Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/31/10

There will be days that you will encounter people or individuals you don't care for. Some of them just simply rub us the wrong way while others strike us as deliberately unaware.

Then judgment comes and we see them as being mean or abrasive for us to interact with comfortably. Yet no person should be deemed a villain because their beliefs, opinions, mannerisms, and mode of being are not compatible with your own.

This is where the love of God comes into being. You may need to love them from a distance. But circumstances may also require that you spend time in their company. In such cases, you can ease your discomfort by showing them your loving and compassion spirit while examining your feelings carefully.

From personal experiences, your feelings of the individuals may not wane over time, yet the comprehension you gain through reflection can help you interact with them sympathetically, benevolently, and with a greater degree of kindness. Read the Gospels in the Bible. Jesus is the Perfect Example for us on this!

There is nothing wrong with recognizing that you are incompatible with some people. You may never achieve a shared harmony with those individuals, but you can nonetheless learn to modulate your reactions to these individuals and, ultimately, to coexist peacefully with them. This can ONLY be done through having a daily love-walk with God!

Much love,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/30/10

I often look back on past experiences with an eye to uncovering those times that God was always there for me.

For example, the dreadful job I had in a bland office building that actually gave me the opportunity to meet key people that help me improved my financial situation at that time; the co-worker I had challenges with one day spoke a word into my life that changed my life; the time spent living in a city I didn’t like that led me into a deeper relationship with God. And, the list goes on and on and on.

Remembering these past experiences with God being right there by your side can restore your faith in the present. Life is full of buried treasures. Life is full of times when God was always there for you too. Chances are, God is just waiting on another opportunity to bless you!:)

Much love,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Yoga Baby - Morgan Grace

Morgan Grace, born on 12/10/09. She was almost 6 weeks early, but is very healthy and has already doubled her birth weight of 4 lb.

Father and mother are Eric and Robyn Olschewsky. Also, Robyn was very faithful to her Yoga practice right up until Morgan Grace was born.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 1/29/10

The choices you make upon waking can have a profound impact on your day. The first thing I say when I wake up is "Good Morning Father God, Good Morning Lord Jesus and Good Morning Holy Spirit."

I then take time 99% of the time to meditate, study, pray and say daily confessions before leaving my home. If I don't, I am most likely to feel fatigued and overwhelmed for most of my day.

When I take the time to meditate, study, pray and say my daily confessions, energizes and excite me, as well as give me the courage to meet the challenges waiting for me.

So, how about you trying this too? Beginning your day in a focused and centered fashion on God and His plan for you that day. In doing this - you set the tone of your expectations and choose the mood you will use to respond to your circumstances.

A gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning spending time with God will prepare you to create a gentle, conscious, and thoughtful day. I know from personal experiences.

Much love,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/28/10

The Bible states that God's mercies are new every morning. Having read that I took God at His Word, and now I wake up every morning to a brand-new world. If I can live my life totally unhindered by the past, then so can you.

It can be challenging at first, but do it any how! Replace thoughts of yesterday's mistakes or choices with scriptural promises about your future. As you do that, hope will start taking the place of depression. The spiritual aches and pains that crippled you for so long will quickly disappear.

Instead of looking behind you and saying, "I can't," look ahead and say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

Much love,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/27/10

I am learning that life is a big class room. The people and situations I encounter every day is teaching me so much. And, I'm open to the wisdom that I'm receiving from them.

Yes, life can be a teacher and the wisdom we can receive from it is not often noticed. Adding to this, some situations teach us by showing us what we don’t want to do. Ever been there?

All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to be learning at any given time. Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go and walking in the love of God — all these will be covered as you continue your walk.

Much love,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/26/10

There have no doubt been times in your life when you chose to go where God is directing you. In doing this you may encounter instances in which your objectives require you to step outside of the boundaries of your established comfort zone.

Don't be afraid. This is just an opportunity God has setup for you to freely and actively move yourself to or into a new phase or level of your life. (It happens all the time to me.):)

While you may fear what seems to be the inevitable fall, know that God is there and you will not fall or fail! This is just a leap of faith and as you focus your attention, you will move toward your ultimate destination with ease.

Understand that what you are experiencing may challenge you in unforeseen ways but you will make it across if you trust yourself and trust God.

Much love,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/25/10

As we find out what God's Master Plan for our life is, we can then begin to feel and see them coming into existence. But, we also want what God wants for our life. We must use and agree with His Word to bring it about.

Now after we have found out His plan for our life, we then have choices and those choices is what brings us everything He has for our lives - right now! When we know the direction God has planned for us, we should want His choices to take us there. It is as if we have placed an order with God and it is on it's way.

Then we can await its arrival with joyful anticipation. You can know and experience the dreams God has for you right now! We just have to come into agreement with Him, be joyful in waiting and expect to have so much fun when it comes!

Much love,

Another Yoga Baby Born!

Zanden H. Patel was born on Jan. 21, 2010 @ 6:37am and weighed 6lbs 9oz and is 19.14in. long.

He had a crazy arrival into the world and spent the first 2 days in NICU, but he is much better and the proud parents are hoping to go home Sunday (1/24)

Priti (mother) was faithful to her Yoga practice up to just a few days before delivery of Zanden.

Much love to Hitesh & Priti!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/24/10

I had an incident that occurred last week that I had to practice what I preach. I had begun to judge the situation and the people involved with it.

Immediately, I caught myself and was advised by my inner man to send love, light, and blessings to them. I then listen to what they said openly and was able to learn something about them.

No, this was not easy and it may not be easy for you. But, remember not to judge yourself either. Trust that with practice, you will successfully disable your habitual patterns.

As you do, you will find a whole new dimension of perception opening up to you (as I have), allowing you to see beyond the surface and into the essence of the people you meet.

Much love,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/23/10

I'm considering to begin teaching a guided meditation class. With all that is going on in our world - all can benefit from meditation. Once learned, meditation is a tool that will always be available to you for all situations.

The guided meditation can be like having a tour guide traveling in various lands and countries. It will take you on an inner journey, which many have not done or done in a long time. This travel will allow you to see and experience your own inner world, a place that truly only exists within you.

The scenes created in your mind’s eye can be revisited at anytime, without a guide, because once you have seen the fascinating landscape of your own inner terrain, there will always be more to explore.

If you need more information on this, feel free to contact me.

Much love,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/22/10

God wants to see you accomplish your goals. No matter how long you have toyed or hesitated, God will always be there to put His Master Plan for you in motion at the first sign of your faith.

You can make the most of this aid by assenting to it rather than fighting it. Nurture your dreams but do not attempt to look at every detail along the way.

God will provide you with guidance and, if you heed that guidance, you will find your formerly stressful quest for success will become a journey of great joy.

Much love,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/21/10

We are a community. We are all connected. Every person we meet, see, hear, or read about, we are connected to.

If everyone would just acknowledge that we are a community, instead of seeing us as individuals, would enable us to feel less alone in the world.

We can and are able to understand and relate to others who, maybe on the surface, may seem very different from us. With this awareness, we can connect with people even on the other side of the tracks, and the other side of the world.

We must begin to understand that we must treat all people for what they are — FAMILY!

Much love,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/20/10

From personal experience I have noticed the further I have distanced myself from expectations of individuals, the more exhilarating my life has become.

Though a situation in which I find myself may not correspond to my initial wants, needs, goals or desires, I ask myself how can I make the most of it and then do my best to adapt.

My life and your life’s journey will take many unpredicted and astonishing twists because you are willing to release your expectations and see all things through the eyes of Love (God).

Much love,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/19/10

When I host Yoga bootcamps, one of the things I stress during them is journaling. If you really want to see what is going on in your life, start a journal. It does not have to be daily, but start one.

Journaling will help you re-visit your goals. It will help with past hurts and help heal what you are experiencing in the present. It can actually transform your life. It can also empower you for your future!

Today, take time to sit down, begin to writing your feelings on paper. In doing this, you will begin to put the past where it belongs - in the past - behind you. Take it one day, one writing at a time.

It really does work!
Much love,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/18/10

Have you ever had a day when you had peace and happiness one day and the next day it was gone?

From personal experience, it is because so many are disconnected from the Source. That Source is God. So many I know and see try to satisfy their longings with temporary fixes, rather than nourishing their soul and living a joy-filled life of purpose by allowing God to be their Source.

We are spiritual beings. Just to name a few, peace, joy, happiness, and a sense of connection are our birthright. But many I know and see, seen through time have lost this.

You might say, Joseph, how can I get this back? Through a combination of things, praying to God, reading His Word (Bible), meditation, and practical exercises of loving those around you unconditionally.

You will be so surprised of the discovery you will find. You can begin to live a life of purpose and fulfillment by finding your right place in Him (God). Then, you will have balance come into your life!

Much love,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/17/10

Everything you do depends on your attitude!

Can your attitude be improved? I often tell students in class to shift their attitude to more of a positive one. Positive intention (on purpose) can and will create that shift by providing a commitment to honoring their life for all of its value.

When we become aware of the power of being positive and applying it to each area of our life, we find that our life is transformed from the inside out. I know mine has!

Then, after you do this for a while, it becomes as natural as your breath. Even though you may live in the same place, with the same people, doing the same work, your day-to-day experience will feel as though you now live in a brand world!

Try it!
Much love,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/16/10

It is the beginning of the year, students are coming out of the woodwork - showing up for class and they are eager to start their Yoga practicing.

One might say this is a dream come true for Yoga teachers and especially for Yoga studio owners!:) But, my desire which I started the end of 2009 is to help students become enlightenment or more enlightenment along with their physical practice, etc.

It started off being challenging just having students stay in relaxation pose for 5-7 minutes. Yoga has so much to offer other than the physical but spiritual and philosophical wisdom that they can also take into their daily lives.

If you are a student of Yoga and attend classes I teach, let one of your goals in 2010 be an opportunity to take advantage of the spiritual and philosophical wisdom that Yoga has to offer. You may need it more than you realize.

Much love,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/15/10

To ensure that the effect I have is positive, I must strive to stay true to myself and God while realizing that it is the demeanor I project and not the quality of the love of God living on the inside that people see.

As I interact with others, how I behave is as important as who I am. If I project my passion for life, my love for God, my warmth, and my tolerance in my facial features (yes, people will look at your face when things happen), voice, and choice of words, every person who enters my circle of influence will leave my presence feeling at peace with themselves and with me.

I never know whose life I am affecting, big or small. So, you too, try to remember this as you go out into the world each day.

Much love,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/14/09

When we make a practice of listening to God, we find Him more accessible to us in general.

The use of tools such as meditation, praying, reading the Bible can only help us gain mastery in understanding God, allowing us to transform our lives into playgrounds for manifesting His gifts and our dreams for our lives.

Simple enough?
Much love,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/13/10

Continuation from the previous blog . . .

What I experienced the weekend before meeting with my friend may had remain hidden to from or some time if I had not meet with him. The meaning of that event changed when I viewed it from another context in which I was shown.

What did I actually learn from him as a whole? An incident that may seem superficial may unexpectedly touch us deeply later in our lives.

If you take a truly open-minded approach to your examination of each new level and do not shy away from revelations that could prove painful, you will learn much about your relationship to the world around you and the world within you.

And the refined impression you glean from your experiences after contemplating their significance can add a new richness and texture to your life.

Much love,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/12/10

This past weekend I was blessed to have dinner with a close friend who I wanted to take time to help me examine my experiences closely. What I discovered was my original impressions was only a part of a larger story of significance.

We peeled away the layers of a current event in my life, it became an interesting process. To begin, I relived that experience in my mind’s eye from multiple perspectives.

My interpretation of that situation was based not only on facts but also on feelings, beliefs, and my values. As I ruminated upon the experience, my friend had me spend a few moments contemplating how I felt when it began and how my feelings had changed by its end.

He asked me what abstractions, if any, it awakened in my mind. He pointed out if an experience stirs up questions within my soul, it may be that in striving to answer them a new layer of meaning may reveal itself to me. He was very correct!

More to come . . .

Much love,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Partner Yoga with Erica Connell & Joseph Stingley (2/13, 12noon - 2pm)

Hey, Saturday, February 13, 2010, 12noon - 2pm, I'm doing a Partner Workshop with a good friend Erica Connell. I would love to see you there. A great Valentine's gift too!:) Below is information . . .

Partner Yoga is a partnership based on trust and communication, expressed through breath, movement and yoga postures. Partner Yoga can be practiced by any two people: friends; co-workers; parents and children; siblings and couples.

Its intention is to bring people together through movement, play, breath, touch and trust. As partners the practitioners serve as mirrors for each other, helping each other stay balanced, focused and on track.

Partners do not have to be seasoned yoga students. Whether beginner or advanced or any level in between, the benefits of this journey are yours to discover.

For more information and to register online, visit our website at

Much love,

Thought For Today - 1/11/10

To be honest I really don't hang out with nor enjoy the company of individuals whose attitudes are persistently negative. But, there were times that I tolerated the critical chatter that were on the inside.

I had become so use to the self-limiting, critical consciousness that were in my thoughts, that I became unaware of the impact they were having on my life.

It was only when I became constant with meditating on the love of God that the critical thoughts left or began to leave. Now, when they try to come back - I replace them with love, peace and affirmations that these are not my thoughts, but thoughts that arrive from darkness.

As you begin to pay careful attention to your thinking patterns, you will be surprised at the negativity you find there. Take notice of these involuntary thoughts, initiate a healing process by meditating on the love of God which will eventually allow you to replace intimidating and upsetting self-talk with positive, empowering thoughts of His love for you.

Much love,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/10/10

For a time, I either lived in the past or in the future. However, after years of doing this, I now try to live in the present moment.

The more I'm able to live in the present moment, I'm actually honoring my life and the people around me.

When we are fully present in the moment, we give and receive aliveness in equal measure. Today, try being fully present in the moment - your daily activities and watch and see that things become new, then you become ready for a whole new world to become available - just for you!

Much love,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/9/10

I am constant on a growing and learning path. There were some things in my past that I felt ashamed of and embarrassed of. These feelings indicate that I was looking at myself a way, in the present that were very different from the thoughts that God had about me.

Things done, said, etc. in my past are just that - in the past. When we live in shame and embarrassment, we are living in the past. God is NOW. God is as we call in Yoga "present or in the moment." So are we to live our lives!

Before we can move forward and see ourselves as God sees us, we must understand that we are a part of God - He lives in us and we live in Him. He is calling us to keep moving forward to what we are to be.

As we also come to understand the feeling of being unfulfilled or of uneasiness occurs when we are not allowing our movement toward being as God sees us. There is just no way of getting around it: You must see yourself as God sees you!

God sees you as a person with joy. And unless you are feeling joy, you are not allowing yourself to be that which God sees you as!

Am I making any sense?
Much love,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/8/10

You will find peace within yourself if you remember to trust God. Look to Him for inspiration as you surrender to Him all of your wants and desires.

In that surrender, and in the center of your heart, is a willingness to trust in Him as He make your way through the opening.

Much love,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/7/10

The other day I received this note from a Yoga student (thanks Rene`) who is completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I thought I would share it with you . . .

From the "The Power of Thought:"

As aspirant in the path of Truth, a continuous stream of helpful thoughts must gush out from his mind. It must be a perennial, healing stream of loving, helpful thoughts. He must be able to charge groups of twenty persons, masses of hundreds and thousands with love, joy and cheerfulness. He must stir them with a mere glance and a few sweet, powerful words into enthusiasm, high spirits and exalted moods and exhilaration. That is spiritual strength, will-force (Atma-Bala).

This is truly what my desire is to bring to all that I come in contact with. Whether in class or outside of class. How about you?

Much love,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/6/10

God is aware of both the concrete goals we actively pursue and the dreams we have not yet begun to refine. Neither our struggles nor our dreams that inspire us are beyond the range of God's perception.

Yet to manifest our aspirations, we not only need to know what it is we generally wish to achieve; we also need to clearly articulate these aims to ourselves and to God.

When we create a list of what we desire, citing or confessing each item in as much detail as possible, our aspirations take on new substance. What was once a mere desire or want can becomes real and achievable when put into words.

As you pour the contents of your heart and soul into your list - especially for 2010, your well-defined ambitions will become a part of you, and God can respond to your new determination by placing opportunities related to your objectives in your path.

He has done this over and over again for me.:)

Much love,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/5/10

OK, some are wanting already to fast-forward in 2010 which can bring about difficulties in their lives and maybe make the situations they are fast-forwarding to more challenging.

My suggestion, stop, take a more direct and clear look at in the face of whatever you are dealing with, this will help you move quicker through the situation. As you understand this, you may begin to realize that trying to fast-forward is really more akin to pressing pause.

When we truly come to the point or conclusion that the only way out of any situation in which we find ourselves is to go through it. Stop looking for ways to get by and start paying close attention to what is happening.

Only then can we realize that we are exactly where we need to be. Life and situations are here for us to learn something we need to know. We can alleviate some of our challenges with the awareness that there is a purpose to the situations.

One thing I have found out in my own personal experiences, when I feel the urge to move fast-forward, I remember I'm not alone. Today, choose to move forward in real time, know that in the long run, this is the least challenged way to go!

Much love,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/4/10

I mentioned this before in previous blogs that I'm now putting myself first which means I'm having to say no to someone else in order to say yes to me. In doing this, I had to start a saying, confession or mantra that would keep me encourage that I'm doing the right thing - in caring for myself.

Now, I'm not taking about doing some big and great things for myself. I'm doing things for example, taking time to meditate more, read more, or just sit and listen to music. Just doing whatever I want to do.

If you can relate to this - whatever you decide in taking care of yourself, make a small gesture where you put yourself first every day will pay off big time for you and the ones you love.

Much love,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/3/10

As we moving into 2010, let us not go into it with FEAR. We will not go into 2010 being off balance, uncertain or insecure. We will go into 2010 with faith, balance, certain and secure in God.

We will receive wisdom from God on all issues we face. We will move forward with comfort. This is the year God will be more significant in our lives, enabling us to approach 2010 with the proper attitude.

You might wish to take up a meditation practice to really understand the changes that are occurring in your life. As you sit quietly in meditation, listen to the voice of God as He speaks and even start a journal for this.

Write down whatever comes through from God. Then, study your journal with excitement. This is a great way to learn about God and yourself through the vehicle of meditation. This is worth doing and maintaining in your life as you move forward in 2010.

Much love,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/2/10

OK, the second day of 2010 is here. As we move forward in this year, do not regret the thing you did not do in 2009 rather than the things you did do.

Try this. Make a list of things you didn't get a chance to do or complete in 2009. You may notice a pattern or what you may consider as failures. But, don't look at them as failures. Look at them as opportunities for 2010 that you will not miss again. Something to think about? Yep.

Much love,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thought For Today - 1/1/10

Happy New Year! 2010 is officially here!

On this first day of the year, someone asked me "How they can serve God more in 2010?" My answer was short and simple - "Love everyone." People all around are starving for love.

What does it really mean to "Love everyone?" The answer to this question has to do with looking at each day as an opportunity to show the love of God to others. It is an act of serving others. It is an act of grace and gratitude towards others. It is a vehicle of awakening one to the spirituality of the everyday!

We should be so consumed with the love of God that it gives us so much pleasure - the pleasure of giving (love) with devotion that shows God how much we appreciate Him on a daily basis.

Let this be your best year yet, not ever, but the best year yet!

Much love,