Monday, August 31, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/31/09

A couple of weeks ago one of my Yoga teachers (I have 3 females and 1 male) who has a studio in Flower Mound challenged me to practice Yoga 25 times with her at her studio for the month of September.

This will be challenging due to my work schedule and the time of her classes. I told her I would. I have worked out a schedule whereas I will have to take 2 classes per day during the week to makeup for the other days I'm unable to go.

I see this also as a time about getting more detail with my inner self. I'm actually going to be offering my asana practice to God. In truth, our identity does not rest in our body or our mind, but in our soul.

I wasn't sure why my teacher chose me to do this with her. A few days later as I was driving to teach my 4pm Sunday class, it was revealed to me by God that I was to focus on important detail information He will show me and has called me to do which includes being part of 1000s of individuals' life that will be changed (inside/out) by them attending classes I teach.

I do expect my spiritual life to go over the top. Our body is impermanent. Youthfulness will come and it will go. People in our lives will come and go and the list goes on and on. We can maintain a peace and restfulness in our spirit throughout life's fluctuations as we find the stability within.

I challenge you to navigate your own inner journey through your Yoga practice. Expect God to meet you there!

Much love,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/30/09

For the next several months (not sure how long), it was revealed to me that I will spend more time in developing my personal Yoga practice along with a daily meditation (on the Word of God & His Master Plan for my life - my next calling) practice too.

In this process I will nourish myself and become more of a whole. In nourishing myself - a natural healing will take place. I'm believing as I increase my personal Yoga practice along with the mediation I will clearly see what is not working in my life. I'm expecting to see what is or has caused challenges with my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

I actually had thought about going on a retreat, but found out I can do all the things I need to do here and not have to leave. I can develop more of a personal practice, learn to sit quietly in meditation and observe what God is saying to me.

I will learn how to slow things down. I will take time to reflect before accepting. I will do time-outs. I will find the wholeness within. I will become freer to love others and NOT TO BE LOOKING FOR LOVE!

Much love,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/29/09

The other day I was sitting at one of my favorite eating places and there were a group of people sitting next to me. I was not ease dropping on their conversation - they were talking loud. Their main topic of conversation was the fear of losing what they had.

As I sat there waiting for my salmon salad to be serve, I sensed most if not all at that table were focusing all of their energy on fear. One individuals stated they had started holding on tightly to their money.

We are to save, invest, etc. and use wisdom when it comes to finances. On the flip side, we can hold on so tightly to our money, it can keep us from being part of reaping & harvesting from the flow of abundance.

We have control over our thoughts and responses. They will be fear based or faith based. If you look at everything around you, listen to or watch the news, read the paper or Internet, you will have fear.

But, as I have done and keep doing, I get the proper perspective from the Word of God. In God, there is no lack or poverty. There is never just enough but there is always more than enough in Him.

Fear is contaminate faith - a delusion - a distorted way of understanding ourselves and the world around us. God is the source. Your job is not your source or should not be your source. Your job should be an avenue that God has provided, but it is not your source.

Spend time focusing on the Word of God. In His Word you will find love which puts fear in the shadows and it will disappear. The choice is yours - put your trust, hope and faith in God where there is love, peace, abundance and joy just to name a few. Or put your trust in fear where there is no love, no peace, no joy and lack just to name a few.

Much love,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/28/09

Many times in Yoga classes I state to students to stay present in their poses no matter how challenging or discomfort it may be. I know if they stay there, blockages will be release and their spirit, mind and body will come into harmony. I tell the students to take the same principle they learn in Yoga class to their world outside of the class room.

If we can stay in the moment, be present, staying in the love of God with uncomfortable conflicts that arise in our lives will always bring us back into harmony and communion with ourselves, the situation and God.

As we do this, we come to the discovery that our connectedness is rooted deep in love – the love of God for the other. When we enter into the love relationship with God, there is not room for insecurity, shame or jealousy just to name a few.

In the love relationship with God, our hearts become open and present to feelings of love instead of fear or hurt. As we walk in fellowship with love (God), we want don't lash out, cling tightly or pull away.

Our relationship becomes a path of intense personal healing and spiritual transformation. With this comes freedom to realize the goodness and beauty of our being and those around us.

Much love,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/27/09

When you realize just how much Jesus loves you, you will keep your focus on Him, especially during these times. Many people are in the mist of losing their jobs, their homes, their retirement saving and the list goes on and on. Many are losing hope and their faith is fading. I believe the reason for this is - they have taken their focus or eyes off of Jesus and they are focusing on the world and what is going on in it.

From past experience and from what I read in the Bible, I have a God who supplies all of my need according to His riches in glory. I have a Savior who makes all grace abound toward me so that I, always having all sufficiency in all things, can abound to every good work. I am blessed. You are too! But, you got to get your eyes back on Him and His Word.

If you ever watched Star Trek (with James T. Kirk), you would hear Spook say something like "it's not logical." And, this is what I hear from many. It is not logical for them to trust in God during these times. But, they do things that seem right in the eyes of the world. In doing this, they cut off the blessing of God from their lives. Because they are no longer focus on Him.

No matter what the economy does and looks like. You have a Heavenly Father and He wants you to walk in His blessing. His blessing is the only place to be!

Much love,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/26/09

Walking in love can start off being very challenging. By this I mean for example, sometimes we judge people. What does judgment do to us? It removes feelings of love, relaxation, peace or rest that we may have had.

It really doesn't matter if that judgment is toward others or ourselves, we will experience the sharpness of judgment within ourselves. From personal experience when I have judge others it turned out to be my own negativity, projected outward. Can you see why it is so important to love? Love the Godly way.

Often, we find fault with ourselves or others when situations make us feel uncomfortable. But if we learn to discern rather than judge, we begin to see our awkward feelings for what they really are.

Those voices in our head — no matter how alarming, boring, distasteful, lustful, or holy — must be recognized and dealt with. If we deny or repress them, they only become more distracting, and our love walk suffers.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/25/09

I'm finding that most people I come in contact with are spending most of their time at work, which is living less time for family and friends. Most are so deeply influence and so serious about their careers that it actually identifies them.

Yet, in their jobs which are very important, many are now experiencing some degree of job dissatisfaction. Why because with the downsizing, ratcheting demands, deadline pressures and no job security, many are now wondering whether they should search for other ways to fulfill their days and support themselves and their families.

No matter what your situations are, you may find that your work doesn't quite live up to your expectations, nor your dreams. However, God has a Master Plan for your life. Only in Him will you find the principles and cushion to making a living.

You may say “How can I earn enough money and engage in work I enjoy without sacrificing my peace of mind, health, or spiritual values?”

How can you contribute your unique talents and gifts that God has placed in you to the progress of individuals? You can be in the world but not of it. You can avoid participation in the endless cycle of chasing the dollar.

Make a start today. Find out what God's Master Plan for your life is. In your Master Plan from Him, you will find a more spiritual approach to your work and will actually uncover a new meaning in your life.

I did.:)

Much love,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/24/09

I come in contact with people on a weekly basis who sometimes feel like they ought to know more about who they are or how to live. I listen as they talking about making the same mistakes, or for just not "getting it," whatever "it" may be. They wonder how their lives would be now, if only they had “known better.”

My response to them (including myself) is it is important to remember that none of us are born knowing what, where and how to do things - learning lessons is a lifelong journey. We are in a class room.

I believe God made us to observe, learn, and grow. He knows there will be mistakes and misadventures along the way in our lives. He is there to help with a loving His hand. Some day we will become overwhelmed, especially when the challenging lessons keep coming.

Every lesson is intended so you can become more of who you are. And as you grow through this self-discovery, you begin to create your own instruction manual. The "how’s" and "why’s" are yours to discover, and part of the beauty of being alive is that these rules are always changing. Where do we find the instruction manual? It is the Bible, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit.

It is very important to take note of what you learned from each one thing you experience. When you have successfully passed the test of this particular lesson, you will find you grew and the lesson you just learned prepares you for the next.

That being said, there is never a need to be hard on yourself or think that you should have it all figured out. We always know as much as we’re meant to know at that moment, and growing into our fullness is a process that unfolds in God's timing.

You and your life are beautiful works in progress. Discover yourself and embrace your life’s lessons, and your instruction manual will create itself with the knowledge of God.

Much love,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/23/09

I often tell students in the Yoga classes I teach that “where ever they are is where they are suppose to be.” If they need to be further in their Yoga practice or in life, they will wake up one morning and be there.

There can also be times in our lives when we wake up that morning we have a list of thing to work on. We wake up with this list which can include establishing a relationship, completing a task, etc. One morning you wake up and something has happen you didn't even see coming. You just didn't expect this one.

In reality this means we are now at a certain place in our lives different from what we thought. Instead of moving forward, we need to have a cleanse. We need to cleanse the past and heal our broken hearts. So many I come in contact with need this cleanse. To be totally honest – I need this cleans too!

Allowing our heart to be healed is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. It is very crucial – it needs to be done first before we can really move forward. Without this healing, we can not accomplish what we intended.

If your heart is broken, if healing is needed in your spirit, then it is and will be very challenging for love to enter. If we want to live, have meaningful relationships, even dream, be in position to love again, our heart must be healed.

We can plan for the future, we can have a mission statement, we can have a clear purpose written down on paper. Yet, where ever you are today is probably the place where you didn't think you would be. Today, take time, find time, to cleanse your past of hurt and begin to heal your heart. Only then can love have a chance to enter.

Much love,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/22/09

Have you ever had numerous voices competing for your attention? Some days it can be challenging to know which one to listen to, especially when their messages are quite different, sometimes conflicting, and even alluring.

One voice, however, is the speaker of truth. This is the voice of God. He is the One which encourages you, gives you hope, and pushes you to trust and believe in yourself.

We can get mixed messages as we move through life from various aspects of ourselves. Listening to the voice of God is the voice of understanding, support, and self-assurance. His Words will resolve any internal conflict.

If you’re looking toward the future but your faith in your ability to succeed in life is wavering, you will benefit from finding and listening to the voice of God.

You can connect with it by believing and listening carefully. If you have trouble distinguishing the voice of God from others - try this. Listen to what the voices are telling you. You can determine if it is the voice of God, because LOVE will be included in the wording or action.

The voice of God speaks to you with love, understanding, and compassion. His voice will bolster your spirits and urge you to go after your dreams. God never causes confusion, remind you of past mistakes, or cause you to doubt yourself.

The more you listen to and believe in the voice of God who is telling you about your value and your potential, the stronger His voice becomes. Saying no to the voices that are judgmental and make you feel ashamed will help you stop being critical of your failures and afraid of success. God's voice only speaks the truth with LOVE!

Much love,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/21/09

It is my goal to create a sanctuary of love in the Yoga classes I teach. It is easy to share the practice with students that have being attending classes on a regular basis. I have found that new students or first time Yoga students can bring something new and different into the class too.

If I resist their presence, treating it as an intrusion, I restrict the free flow of energy and may miss the gift they bring. Instead, I choose to treat their energy as an exchange of gifts as well as an exercise in acceptance.

Before each class, I pray over it. By doing this, I can prepare by envisioning the love of God surrounding our bodies and radiating outward from the core of the class room. I create a calm and welcoming environment by spending time with them during the practice (more so than the on-going students).

I learn about life by relating with others. People I believe are sent to the classes I teach because God has sent them there. I desire the classes I teach to be a place where we are ourselves.

When I share the joy of Yoga, I radiate the love of God rather than hide it behind closed doors. The more I do this, the more the outside world can become like the sanctuary of Love that is created inside of me.

See you in class.:)

Much love,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/20/09

Being a Yoga instructor can be a daunting responsibility. We are constantly under scrutiny from various points of view. Seemingly petty things become significant and very few things are overlooked.

For example, several students will not say the word "Namaste" when class is ended. They believe we are bowing to a idol god. My response - by saying "Namaste" I'm saying "Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher" and you are saying to me "Thank you for teaching me."

I acknowledge that – for better or worse – in my position (which God has called me to) leadership via public service exposes me to public opinion and subjects me to public scrutiny by placing me in positions that can be either true or false.

Being in the position I'm in sometimes involves making tough decisions not favored by many people. It is important for me to remember that in leadership, as well as in life, it is impossible to please everyone.

God's Master Plan for my life has been set and must be reached; necessary sacrifices must be made and the plan He has set for me takes precedence over the discomforts of today.

It is most important for me to remember that disapproval and opposition do not equal failure. There is only success in God. My strength and character is defined in my seeking His Face, His Will, His Goals, His Love which is reflected in the classes I teach and the life I live.

I am not defined by others but by the HIGHER POWER which is God!

Much love,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/19/09

If you are going to persist in not doing the right thing and not make corrections to do the right thing, sooner or later, your actions will catch up with you and become your judge.

You are not walking in love if you are not doing the right thing. It is impossible to be in the will of God if you don't walk in His love. I have found the rewards are so great and to my benefits because Love's way is the best way.

It is not challenging to follow God's plan for your life. God really wants you to succeed more than you can ever want to. If you give God your best by walking in love and obedience to Him and His Word, you can claim God's best and live in the blessings of God in THIS LIFE!

Much love,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/18/09

There is more than one way to get out of the love walk with God. I'm not only to walk in love toward others, but I'm to love God! Which simply means - putting Him first!

When I'm in disobedience, I'm not walking in love toward God. There have been times when I got out of walking in love toward God by getting into disobedience about God's Master Plan for my life. And, if you are not following God's Master Plan for your life - you are not walking in love and obedience to Him.

However, when I would get into disobedience I would go back to God as fast as I could to get back in the love walk. The minute I got back in the love walk, I was all right as quickly as you could blink an eye.

OK, I also had to ask for forgiveness just as you will have to if you disobey God and His Word and walk out of love. If you are in disobedience, YOU KNOW IT. If you are in disobedience, do not wait to ask for forgiveness. Be quick to ask and get back into your love walk. Love's way is the best way, because it is God's way.

Much love,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/17/09

If you want to successfully follow God's plan for your life and do His will on this earth, you have to follow the way of love - God's love.

His love never fails. Love is of the heart. It is a fruit of the recreated human spirit. Meaning, this love can grow. How can we grow it and develop it more so? The love of God is already in your hear if you are born again. We grow in love by confessing it and acting on it. Love is an action word - it has to be given away.

Note, if you get out of walking in the love of God, get back in it as fast as you can! Every step out of the love of God is a step in the wrong direction. Failure to walk in the love of God will hinder you from following God's Master Plan for your life. (I speak from experience).

God is not respecter of persons. He does not favor me over you. God favors anyone who is committed to His Word.

The Bible states "If ye love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15). If you are committed to believing and doing God's Word, you will be walking in love toward God and others.

In reality, we owe it to others to love them and it is a debt we will never get paid for. We got to keep on loving others just as God does.

Much love,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/16/09

This may be a news flash for you . . .

Forgiveness has a twofold application. You have to forgive others when they miss the mark. You also have to forgive yourself when you miss the mark too. If you don't learn this lesson, you become crippled and handicapped for the rest of your life in living for God.

Forgiveness has to be practice - for others and for yourself. I found in past times, I had to remind myself that God had forgiven me for many, many, many things. But, because I didn't or had not forgiven myself - I was falling prey to darkness accusation which tried to bring against me of my past and keep me in bondage to failure and defeat.

I had to forget the past and know that God wanted me to succeed! If I had not learned to forgive and forget my past mistakes, I could never fulfilled the call of God on my life. You too, must learn to forgive and forget, or you will not be able to successfully follow God's plan for your own life.

Much love,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/15/09

I hear on a weekly if not daily basis from students who want to be Yoga teachers. They want to become teachers because they can’t wait to share their practice.

However, from observing them after they are teachers, the excitement translated into excessive chatter that makes it difficult for their students to relax, much less turn their focus inward. From personal experience, the best way to communicate mindfulness may be to say nothing at all.

Moments of quiet in class are opportunities to learning, not empty spaces to be feared.

This also is carried over in spiritual relationship to God. We can't wait to commune with God and share our thoughts, concerns, requests, etc.

This excitement also translates into excessive chatter which makes it difficult for God to get a word in. From personal experience, the best way to communicate or hear from God is to say nothing at all - just listen.

Much love,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/14/09

When you're driving to a destination, do you fixate on it only? When you're hungry, can you think clearly or focus on what is at hand or do must you eat right then? In any situation, how long are you content, happy or satisfied until your brain takes you to the next requirement or request?

When teaching Yoga, one of my main goals is to teach students the value of taking time to stay present and observe or listen to their bodies within each pose, rather than rushing to the next pose. Many try their best to out guess me on what the next sequence or anasa is. I have notice, as in class and outside of class or off their mat, many of the students live their lives in the future - rushing it.

Many don't know what it feels like to not be in a state of wanting or living in the future. I see this as trying to obtain happiness that is not there yet or tyring to make happiness appear.

Instead of taking this route, wouldn't it be nice or better to live in the moment, be who you are, and give your very best at every situation. You can plan for the future, but live today as if it is your last day.

Much love,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/13/09

Many students ask me to the secret to having a strong Yoga practice. My answer is simple. Be consistent. I suggest them to practice Yoga everyday if possible with a minimum of 2-3 times in a class room setting per week. In consistency lies the practice!

Their Yoga practice will develop into an amazing strong practice which will only come from consistency that the inconsistent Yoga student will never see.

The same goes for your spiritual walk with God. In order to walk in the the Spirit, to operate more fully in the supernatural power of God, you must be consistent in staying on the Word of God day after day after day.

Many Christian don't do that. That's why there are so many "faith failures." They stand on the Word one day and fall off of it the next day. The revelation of Christ lies in His Word, which is TRUTH, which will set us free.

Make a decision today to be consistent. Base your life on what you read and study today from the Word of God. Start fresh with His Word daily. Then stay on the Word all day and end your day with His Word. Then start it over again the next day.

There lies the power in constant consistency.

Much love,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/12/09

To say we love God means we keep His commandments. His commandments gives us clear instructions so we can know how to love as He loves. God's Word is the manual for walking in love.

When we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives - we become born of the love of God within us. Yet, we have to develop that love or it will remain hidden.

We can only love as we become knowledge of the Word of God. We become love conscious by confessing and acting on the Word of God. We are to meditate the scriptures, see ourselves living and walking in love and being guided by His commandments.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/11/09

Ever think you don't have enough love in you? Well, you do! God's love is in you and His love is more than enough for whatever is needed. What we have to do is make a decision to let His love flow.

Everyday I make a fresh and strong commitment to live the life of love. I commit daily to let God's love flow through me in order to heal the wounded hearts I come in contact with.

Everyday I ask God to allow me to love even when things go wrong. I ask God to allow me to talk in love, not to gossip, but to take words of grace instead.

God's love is on the inside of me. Daily, I make the decision that I resolve to remove every obstacle that would keep His love from flowing freely into the lives of those I come in contact with.

Everyday I ask God to cause me to increase, excel and overflow with His love. In simple words, I ask God to have be what this world needs most of all . . . a living and walking example of His love.

Much love,

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/10/09

Many students ask me how often do I personally practice Yoga. My answer? I practice Yoga everyday, seven days a week and 365 days a year. My practice consist of a large percentage of what I call a "spiritual practice."

There are opportunity each day for offense to come. But it is my choice to receive the offense. Any annoyance - spilled tea (don't drink coffee), people who on purpose cut me off on the freeway, and the big one - being stuck in traffic. These are opportunity to strengthen my practice. It required an attitude change and the creation of an "inner alter."

The number one thing that I do is to get rid of the inward noises. Some days I don't answer the cell phone while driving. I don't listen to the radio while driving. I simply sit, drive and pray for the length of my commute. By the way, I pray over every class I teach and have been doing so since I started teaching in April 2004. By the time I get to my destination, I'm filled with joy, peace and ready to share the gift of Yoga!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/9/09

In many of the Yoga classes I teach I try to stress to students to have a daily practice, in which they develop the strength to reside in the physical reality of the present moment.

As for myself, I take 2-3 classes from my instructors a week. But, I also take more intensive training, offered in workshop, which pushes me in a way that I rarely push myself at my home practice.

I often tell students they really don't practice Yoga until they leave the classroom and go back to their daily lives. Their daily lives can be unromantic, ordinary unlike what they may experience in class.

Connecting what we learn in Yoga is a continuing practice when we leave the classroom. We must connect our practice to the rest of our lives. What does that mean? One example is making sure your relationship with your family, your co-workers, your friends is based on the love of God.

How do we handle situations such as anger, resentment, judgments? How do we react when pressure or stress tries to enter our lives? Do we love at it in the eyes or spirit of LOVE? Or do we just ignore it, feel uncomfortable and pray it will go away?

My Yoga practice has allowed me to develop a deeper compassion, not just for myself but for the whole human race. This is the teaching of Jesus. In Mark 12:31 (New International Version), Jesus stated ". . . 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."

This week, spend time in building your love walk, the power and courage needed to address the challenges of your daily life. Stay connected to the source of LOVE (God) and watch your courage, compassion, and love move and keep moving toward a more genuine life.

Much love,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/8/09

Recently several people I know which some are Yoga students have faced the loss of friends and family members. I see them struggling with the grief and hear the pain in their voices. To no surprise, the ones who have been leaning on their Yoga practice seem to be finding some comfort amid the suffering.

While some use Yoga to find comfort, others including myself use the Bible or the Word of God.

Yoga teaches us to be comfortable and grounded within the body, no matter where we may be physically. The Word of God teaches us to be comfortable and grounded within our spirit.

In Yoga we find some level of sanctuary within the body through our practice. In studying my Bible, I find sanctuary in the spirit through meditation of the Word.

I have experienced that both the Word of God and my Yoga practice has helped me in time of crises.

We do have the scriptures. We do have access to God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are one with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When we realize of which we are made, we have no choice but to live a spiritual life.

Much love,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/7/09

Thursday night (8/6) was one of the best classes I believe I have ever taught at the 24HF - Valley Ranch location. I had so much fun. We worked on partner poses (all over 100 of us). We did such poses as below.

My desire is to give and teach the gift of Yoga to all students that attend class. I'm there because of the students. I love what I do and I love the people I teach to.

Without saying a word, the classes I teach generate the following strengths: love, compassion, dedication, inspiration, hope, trust and the ability to heal. The greatest of these I believe is love. Love is the fuel of our spiritual and physical bodies.

If you want to experience the gift of Yoga, please let me invite you to try anyone of the classes I teach. Go to this website for more information:

Much love,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/6/09

When talking to people regarding God's Master Plan for there life, there are several reasons I hear from them.

1) They don't have the ability (education, physically) to do so.
2) They don't have the time to do so.
3) They don't have the money to do so.
4) They don't know how to do so.
5) They don't want to do so.

God's Master Plan actually requires us to do what seems impossible!

God does not necessarily select the most spiritual person to do His work. Nor does he just call the richest people to build His kingdom. Naturally, shy, quiet people like me (yes, I know you don't believe this) may be chosen to stand up in front of thousands of people and let them know about the love of God.

God sometimes calls the most unlikely candidates. He looks for a willing vessel, not a PERFECT ONE. God just requires grace, faith and obedience.

So, what are you going to do about God's Master Plan for your life?

Much love,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/5/09

Often in the classes I teach - students fall from certain poses. The most falls comes sometimes from head-stands. But, I have seen students also fall in half-moon and standing forward bend poses. Those students that do fall are generally the ones I know and have taught them how to fall from head-stands if necessary

Lately, I have challenged students to play more within their Yoga practice. I have even gone to the extent that I want students to fall - for the experience. I have also seen student laugh and grin when they fall. Afterward, they take themselves less seriously. I tell them to get up and try again.

On a spiritual note, when you fall or fail in your daily lives, let God pick you up. Don't just stay down - get up. A lesson to learn - you may find yourself falling a lot in your personal life.

Let me encourage you - when you fall - there comes a sense of discovery in your life. Don't hold your breath when you fall. Don't allow your body to lock in place afterward. Keep your heart open to let God help you in all that you do. At best when you are getting up, you just may discover a subtle change that transforms your life.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/4/09

Recently I married a pair of friends (also Yoga students) who, after a few years together, decided to formally commit. Their vows detailed a daily practice that would demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to the relationship.

Last Sunday I attended the 9am Church service at my church (I generally attend the 4pm Saturday services). The message was one that make you think. The one thing I took or received from the message was "pursuing a committed relationship with Christ."

Just as the couple mentioned above committed to one another, we should have formal promises to God in a love relationship. How common is it to really commit to spending time and dedication to a love relationship with God?

A love relationship with God is worthy of your commitment. Already committed? Then, take your commitment to a new level with a daily and open communication with God.

It's really not that hard. One simply way is to tell God how much you love and appreciate Him. Your heart will do the rest.:)

Much love,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/3/09

Do you know it is your DIVINE RIGHT to be happy? So many don't believe that. Love and approval never comes until we give it to ourselves. So many believe the opposite.

You can not follow God's will until you develop your own will. Then, allow His will to become your will and see what happen. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help!

You can not be connected to others if you want to control them. This should be an eye-opener.

Let this day be a day you embrace death (change); become open to being present - living int he moment. Today, let go of the past, live in the NOW! Give up your need to be safe and secure. Let patience teach you surrender.

Yes, the above are pretty simple things. Maybe, don't try to do them all at one time. Take one at a time.

Much love,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/2/09

Nothing stays the same but the love of God and His Son - Jesus (the same yesterday, today and forever more). I can sense change in the air.

Many people are faced with circumstances that have them so shocked and unhappy about unexpected turn of events in their lives. They are now resisting reality and they are living in bitterness, fear and hopelessness.

When things of this nature happens, it is not the time to retreat. Instead we accept the change with grace and move forward. I'll also seen people during this time in their life move more to spirituality.

We were born to move forward toward self-discovery and spiritual maturity. We are to be ready and live a life that matters to us and those connected to us.

I have found that as I more and more realize what I'm made of which brings me to this point "I have no choice but to live a spiritual life."

Whether we want change or not, we can't escape it.

Once you realize the stuff of which we are made, we have no choice but to live a spiritual life.

Much love,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thought For Today - 8/1/09

The teachings of Jesus mainly deals with loving God with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind, including loving your neighbor as yourself. (See Luke 10:27).

In Yoga, there is a similar understanding - serving one another, becoming part of the path to self-realization, seeing it as a spiritual obligation and righteous thing to do.

In this present day and time we live in the teaching of Jesus and the serving one another is usually overlooked.

In yoga, service is not just a spiritual obligation or the righteous thing to do. It’s a path to self-realization, making it a supercharged version of the adage that when you give, you also receive.

In reality, the above statements will in my opinion take you on a fast track to fulfillment. When we love God, we obey His commandments. When we love God, we love and serve our neighbor. Everything is surrounded by "LOVE."

Whatever you do has to be based in the love of God. You can go to church, practice Yoga daily and yet now have the love of God in your life nor wiling to love your neighbor, then what are you doing?

In all of the Yoga classes I teach the most important thing I try to relate to students in living the life of love. After all, all the things we posses or own will one day fade away, but the love of the Father, loving and serving others will last throughout eternity.

How is your love walk going?

Much love,