. His faith is released in the words He speaks. He knew how to put spiritual law into operation and the force of faith to bring into existence all things permanent in Him. The same force resides in the born-again believer.

Words are power containers. God releases His faith with His Words. The words He speaks are alive and full of power. They are active today because they are eternal.

God’s Word has absolute integrity. You can be sure of it. God released His faith through His Word and you release your faith in the same way – by speaking God’s Word. Your words are powerful containers. Today, you can choose to speak God’s Word and change your world.

The Holy Spirit will perform the faith-filled words that are spoken from the mouth of the believer. The words must be according to God’s Word. We can trust God because He is eternally true. The words we speak will produce just as if God spoke them Himself because His word has integrity. (This is my understanding and experiences of actually doing this).

Much love,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/5/08

Love is the great wonder working power! Love is the greatest and most useful power in the universe. It is also the greatest healing action in the entire universe. Now hate is the opposite of love – the dark side.

You might ask what is love? One of my definition of love is caring about something with all the passion of which the heart is able.

Love is a whole of many things including all that we know of thankfulness, gratitude, expectation, trust, open-mindedness, patience, kindness, integrity, and mercy, just to name a few.

God is love.

Without love, life could not be maintained – no life would be safe for even a minute. Think about it, without love there would not be reproduction of humans, no civilization, no people on earth.

Love can solve all the problems in the world. How about you doing your part? Look around you pick a problem, put love to work, take God as your partner in your plan, and you will not fail.

Much love,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/4/08

Lets’ talk about money in brief (excerpt of a book I wrote about financial freedom a few years back).

Many people spend a whole lot of time worrying about the small things, a little extra yield on their savings, a few dollars less in mortgage payments, slightly higher returns. They study IRS publications and fat tax guides searching for ways to save a few hundred bucks on taxes. They read personal finance magazines, buy books and search the Internet looking for tips. Does managing your money really have to be this complicated? The truth is that if you make the right choices early in life on a handful of major decisions, you'll never have to fear about financial security.

Your Lifestyle

Most people in today’s society are conditioned to overbuy. Shopping has gone from being a chore to a hobby. Even when it comes to buying a home, people calculate what they can afford to pay for a house and use that as the floor price for their house search. They don't even consider less expensive homes.

How You Manage Debt

Credit is the privilege of spending money you don't have. I believe people should avoid it if at all possible. Everyone in government is; understandably, shocked and appalled to discover how deeply in debt the typical American is today. Banks make a lot of money lending to people who can't wait to buy things.

Much love,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re-Connect With A Friend

I received an email this morning from a dear friend. One whom I have not seen or heard from in a few years. His email stated I had been on his heart for sometime now. Last night, I was there again. But, this time he was impressed to goggle me on the Internet in an attempt to locate me. He found me via the www.yogastylefitness.com website.

Proverbs 18:24(b) says "...there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." This particular verse is really taking about God. However, Ray (who I received the email from) is really this kind of friend.

We lost contact a few years back. He moved to another city, we both got busy with things, our fellowship slipped. I'm so glad he contacted me. We talked today over the phone for around an hour. We mainly talked about how we will get together on a regular basis, start where we left off when we last met.

Inside information: Ray and I are both ordained ministers. We pastored churches together, sat on religious boards together. We did lots of many other things together in the ministry. There were times when I didn't have a place to stay, food to eat, nor transportation. Ray was there, being a true friend when I was in need of help. One time, he even bailed me out of jail. Yes, you read the last sentence correct. Even in this, never was their condemnation from him.

Often in our lives, we don't realize the significance of a relationship until later, sometimes much later, after the experience has passed. Only then we can understand how that person helped us along our way, took us to the next chapter in our life.

Looking back I remember things I learned from Ray, lessons of courage, love, forgiveness, gentleness and self-love. Back to the phone conversation, Ray and I were both grateful, happy and joyful that we had helped each other this day by re-connecting.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/3/08

How fast can one’s Ego grow in the course of a year? How much faster they can grow during intense times, times of change, times of expansion – the kind of times we are experiencing as you move forward in life.

Egos can be deceitful and become the downfall of relationships. They can bring damage to souls and hearts. Egos will say you are within your rights by your actions. Egos will say you need to protect yourself from people. Egos will say you are always right. Egos will say if you let go – you are becoming soft.

Those are lies and illusions that will keep you trapped and often quite painful in your own little world.

Release your Ego. Let your gentler, softer side – those other feelings that make you feel exposed come forth, those more tender feelings hiding behind, and underneath. As you do this, you will become clearer in your thinking. And, good-bye to the Ego and hello to love.

Starting a Yoga practice is one of the places to start the transformation. Find a class that sues you. Attend class 3 or more times a week for 90 days. You will be a different person.

Much love,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thought For Today - 9/2/08

There is not a day passes that I don't hear someone talk about living in lack and fear. Lately, the focal point of the conversation has been the price of gas. I recently spoke to a few people regarding this. I mentioned to them God knows we need these things, including gasoline. He knows we have need of fuel for our vehicles, as well as food for our tables. His blessings are unlimited unless it doesn't have the spiritual resources with which to work - FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

No! High gas prices don't move me! My God supplies and meets ALL my needs! Stay with God. Stay in Faith. Stay in Love. It works. Notice I didn't say I work. No, it works. God works. Faith works. Love works. What more do you need?

Much love,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend of 8/29/08

My weekend was good. I taught one private session along with three wonderful classes at 24HF in Southlake, Valley Ranch and Mockingbird/Greenville.

I taught only one class at 24HF at Marsh/Trinity. I asked a wonderful Yoga instructor Candiss Smith to teach the 1pm Southlake class. There were over 70 people at the Marsh/Trinity location and it was a Labor Day weekend too.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, I attended a Sivananda Yoga Workshop with Pradeep Teotia at the Tsada Yoga studio in Dallas. Their website is: http://www.tsadayoga.com/index.htm

I met Barb Totzke (studio owner/instructor) and Chinook Wusdhu (instructor/Health and Fitness Theorist & Movement Engineer) a few years back at a Rod Stryker workshop in Dallas

This workshop was amazing to me! I learn some basic techniques to take my Yoga practice to the next level which in turn will allow me to take the students I teach to the next level in their Yoga practice.

The Saturday afternoon session was intended mainly for Yoga instructors and students who wanted to expand their practice. The focus was on explaining, demonstrating and teaching advanced Yoga asanas.

The Sunday morning session was a meditative class with focus on holding the asanas an extended period of time. This allowed us to established a stronger foundation in our Yoga practice along with centering our mind. We actually held the poses from 5-7 minutes. Amazing what one can do when around positive energy and people!

Pradeep is an internationally certified yoga teacher who draws mostly from his training in India. Born in a small village outside of New Delhi, his classes blend humor and tradition to create an atmosphere for spiritual growth and relief from tension. His students learn classical techniques to bring health to the body and mind, improve concentration, deepen relaxation and enrich the quality of everyday life.

Pradeep has taught in various yoga studios in India and the US, Hopkins Medical College in Baltimore, Canadian and Australian High Commission, and Sivananda Yoga ashrams in Canada, USA and Bahamas. He is registered with Yoga Alliance and was trained in India.

I travel back to Tsada Yoga studio in Dallas to attend the 10:30am class taught by Chinook. It was a great class. Then, I was off to Keller to have an early dinner with friends. Back to Carrollton to grab tea with a fellow personal trainer to just hang out for a while.

OK, that was my weekend. I trust yours was great and safe.

Lets have a safe and prosperous week. See you in class.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 9/1/08

Happy Labor Day!

It is no harder to believe God in "bad time" than it is in "good times." The problems come from not using your faith when things seem good or easy. Then when something happens that causes trouble, spiritually inactive people are not ready. Then it looks worse than it actually is. More than ever when one listens to the new media and all the noise the world makes. The world system and everyone in it stays in trouble all the time.

You cannot serve the world's way and God's way at the same time. The world's way is you working to meet your needs, always thinking about what you don't have!

Search out God's way of doing things. Don't just try it; put His ways first in your life and make His way the ONLY way you do things. Begin to depend on God - for everything! Use your faith in God. Believe that God loves you. Believe that no matter what is going on in the world, God is going to be with you to the end.

This is the way we are to believe, regardless of what's happening in the world. When you have God in your life - He is working all the time. He is preparing ahead of time for whatever darkness is trying to do.

Much love,