Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve (Thought For Today - 12/31/08)

I want to take this special opportunity to wish you a very blessed and Happy New Year's Eve. I hope you are able to fully enjoy the ending of 2008 and welcoming 2009 with your family and friends. And, I pray you experience safety, peace and joy of our Lord during this day!

Much love,

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yoga Style Fitness Bootcamp on January 17 in Arlington!

Hey, I would love for you to be part of this . . .

Yoga Style Fitness (Joseph Stingley) and Velociti Fitness League want you to experience the power of an all day Yoga bootcamp retreat. This bootcamp is for people of all abilities. Attendees will learn how to get the absolute most from regular Yoga workouts. This bootcamp will benefit you for years to come!

Date: Saturday, 1/17/2009
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: $99* - Lunch and Dessert Included!


Velociti Fitness League
3533 Marathon Street
Arlington, Texas 76013

817.276.0708 <- Call to register now!

Your day will consist of:

Yoga Style Fitness asana sessions
Time to relax your mind
Hands-on alignment and pose demonstration
An opportunity to get to know yourself on a more intimate level by journaling about your day’s events
A delicious and healthy meal (vegetarian by request)
A Q&A session and post-practice treat
This day will be devoted to YOU, so you don’t miss out!

Agenda (subject to change):

8:00 am Check-In
8:15 am Opening
8:30 am Walking & Guided Meditation Session
9:00 am Yoga Practice (2 hr)
11:15 am Guided Journaling Session
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Yoga Practice (2 hr)
3:15 pm Guided Journaling Session
3:45 pm Closing / Q&A

* The $99 price is good only before the day of the bootcamp. Space permitting, last minute registrations may be accepted on the day of the bootcamp at $119 each. However, to ensure that this is a wonderful experience for all attendees, we are limiting this bootcamp to the first 35 registrants, so call today! Register and pay by phone by calling Velocity Fitness League at 817.276.0708. Your registration is not complete until payment has been received. Cancellations up to and including January 1 will receive a full refund. After that and until January 10, you will be refunded $50 for each registration cancelled. No refunds will be made following January 10, so please let us know on or before that date if you will not be able to attend.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 12/30/08

As we look forward to 2009, think about your covenant of peace. The precious blood and suffering of Jesus entitles you to live in a state of wholeness, completeness and well-being.

It is an insult to Jesus’ sacrifice to settle for anything less. You can live your life experiencing peace on a day-to-day basis as you abide in Him, keeping God’s promises in your heart and in your mouth.

Others may be frightened or anxious by the things that are happening around them, but you don’t have to be. Time and time again God has proven His faithfulness to deliver His people from danger.

What a privilege we have through God’s covenant of peace – the ability to live whole. A life where nothing is missing, nothing is broken.

Much love,

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/29/08

Once you accept the fact, your life will be forever changed since finding Jesus. You will not longer be satisfied to just sit around whining and wishing things were different. You will want to step up to the position of authority that was given you by Jesus to take your rightful place beside Him and learn to operate the way He does. If you do this – you will never be the same, including your world.

Much love,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/28/08

If you settle in your heart that living a life of love is worth everything, then you will settle every issue of your life. Love will assure you of your salvation. Love will deliver you from every deception of darkness. Love will make your family a world-changing force in the earth. Love will heal your body when you begin to realize it is the very force of your life!

Love will draw you to prosperity because God is not a liar – every seed you sow out of love for Him and for the people of this world will come back to you in uncontainable harvest. Love will direct your steps, where you live, and where you find your church family. Love will guide your decisions and allow you to trust them too!

I personally make my decision based on the covenant of love. I rest and relax in my decisions, knowing I have made them within the parameters and on behalf of love.

I encourage you today to get alone with God and settle it – whatever it is!

Much love,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/27/08

I pretty much live my whole life by faith. But, faith is a process. Yet, faith is actually very simple, and when applied it has power to affect anything and everything in our lives.

Faith is the force that gives substance – or tangibility – to the intangible. Faith makes real to us what we otherwise could only hope for. The realities of the unseen come into the reality of the seen through faith.

Faith is alive and relevant. It is also spiritual law so it operates with all the same precision and predictability of natural laws, like gravity. The difference between spiritual laws and physical laws is this: Spiritual laws control natural ones. The force of faith finds its parameters in the “law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” (see Romans 8:2). When activated, it will trump the “law of sin and death” and give substance to life, every time! That means healing over sickness, love over hate and peace over fear.

Much love,

Friday, December 26, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/26/08

It is time to walk in the blessing of God’s love and be His instrument of blessing in the earth.

God can take you from anywhere to total victory. He can give you success and bless you with abundance no matter what kind of mess you are in. You may owe so many people; they are looking for you on every corner. But God will help you. He will deliver you. He will get you out of debt. He will heal your body. He will restore your marriage. He will bring your children into His Kingdom.

Don’t throw your life away – give it away. Give it to Jesus and give it to other people!

In Jesus, YOU become the gift this Christmas – celebrating Him!

Much love,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! (Thought For Today - 12/25/08)

Today is Christmas Day!

The miracle of all miracles happened the first Christmas night when God love us so much that He gave His only Son (see John 3:16).

If you have not already received His Son - do it now! Even in the world in all that is going on recognizes that this is the season of God showing us His love.

Just believe the immeasurable love that God - His Son has for you. If God didn't, then He would not have bothered to send you Jesus!

So today, believe the love. Receive it. Keep yourself in it. As you do this, know that darkness will not be able to touch you!

Merry Christmas
Much love,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Prayer For You - Christmas Eve (Thought For Today - 12/24/08)

A Prayer For You

Father God, this Christmas season, I pray for all that I'm connected and associated to and with. Let them know that the real Christmas Gift is Jesus himself - that the real "joy to the world" is making Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives and taking that Gift to the rest of the world.

Father God, help these ones that I love to keep Jesus in their Christmas and not let worldly things overshadow the true reason for this season.

I pray a special blessing and protection over those who are stress and pressure at this time of year. I pray that they will know that You - they can trust with their lives. Help them to know that true peace can only come from being connected with You.

Father God, let Your peace flow into them and do a mighty work in them and encourage their hearts this day.

I pray that this will be the best Christmas they have ever had - that they experienced Your presence with the most joy, the most peace, the most good, the most blessing, and the most healing! AMEN!

Much love,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/23/08

Did you know that you don't have to stay with a problem more than 24 hours? If you want to have a pity party - do it. But, at 12:01 AM the next day - let it go. Give it to God. In other words - clean house of that problem - clear it out! Release your faith on the matter. It does work! I tried it.:)

Much love,

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/22/08

As we are only a few days from Christmas, let me ask a question. What do you want this Christmas? I know there will and can be many, many different answers to the question. The thing I want most is God’s master plan for my life! I want it to totally unfold in 2009 (the first quarter would really be great). :)

I am raising my expectation for Christmas. I believe for God incredible treasures to be poured upon me. I believe for joy, health, love, and freedom from fear, favor and everything I can ask or think of, including finances.

I no longer live in the past. Today is my day to find out just how much God loves me. He is my Father. And just like a loving parent, God is always planning something great and electrifying for me! I know that God believes in me. My future is vibrant and full of His favor. I will continue to accept this truth everyday. Will you? I’m looking for 2009 to be my best year yet!

Much love,

All Day Yoga Bootcamp!

Yoga Style Fitness (Joseph B. Stingley) & Velociti Fitness League presents an All Day Yoga Bootcamp! This Yoga bootcamp is open to All Levels.

Your day will consist of:
Yoga-style asana sessions.
Time to relax your mind.
On-hands alignment and pose demonstration.
An opportunity to get to know yourself on a more intimate level by journaling about your day's events.
You will also be treated to a delicious and healthy meal (vegetarian by request).
Your journey will conclude with a Q&A session and a post practice treat.
This day will be devoted to YOU, so you don't want to miss out!
Come and Experience the Power!!

Schedule includes the following:
8:00 am Check-In
8:15 am Opening
8:30 am Walking & Guided Meditation Session
9:00 am Asana Practice (2 hr)
11:15 am Guided Journaling Session
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Asana Practice (2 hr)
3:15 pm Guided Journaling Session
3:45 pm Closing / A & Q

Date: Saturday, 1/17/2009
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
COST: $99 Lunch and Dessert Included!

Space is limited. Register now at the front desk of Velociti Fitness League by calling 817-276-0708

The address is:
3533 Marathon Street
Arlington, TX 76013

Special Note:
Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The registration fee will be $99, $119 at the door if spots available.
Your spot will not be reserved until your entire registration fee has been paid.
No partial payments will be accepted.
Cancellations up to and including January 1 will receive a full refund.
After that and until January 10, you will be refunded $50 for each registration cancelled.
No refunds will be made following January 10, so please let us know on or before that date if you will not be able to attend.

Much love,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie - "Seven Pounds"

Hey, I went to see the movie "Seven Pounds" Sunday night. One comment - I cried like a baby!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 12/21/08

Today is Sunday. Happy Sunday to you!

I want to talk briefly about love today. There are so many people in the world that are hurting or suffering from the lack of love. The world is full of mean and angry people. And, when people come around Christian, they should feel so much love that they are overwhelmed!

I taught my first Yoga class in April 2004. From the very first day and from that day forth I pray over every class I teach. I pray that the love of God will surround me, dwell in me and spill out from me that everyone I come in contact with will experience God. They will experience LOVE.

I’m actually probably the only display of God that many I come in contact with will ever experience. Many will not set foot in a church building. So, I bring love (God) to them – everyday!

God has given us the way to have heaven on earth. We are to walk in His fullness and His likeness. It is our responsibility to be a blessing to people while we are here on this earth.

Let the love of God be King in your life. Imitate the Father!

Much love,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/20/08

Today is Saturday.

This weekend - starting today - be a blessing to the people around you. Treat them with kindness and goodness - especially during this holiday season (people really need it)! With these forces at work in your life you will find all the power you'll ever need to love everyone - including those that are unkind to you.

Much love,

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/19/08

I received this a few weeks ago from one of the Yoga students that attends class. I felt it was appropriate to put it in a "Thought For Today."

Thanks Susan. Enjoy.
Much love,

"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you..." Thank you,and yes, yoga has changed my life. I am much calmer and less irritable. Susan

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/18/08

Repent and receive!

The other day I heard the Lord (God) say to me that many health problems are associated with lack of water. There are days that I know I have not had enough water. Those are also the days that I'm tired and feel blotted.

I clearly remember about fifteen years ago I was getting ill several times during the year with sinus problems. One day I called my doctor to see if he would prescribe me medication to help with the sinus. He asked what color was the mucus. I told him it was a bright yellow. The doctor said I should increase my water intake and call him back in a day or two if the mucus had not changed. After drinking water for one day the mucus changed back to being clear.

Water is the only substance I know of that is not an addiction. Soft drinks, tea, coffee, and the list goes on regarding liquids beside water are addicted. Yet, water is so challenging for so many to drink.

God also revealed to me that water is like His Holy Spirit - people don't like to take it in. Something to think about?

Today, make a decision to increase your current water intake and see if you begin to feel better. Along with that increase your God intake too. Repent and receive!

Much love,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/17/08

With so much going on and now especially since the holidays are here. Many individuals are not being content with what is going on in their lives. Let us, including myself find contentment.

Look at each day with peace, faith, hope and especially love – knowing that while things will happen, situations will come up, we have the ability in any circumstance life brings to deal with it. The challenges we face will disappear. We will become secure, at peace with others and ourselves in this life.

Much love,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/16/08

Every now and then when teaching class, I hear a sound that is familiar, a sound of someone falling from being in a headstand. I generally don’t rush over to see what happen or if they are ok. Why? Falling is part of learning headstand. The students get up and try the headstand again and again until they can stay there until I say come down.

This lesson of falling is one that the students can take off their mat and apply to other areas of their lives. In headstand one learns where the balance truly is – and this is where you learn to also trust – let go – find your edge. Actually, if you do not find balance, trust, etc. in the simple Yoga poses – you will not find it in the more difficult poses. Trust me on this – I have personal experience. (Smile).

In poses such as headstand, I always tell students or show them how to exit the pose. For example, when falling out of headstand – tuck your chin and roll down gracefully rather than flip over into an unexpected backbend or worse on top of another students (which has also happen).

Now, taking this off your Yoga mat, you must develop trust in yourself. You must trust that you have all that you need to support any situation that occurs in your life. Trust that you are safe in your decision and you are growing, moving forward and prospering. And, when it comes to fear – you have none. You don’t manage fear – you get rid of it!

Fear and failure (including falling in headstand) are in the past. Your success, prosperity is now!

Much love,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Patricio Rivera - Another Yoga Baby!

Hey, we have yet another Yoga baby born. Sergio & Tracy Rivera are the proud parents of Patricio.

He was born on Wednesday, November 12. Tracy, his mother was faithful to her Yoga practice during the pregnancy up until only a few days before Patricio was born. I'm so looking forward for Tracy's return to class and soon. (smile)

Enjoy the picture of Patricio. Wow, just looking at the pictures makes me want to have more children. (smile - I am)

Much love,

Thought For Today - 12/15/08

This week - make it a point to tell someone about the love of God. Start praying for them and living right before them so they will know the difference between light and darkness.

You can't win anyone by sinning with them!

You will continue to think and behave like the world until you change your thinking to agree with God. Change your mind and you will change your life. It is that simple.

Much love,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/14/08

Today is Sunday.

Many are attending churches or their place of worship this morning. Yet, many that are attending various locations to worship this day are not in union with one another. They play various roles during the week. And, Sunday morning is yet another role that people play or live. Only when Christians become “one” and not fight each other will there be revival fire. God knows we need it!

I believe if Christians would use or approach life through the practice of Yoga – we would see revival fire. Yoga is a practice of union. Yoga teaches that we are connected to others – no matter if they live on the other side of the world, speak another language, or even hold different beliefs. We are all affected or should be affected when tragedy occurs, etc.

The only thing I have found in the Bible that we are to fight is “the good fight of faith.”

Let us not just talk love – but let us demonstrate it as we give to those in need – including financially. Pray for people. Send positive loving kindness thoughts their way.

Let us come together with compassion and find someone you can be of assistance to. And, they just might be of a different religion, speak a different language and have different beliefs than you.

Much love,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/13/08

The weekend is back again. And, there are only a few days left for Christmas shopping. From what I can see – shopping is in full swing. For many this is a time of joy. While for others it is a time of being overwhelmed with parties with unhealthy food, gift giving, late night and stress – just to name a few.

For the past few years during this time of the season I have asked myself can I approach the holiday season in the spirit of Yoga – being present in the moment only? Can I remain calm in the mist of hustle and bustle? Can I have peace in the whirlwind of?

The question I've been asking myself lately is simply this: Can I approach the holiday season in the spirit of yoga? Can I find calmness amid the bustle? Can I find peace and joy in the whirlwind of purchasing material good?

This year I have decided to celebrate Christmas – this season of holiday by not actually giving material gifts as I have in past times. I’m going to make spiritual commitments to increase the gift of God’s love toward first – myself, family and friends and to those I come in contact with who I don’t know.

Just maybe, this can catch and others will begin to do the same – search and find the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. It’s really all about peace, happiness and the love of God.

Much love,

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/12/08

I have made so many mistakes in my life. But, the mistakes have humbled me in so many ways – molding me to become the person who would do the right thing if given the chance again.

I know who I am today. I am presence. I know more about the love of God and how to walk, live and breathe in it. My experiences have helped me to be better prepared for the future.

The mistakes I made were teachers and my responsibility was to learn from them. And, the most important thing I found out in making mistakes is that God is not waiting around with a BIG bat to hit me with because of the mistakes I’ll made.

Instead, God is there – waiting to heal me, not punish me, but to correct my path – my thinking. He does not want me to pay, but to change and follow His instructions and directions.

Let me close with this verse found in Hebrews 12:2 . . .

Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection]. . .” (AMP Version)

Much love,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/11/08

As you begin each day - your mind is ready to receive new impressions. Your task? Make sure you let the impressions be positive!

If you want a crabby day – start off with listening to, reading or watching the news. Be sure to take notice of the headlines. Take note on how the stock market is doing too. Also, grab a cup of coffee.

If you want a great day – spend time with God!

Yes, its’ that simple.

Much love,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/10/08

The more we try to work or fix things in our lives – the more they become unworkable or unfixable. Things, situations, circumstances are working themselves out – this very second. All we (I included myself) have to do is be present, love God, love you and just let things happen naturally and in Divine order.

Are you tired of resisting? Are you tired of fighting? Are you tired of even trying to understand what is happening to you? I am!

Let God lead you. Let His Spirit lead you. Let us get to a place where we can be quiet and learn how to just trust God that we are where we are supposed to be.

We don’t have to have 100% or be 100% ready. Move forward with the 85% and let the other 15% come as you move forward.

Much love,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/9/08

Today – be present. Stay in the moment. Here is where you will find success and prosperity! When we try to anticipate the future or look back at the past, we become overwhelmed, tired and without energy.

The past has hurt, sickness, darkness, and unbelief – just to name a few. The future can cause turmoil in your spirit when thinking about commitments, plans and vision of where we want to go. It will ruin the moment you are in NOW!

Be present – stay present. Let the past stay there. Let the future happen naturally as you move into place.

Much love,

Monday, December 8, 2008

Conversation With Me

The past few days I spend time with individuals who needed my ear. Now that the holidays are upon us - many are experiencing loneliness or their mind goes back to a familiar love which is no longer. One such conversation went as follows. I will try my best to write the words that were stated.

"I felt in love with a woman not too long ago. I’m still in love with her. Our minds became one. Our spirits became one. I knew and understood her body more than any man before or after. Our hearts were pure. We were happy. We were and stayed focus on each other without trying.

If only for one day I could touch, taste, smell, and be in her presence again. The benefit would last. My love for her is absolutely pure, absolutely celibate, absolutely honest

In conclusion of our conversation - my advice to him was to release her from his heart. Due to the mere fact they are not together indicates it was not to be. I advised him if he wanted to find the perfect mate for himself, he would need to completely empty, erase, delete his feelings for her.

I also stated he would need to allow God to come into his heart and bring healing. Before he could move forward with the perfect relationship for him - he would need to be healed of his emotional and spiritual connection or any other with her completely.

He agreed. I know you reading this blog may in some way be able to relate to him. So, the advice to him is also for you!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 12/8/08

The other day I had a friend tell me that he fears that something is bad going to happen to him. I asked the question why? He went onto explain that everything in his life was going great. He had just gotten a big raise and promotion on his job (see you can yet prosper during this time of financial crisis in the world). His home life was great. He and his family were in great health and the list goes on.

I know many just like him – fearing the unknown. As I talked more with this friend, I found he was yet living in his past – where things did happen that were bad, terrible and traumatic when things had seem like they were going good in his life.

So, he as many others are – full of fear and dread, even while things are going great for them. They worry that the worst that could happen – will happen. They begin to believe that it is most likely waiting for them – just around the corner – so to speak. The bad, dread and traumatic things are ready to steal their joy, their peace and money.

In short, come to grips with fear. Then, get rid of it! Let go of the negative energy. Stop punishing yourself. Look at life as being on your side. Trust life. Believe in joy and peace for everyday that you live from now on.

Fear will ruin your life. It will take your joy and peace and your money!

Much love,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/7/08

Today is Sunday - the first day of the week. Many people I run into are not happy. As I listen intensively to them talk about this subject, I find that most people are attached to things and or other people. They expect things or people to bring them happiness.

What I have found to be true in the clearest sense is happiness inside of you. Another note with this is the way you look at happiness will affect your spiritual walk.

Everyone, including myself wants to be happy. However, few and I mean few people find it. Having God be the center of your life will bring happiness – not things or people. The Bible states, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” That is so true. When God is your joy, He is your strength. This happiness is reflected on your face when people see you. When people see you smiling and happy, they too, will begin to feel happy and smile back.

I have found no one can ever give us happiness or unhappiness. But God can and will. Lets’ start this week off with a BANG! Get some happiness and joy in your life. Smile too.

Much love,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/6/08

Ok, the weekend is here. Today is Saturday.

With the entire financial crisis going on in the world, you might want to hold on tightly to your money. You might even say, I going to just hold onto my money – especially now. I’m sure some of you reading this blog have been during this sort of thing for years. You didn’t just start it now.

Well, if you really want to tap into the riches of God today, you have to make up your mind that you will be a blessing to others. No matter what the world’s financial situation is – you will bless others. And, before you do know it, you will be receiving more from God than you could ever dream.

This is what happened to me years ago. I decided to be a giver. I developed a life-style of giving. Today, I literally “live to give.” And, I don’t mind telling YOU! God unloads blessing on me big time and all the time!

God will do the same for you if you will do what I have done. Lay down your time and your money and your love for those who need it. Become a giver – and God will take pleasure in prospering you!

Why not start this weekend?

Much love,

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/5/08

Have you ever notice that certain foods put you in certain moods?

A few times during the month, I generally go out to lunch or dinner with a few of the students that attend Yoga classes I teach. I have been gluten and wheat free going on for several months now. I have been a vegetarian for several years too.

On many occasions I’m asked will Yoga change one’s eating habits. My answer is YES! Absolutely! Look at me – I’m a living witness.

I can’t say when it will happen, but it will. As you continue your Yoga practice, you will begin to look at food different. You will find yourself eating more foods that are what is called “alive.” Such as fresh fruits, vegetables – eating food immediately after it has been harvested – not after freezing or storing.

Yoga has also given me wisdom in avoiding overeating – especially during the holidays.:) Really, what and how you eat, your approach to eating can and will affect your moods, your health, your Yoga practice and even your spiritual relationship or practice.

If you need more info on this – I would love to share my experiences.

Much love,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Yoga Baby!:)

I met Leanne and John a little over a year ago at the 24HF - Valley Ranch location. Leanne already had a Yoga practice before she became pregnant with Sarah. Leanne went through her entire pregnancy with taking Yoga classes (not prenatal classes - but power Yoga classes) 1-2 times per week. Sarah is the I believe number 8 or 9 in regards to members having babies that attend classes I teach within the last year.

Below is an email I received from Leanne and John. I also attached pictures of baby Sarah.

Much love,

Hello Friends & Family,

We are adjusting to our new lives a little more everyday. Our nights having been going pretty well and I am still trying to figure out how to get anything done during the day but we are doing well.

We are looking forward to our first road trip to East Texas for Thanksgiving where Sarah will be meeting her Uncle & Aunt along with cousins and other relatives.

Attached are a few recent pictures – the color one is from today (11/25), and the others are from this past weekend. As you might can tell from the picture her hair is looking a little reddish – that could be courteous of John’s maternal grandmother and great grandmother - time will tell.

We hope that all have a great Thanksgiving Holiday, and safe travels.

Much Love,
Leanne, John & Sarah

Thought For Today - 12/4/08

Fear of poverty is all in your mind – nothing else! But, with this state of mind – is sufficient to destroy any chance you might have of achieving anything.

The fear of poverty will paralyze your ability to reason. It will destroy your ability to imagine. It will kill your independence. It will discourage your ideas. It will destroy any ambition you might every have. These are ONLY a few things fear of poverty can and will do!

But, look at one of the scriptures of the Bible that speaks to fear.

2 Timothy 1:7 (Amplified Bible)
"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control."

Need I say anymore?

Much love,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/3/08

Some of you may know this, but it is worth repeating. The only real secret to getting ahead in the world is putting the Word of God as number one in your life. When you actually understand this - it might just become the greatest revelation you have ever had!

The Word of God (the Bible) is not just a history book. It is a manual for living a successful, healthy and prosperous life. It has answers for EVERY situation that can occur in your life. Over 30 years ago, I decided to read and discover what it was all about.

It would take me years and years to write or even talk about the things - the great things that took place in my life because of spending time in the Word. Spending daily time in the Word is like investing in the stock market, etc. However, this investing in the Word of God is much different than any other investing. You will ALWAYS receive a return - more than what you could ever imagine.

Take today and start investing in your life - put the Word of God first. The investment will soon be paying off in every area of your life.

Much love,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thought For Today - 12/2/08

You are the prophet of your destiny!

If you resent the wealth of another – even to the point of having thoughts of being jealous toward them for their wealth – you are not only hurting yourself – but you are actually depriving yourself of wealth. God has given us the ability to get power and wealth. As you bless and wish others success with their wealth – you will receive.

God governs and guides me. I meditate on whatsoever things are true, honest, just, lovely, and of a good report. I mediate on these things and God’s power and ability is with my thoughts. It is transferred to me! I am at peace. Why? Because I am prosperous (spirit, mind, body), on top (not on the bottom), blessed going out, coming in, rising up and laying down. So are you!

Much love,

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Weekend - November 29 - 30

Hey, I trust everyone had a great, safe and prosperous weekend. I want to share a couple of important things that happen this weekend.

Saturday Afternoon:
I spent a little time with one of 24HF members who attends Yoga classes I teach. She is leaving Texas – moving to LA as Director of Operations for the company she works for – SkinzWraps, Inc.

We had a great lunch at Grand Lux Café at the Galleria in Dallas, TX. The food was amazing! With the little time I spent with Tamara, I found her to be a very loving, caring and compassionate person. Her personality matched with her skills has set her far and above any competition in her current field of work or any organization that she could work for. She has the nature that allows her to adapt to any situation and make it turn out for the best for all parties involved.

Please visit the following websites for additional information regarding Tamara’s company.

Main site
Photo Gallery:

About SkinzWraps: SkinzWraps is the leading vehicle wrap company in the industry offering award winning design, high definition printing, and expert installation.

SkinzWraps pioneered the commercial vehicle wrap over six years ago and continues to push that envelope today. SkinzWraps has the experience and credibility to service your needs.

I wish her the best in all of her endeavors. My prayers are with her and I speak God’s blessing upon everything she touches.

Sunday Afternoon:
I was so honor to attend “The Light in the Piazza” at Theatre Three in Dallas. A student of Yoga who attends classes I teach at 24HF was a member of the cast. I will admit I was very impressed by her (Carrie) performance. She is full of talent and has many, many Theatre Three credits and metroplex appearances under her belt.

The musical was set in the 1950’s and you will just have to see it next time around. Sunday, November 30 was the last showing. But, let me assure you – you will fall in love with this Broadway musical!

I am so blessed to be in position to share and teach the practice of Yoga with so many gifted, talent and unique individuals that attend classes I teach. Each and everyone are special to me and I consider it such a privilege from God if only for a short while they are with me in class.

I thank God for Carrie, her gift of acting, her passion for the theatre and her love of Yoga. I pray and speak God’s blessing over her and her career.

Everyone have a great, prosperous and safe week!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 12/1/08

Today is December 1, 2008.

We are 31 days from 2009. Many of us have had our failures and disappointments in 2008. Some have aches and pains from these and they are haunting our memories. I was even caught up in dwelling on failures and disappointments in 2008 that they became more real to me than the promises of God.

I was so focused on them that I became weighed down in depression. I was frozen in my tracks by the fear if I let go – I would only fail again. Can you relate to this?

Well, God spoke to me. He stated I was focusing on thoughts from my past instead of the future. Unbelief looks at the past and says it cannot be done. Faith looks at the future and says it can be done and according to the promises of God!

So, as we start the last month of 2008, forget about your failures in 2008 and the past. God has already done that. He doesn’t remember them any more. Why should you?

God’s mercies are new daily. God told me to wake up every morning to a brand new world. He told me I could live life totally unrestricted by my past.

To you – replace thoughts of yesterday’s mistakes with God’s promises about your future. Let hope take the place of depression. As you do – the aches and pains that crippled you for so long will quickly leave.

Much love,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/30/08

Today is Sunday – the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Many have become stimulated to shop while others are distracted from everything but shopping. For this time of the year – especially now due to all of the challenging many are facing – take your time to stay focus.

Don’t allow the flashing images of the holiday shopping get to you. Now is the time to really become steady, focused and unfazed. You can either turn off the distraction, do battle with it or simply chose to go within and stay in your breath, staying steady and focused in your practice of Yoga (not talking about the asanas).

The holiday season and every season are really about the greatest lesson ever learned – that it is only love that really matters. The greatest gift you can give someone during this season and every season is the gift of love!

Much love,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thougth For Today - 11/29/08

Back in the 90’s I spent some time as a Suicide/Crisis phone counselor. The holidays were the center’s busiest time of the year. Many people were left alone. Many didn’t have friends or family to be with.

Start this weekend with opening up your heart. Begin to listen. If a person comes to mind – take the time to call them – see how they are doing – or send them positive energy their way.

Let them know you are here waiting to help them – to help nurture their spirit. Let me know that there is a world out there – wanting to teach them things about love, show them things about love, help them come more alive than they have ever been before.

Help them open their eyes open their senses, open their heart. Help them walk out the door, look around. Show them. Be their guide. Lead them where they need to be led.

You, reading this blog – listen, look, feel and become connected to those that are in need. You will bring healing to them!

Much love,

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/28/08

The next day after Thanksgiving is said to be the "biggest shopping day of the year!"

How about doing this before you go shopping? Ask God for wisdom, direction and understanding on what to do regarding your shopping this year. His answers can be given directly to you, or will bring you into Divine connections with individuals that can help you in the areas you lack wisdom and understanding.

God will always lead His children in the right direction and will never leave His children with their needs not being supplied or their desires not met. God will never lead His children into poverty.

Managing wisely what God has provided you and your family will make all the difference in your financial happiness and success!

Much love,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day (Thought For Today - 11/27/08)

Today is Thanksgiving Day.

Today is a day that we celebrate in the United States – a national observance to thank God for all that He has done for us. Today is a day that we will spend time with family and friends. Some will shout, dance and rejoice as they are in the presence of their love ones. We all should do the same as giving thanks and praise to God – for Him blessing us to see another Thanksgiving.

If you really want to have something to shout about, in the New Testament, Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

As we spend this day with family and friends – why not spend time praising and thanking Jesus for the abundant life He has provided for us? This is what and where true deliverance and freedom is.

Have a Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving Day!

Much love,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/26/08

Your Yoga practice will and can only grow stronger as you practice meditation. Several of the students that attend the 7pm Friday night class I teach thanked me for allowing them to stay in Savasana longer. I see this as the only time most students actually do meditation. I tell them to find one happy thought and focus on that for the remainder of the class. With all the changes going on in the world, one minute people are happy and the next they are filled with fear – Savasana will help calm your brain.

You can rest in the mist of storms – in the mist of change, in the mist of fear – this is the lesson we must learn. I have mentioned this in the last few previous blogs – take as much Yoga as you can during this week and holiday season.

Ask your Yoga instructor if the Savasana can be a little longer. Or you can do as I do when I take a Yoga class. I generally go into Savasana a few minutes before the rest of the classes. I don’t disrespect the teacher or students. I just know I need as much Savasana and meditation as possible. It is what keeps me in faith – high spirits – happy and knowing that “all is well” and “all is good.”

Much love,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/26 - Lunch With Natalie, 24HF (SL) Yoga Class & Me

Please join me and other 24HF members of the Southlake club this Wednesday (11/26) 12 noon at the Café Express in Southlake Town Center. We are doing a pre-baby shower for one of our members who is having her third child in January 2009.

I first met Natalie when she was pregnant with her second child. Now with her third child – her Yoga practice is amazing. She attends classes 2-3 times per week and yet does all of the poses in class. I felt it would be nice and great for us to just celebrate “her” this Wednesday. I will also put together a baby shower in December when we can shower her with gifts, etc. Look for coming details!

Also, bring your babies and kids to the outing. I can hold at least two babies at a time sitting down or standing up. (smile)

Much love,

My Monday (11/24)

I must write about my Monday (11/24). It was great day! I had lunch with a good friend who is also a student of Yoga. We shared things regarding life, including our desires to let people know about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for lunch! (I’m not mentioning the name).

Later on, I received an email from another student of Yoga. Her email just made my day. She commented how she feels and sees the presence of God whenever she is around me. With the day I was having before lunch with the other student – I needed to hear that! It is my desire to let LOVE be KING in my life. And, you can replace the word “LOVE” with “GOD.” Thank you for the email(s). (I’m not mentioning the name.)

Monday night at the 8:15pm class I teach for 24HF – Royal Lane/Central location, I spent around 30 minutes after class talking to two of my favorite Yoga students. We have for the past several classes stayed afterward and practice poses such as scorpion, flying crow, handstand, and forearm handstand. Tonight, they learned side crow and one-legged crow. Afterward, we begin to talk about life and spiritual things. I connected with theses two members long before we met physically. Yes, you heard me right. But, I will not go into this subject in this blog. Nevertheless, we all left with a sense of peace, destiny, and purpose. Thank You both for allowing me to share and you receive. (I’m not mentioning the names).

And after I got home, I received an email from another student of Yoga. She sent me a Thanksgiving ecard. As I watched the card - tears being to form. Thank You for sending this card! (I'm not mentioning the name - but she is a financial advisor if you need one):)

OK, all of the above to say this. After writing the “thought for today for Monday.” My mind was attacked with sadness, judgment, and fear. The grip was tight. I didn't know how in the world I was going to be able to function for today.

For a brief moment, my mind was able to think of how bless I was. How truth always prevails. How God loves me so much. I then begin to feel an overwhelming sense of peace. It was such a vivid force that I was able to move forward and meet the 1pm lunch appointment.

Yes, today was a great day! My soul was touched. I touched someone’s soul.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 11/25/08

Well, we have only a few days before Thanksgiving is here. This is the start of winter holidays. This season can bring lots of focus on your deepest emotions and spiritual feelings.

As you get ready to move full force into this holiday season, make sure you check out your inner self. Don’t’ shop for gift, etc., as a holiday or social obligation. Create some space around the pressures that holidays can bring. Take as many Yoga classes as you can! If you can’t get to a class – take 15 minutes each day to practice at home.

Be generous with yourself and others – but especially yourself.

Much love,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/24/08

This week as we approach Thanksgiving – it will be a great opportunity to give and show loving kindness to our families, friends and whoever we come in contact with. Let the loving kindness be unconditional, well wishing with an openhearted nurturing to others – just as they are.

Start today off by telling someone you “love them.” You will find many, many people need to experience and hear some positive words or phrases – especially from you. They want to experience a feeling of well-being and harmony in their lives. They want peaceful sleep. The want peaceful dreams. They want to wakeup to a peaceful morning. You can be the one to help them move into this experience – just by saying “I love you.”

Try it and let me know how it went.

Much love,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/23/08

Today's thought is short but if you meditate on it - you will find so much, much in it!

The quote is from my pastor. She is the co-pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, TX.

"But there are places to develop in the love of God that lead to a place where faith is more highly and accurately delivered and activated and used."
---Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons

Much love,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/22/08

The weekend is here. Thank God!

This week was somewhat challenging for me spiritually. There were lots of things going on in the spirit world. Some things were uncertain while other things were unknown if there is a difference.

I felt like I really need a Yoga class for most of the week. As the week rolled on, I spent time or should I say quiet time listening. I found myself resting in the uncertain and unknown. I looked at the circumstances and simply begin to live moment-to-moment. Only then did I feel my spirit man begin to be renewed.

As I spent time in meditation (quiet time) this week – I saw my life unfold in a manner that was not measured in clock time, but in the eternal NOW. I actually surrender what I was hoping for to happen and just concentrated on the present.

I believe I did more head and hand stands this week than ever before. I find them a sort of meditation. As you come into your weekend – learn how to just live in the moment – the present – the now. Don’t resist, but relax and let go on any expectation.

Also, find a great Yoga class to take this weekend.

Much love,

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/21/08

When you are walking in love - you will see God in everything you come in contact with. The Bible has a scripture which states - having a clean, pure heart will allow you to see God. This does not mean that if you are not walking in love, have a clean or pure heart that you can not see God. You will see God, but not the true God. Your vision of God will appear in an impure form. You will not be able to see God in His true and pure nature. You will see Him in the wrong form or nature.

In my simple words - if your heart is not pure - your view or vision of God will be dark, and in demonic like nature. If your heart is not pure, full of love towards others, then by default, your God is what the Bible describes as the fallen angel - Satan.

Much love,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/20/08

There is no situation that you have today or tomorrow that can’t be fixed if you have an increase of God in your life!

God has a plan for you. It is a good plan. The path that God calls you to leads you to the plan He has for this situation and that situation. You got to be in the right place in order to get the plan. God’s plan is so BIG – He gives it to you in small pieces. Ever piece He gives you is also so BIG.

God wants to bless you with His Master Plan. God’s Master Plan for your life requires you to be stretched! God will stretch you to the next level. The more you are stretch – the more you will do. And the more people you interact with will be blessed.

As you are being stretched – you can’t give up. You must have patience – you must believe! If you only take two (2) words from reading this blog with you today – let it be – “DON'T QUIT!”

Now, after everything is said and done – you have to believe God has a master plan for you. But, how do you believe God? By using your faith! You have to start right where you are. Spend time in prayer, listen to your spirit and dare to take the next step! You are born of God and God has a perfect plan for your life. You have walked by faith, stayed the course during the good time and the bad time.

All that God really wants is a yield vessel – a heart – an obedience heart where He can put His wisdom to work. You are committed to God and can commit to His Master Plan.

Now, just because God has a master plan for your life – you can ignore it and go about our own business. Then, you might not know the will of God for your life. But you can read the Bible and find out!

God is just looking for someone to work with. A person that will do whatever God says. Your desires will follow your intentions. The more you know about God – the more your desires will come to know the more about God. Whatever God has called you to – He has already prepared the way.

It may not be easy, but it will be bigger than anything you are doing now! Everything you are called to do by God – His Master Plan For Your Life is impossible to the natural man. But God will supernaturally get you through it! Put your trust in God – you will receive the wisdom from Him regarding your situation and His Master Plan for your life.

Much love,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/19/08

Another Yoga student that attends classes I teach at the 24HF Carrollton club had her baby last week. The baby was due on November 18. Tracy (the mother) was even in class on Saturday, November 8 – yet practing her Yoga for the full hot hour-long class. (smile) Tracy believed that the baby would come before November 18. The baby did. The baby came on Wednesday, November 12.

Just as Tracy believed the baby would come before November 18, many of us believe for things we desire to come to pass. The things we believe for may come instantly, the following week or even years later (I hope not that long).

Back to Tracy. As I watched her practice Yoga during class, she was always so calm. She was never anxious about any pose she performed. But, I was. (smile) In watching Tracy in her state of calmness, I remembered patience implies calmness. Calmness is the opposite of anxiety. When we are anxious about a situation, we can become so concerned about it that our minds are constantly working, trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.

My advise to you and to myself – don’t be anxious about anything!

Much love,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/18/08

The other day I talked to a student after class was over. One of the things she shared with me was her believing God for a situation that was going on in her home. In response to our conversation, I asked her to now “Thank God” for taking care of the situation she prayed over and for. I also suggested she confess God’s Word over the situation daily and several time throughout the day or whenever it comes to her mind.

Many of you reading the blog for today are probably experiencing some type of situation that requires you trusting and believing God to help. I too, believe God for several things regarding my life.

We must wait patiently in faith even when we don’t see, hear, or feel anything that indicates we have the answer to our prayers. Yes, it’s challenging on our emotions to have patience when we don’t have tangible proof of what we believe God for.

But, if we want to receive the promise, we must consistently speak God’s Word and patiently hold fast to our confession of faith. (I am so talking to myself in this blog.) If we want to become spiritually mature and receive the full benefits of God’s blessings, patience is not an option. Patience is something we must develop in our life!

No matter how long it take for our answer to come, we must see ourselves possessing the promises of God before they are manifested in the natural. (More examples - another student believes for a certain MBA position, another one believing for new fitness clients for her personal training business, I believe for a significant other).

When it does not look like anything is happening, we must not become impatient and try to make it happen ourselves. Instead, we must wait patiently. We must stand fast on our confession of faith and believe what God said in His Word. Then, we watch Him execute His promises on our behalf!

Much love,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/17/08

Your New Week Is Here!

Before you start your new week let me suggest you take a few minutes to think about how your week/weekend was. Did you give service to anyone? Did you give something as simple as a smile? Did you have a great attitude? Did anyone benefit from anything you did? Did you make a positive difference in someone’s life? Were you ever self-centered? Did you judge someone harsh?

As you start your new week, find someone you can give a gift to, such as the gift of love and joy. Be nice, kind, gentle and nurturing this week to someone. Give comforting and encouraging words. Send someone a card. Tell someone how much you appreciate him or her. Tell someone they are wonderful! Tell someone they are perfect! You may even be prompted to pray for someone this week – do it! Don’t wait until Christmas or for a birthday to come to give a gift. Give it now. Give it often. Give if freely. Give it through out the entire year!

Much love,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/16/08

This Sunday and this coming week - share the love of God - the love of Jesus with people. People need God in their lives. If you don't think so, you have not been looking around. This world is having challenging times and it's not getting better.

We, as lovers of God should be stepping up our efforts to reach those individuals who don't know God. You know what? It's going to take many of us working together to get this done.

The world has seen Jesus as a religious figure. We need to show Him as a Savior and a person who is approachable. I share every chance I get what God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit has done for me.

People need a God that is not far away - one they can talk to. This is the kind of God I serve. I know Jesus by name and He knows me by name. Jesus wants to have the type of relationship which is easy flowing with everyone.

You want to know why I love so much? Well, it's because He loved me first and now I love. I see many confused, lost individuals daily who are without any type of direction. They are out in the world wandering, trying to live on their own and make their own way.

My job and responsibility is not to condemn them, but to show them love and how to get connected to God and find a lasting relationship with God's Son - Jesus. People really need Him for sure in their lives now. I know I do!

Much love,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/15/08

There are several women who are expecting that are so faithful to the Yoga classes I teach. I have seen them practice Yoga from the very start of their pregnancy to only 1-2 days before the baby is due. I actually had one student who had begun dilating come to class. Yes, she did have the baby the next day. (smile)

I often tell these mothers the practice of Yoga and Yogic breathing can smooth the progress of a comfortable pregnancy and help them prepare for an easier and quick labor.

I have seen from personal experience the pregnant students attending classes babies are calm and generally will not cry or become shy when around strangers. I call them “Yoga babies.”

I had lunch the other day with a Yoga student who had just recently had her second child. The first was a boy and this one was a girl. Kara is her name and she is adorable! So, we’re there having lunch. I’m talking and Kara looks at me every time I speak. Her mother Stacey says hey, how about holding Kara. I said sure. She came right into my arms and begins to smile (I could have held her all day).

Stacey went onto say Kara is a mama’s girl and generally cries when in someone else’s arm if she (Stacey) is around. As I began to talk to Kara – she is smiling. Stacey then says Kara knows my voice. Stacey practiced Yoga 1-3 times per week when she was expecting and was still doing head stands way into her third trimester.

As Stacey made the statement about Kara knowing my voice – I then remember others “Yoga babies” reacted the same as they heard my voice when their mothers would bring them to or near me.

Writing all of the above to say this – our bodies go through many changes such as pregnancy, shifts from emotional changes or stress. With all the changes, there is a practice of Yoga suitable for each change. As you go about your weekend – listen to your body like you have never before. It is changing. Take notice.

Much love,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/14/08

The other day I had lunch with one of the Yoga students that attend classes I teach. She is an aspiring Yoga teacher in the making. She has been called to reach, minister to, and show individuals a better way of living – spiritually, mentally and physically. I’m going to be there for her and push her to be the best she can be in whatever she is called to do and be.

One of the things I shared with her is as she moves forward in her calling there will be resistance. There will be a battle – not physical but spiritual. The battle will be both internal and external. She has no choice but to move past the fight in order to walk out her calling – her destiny.

I advised her that she must not quit and become defeated. I stated the universe has her back. Well, actually God has her back. I told her to begin to use her faith on purpose and use only words that will bring positive results.

You too can use the same advice I gave her. I’m here for you too!

Much love,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/13/08

Change is here and it happens more often than you think!

Daylight savings time has come about again. We moved back one hour. With this occurrence, it now gets dark around 5:30pm. Many chose to stay inside their homes and not explore the outside much due to the time change. Yet, this is a beautiful time of the year. The weather is cooler and the holidays are upon us.

With seasons changing – this also means our lives and bodies are changing. Even the Yoga classes I teach are changing. I’m finding out I don’t always have to teach the same thing or even be the same teacher for each class. Some classes we laugh and play while other classes I push the students to the limit. I’m teaching more basic poses, getting the students to return to more settled sequences – those that keep their bodies warm through out the entire class.

However you experience the season of fall, don’t fight the lessons it brings into your life over the next few months. Experiment. Play. Let the beauty of the season find expression in your life.

Much love,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/12/08

Be Happy!

I come in contact with so many people that don’t think Yoga works. They don’t think that believing in God works. They only have a negative outlook on life. Doubt follows them around daily.

I tell them that not only does Yoga works – God works too! My experience with both is positive and uplifting. I have had direct experience with them. Yoga is designed to lead you to into oneness - with me oneness with God. Some times it’s challenging to remind individuals that the true purpose of our Yoga practice is connection to ourselves, connection to one another, connection to God – not separation.

Today - use your imaginations to create positive pictures of and for your life. Make a list of things that will make you happy. If you don't know or run out of things to put on your list - ask God to help and show you. Maybe, even during a Yoga class you will come up with items to put on your list.

Get a clear picture of you doing all the things you like to do. Take the time to see yourself being happy. Let doubt find its way elsewhere. However I can help let me know. We are all in this together.

Much love,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From A Yoga Student

I received this from a Yoga student today. I thought it would be great to share as she did with me.

Enjoy . . .

"If you're trying to achieve something, there will be obstacles...But these don't have to stop you from your goal.If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up...Just figure out how to climb it, go through it, or get around it!"

Much love,

Thought For Today - 11/11/08

Do you know what it is like facing a situation so huge it seems irresponsible not to worry about it? There may not be a thing you can do about it, but you feel like you need to at least be concerned. Somebody needs to! Besides, you don’t see anyone else jumping up and down to help.

I know it will be challenging. Don’t give into those thoughts. But, get into the Word. Find every scripture possible regarding your situation that guaranteed your situation would be taken of. Then, give the situation to God. Let Him deal with it. Then, don’t’ touch that situation again with your thought life again.

After all, God really does care for you and me!

Much love,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Roller Derby League - Assassination City

Hey, I wanted to share this information with you. I have conducted two Yoga sessions with this roller derby league called Assassination City. Once a month we get together and practice Yoga. They are such a great group of people. Their hearts are so open to receiving. They have allowed me to come into their mist and share the practice of Yoga with them.

I am so blessed to part of so many individuals lives. Destiny isn't some distant place, or one moment in our lives. Destiny is now. We should always cherish the present. I cherish where I am now. Thank you Assassination City for allowing me to spend this time with you.

Check out their website:

Much love,

Thought For Today - 11/10/08

Have you ever woke up feeling numb? Woke up tired spiritually, mentally and physically. You somehow managed to move around, get ready to go about with your day in spite of how you were feeling. As you move through out your day - a feeling or emotion comes over you. A feeling being somewhat angry. Not anger with God, people or situations, but just angry – with you! Really, can those of you reading this blog relate to what I’m saying?

We all need healing in many areas of our life. Surprise! Yes, the "we" word does include me - needing healing. We searched for a map in hope of finding directions for the healing that is needed. But, no map is found yet.

There have been times in our lives where people would show or point us in the way we should go. We were clear on our next step. But now it is as if we have reached a point in our life where there is no map, no itinerary, no set agenda or person to help us find our way. It is because we are to trust God totally.

Many of us, including myself have come to a place in our life in that the next step we take is one of the most important steps we will take. We must live from information given by God. This lesson is very challenging. There are days when too much noise is around us. We can't hear God’s directions. Yet, we know He (God) is where our healing lies.

During this time - strive for this to be a time of joy, a time of really trusting God on what He has done for you in the past and present. I know trusting God is the best place to be. We must press forward in patience and believe that we don’t need to try to make the healing come. We will just let it happen. We will let God show what is next for our life. He will lead us. He will tell us when things are now right.

Special Note:
If any reading this blog know of a place locally that I can get away for a weekend to get renewed (spirit, mind, body), etc. – please email me at

Much love,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/9/08

Happy Sunday!

If you are not living and walking in faith – you are living and walking in a survivor mode. Therefore, darkness has attacked your family, your finances, your health and the list goes on and on.

Darkness attacks your senses and makes you feel or think your faith is not working. This is the time that your faith is working at it's best and your deliverance is so close!

What you got to do is to hold onto your faith. You are not fighting darkness – you are fighting to hold onto to your faith. The Bible tells us to “fight the good fight of faith.” (Read I Timothy 6:12)

Where is your faith? We are going to the other side. God didn’t say He would prosper us if the economy were good. He said we are going to the other side no matter is the economy is good or bad.

It is time to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. (Read Psalms 112) We are to live from blessings to blessings to blessings. Faith will always get the job done. You can take this to the bank!

Faith accesses another realm. How do you get to the other realm? Spend time in meditating the Word of God. There in, will your way become prosperous and you will have good success. (Read Joshua 1:8)

Much love,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/8/08

The weekend is here.

Some may find themselves feeling trapped or stuck this weekend. You are probably feeling this way because you have folded into yourself. Well, don’t resist – but take deep inhales and slowly exhales – exploring what’s making you fold into yourself.

There are times and especially during weekends we find ourselves in such an inwardly focused position, which in reality is FEAR. Yes, there is that word again – FEAR. Many are so afraid of themselves.

There are so many frantic distractions facing the world today. We can get caught up in them and begin to feel trapped. This weekend – take a Yoga class. Allow Yoga to help you face the inner things going on with you. Yes, let Yoga help you bring fear to the forefront. Only then will you be able or in position to relax and find the truths that will overcome the fear. One of the main truths is – God is so in love with you!

Much love,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/7/08

When I started Yoga at the age of 46 years old, it allowed me to connect with my body natural and spiritual strength in a way that I had not been able to in the past.

Yoga has brought out in me what is beautiful and inspirational. As I have mentioned in blogs before, Yoga connected me closer to my love walk with God. Yoga has also help bring to surface what I was fearful of and what I had been avoiding.

For example, I use to be afraid to do a head or handstand. When the instructor would say – go to the wall – today we are working on head and hand stands. I would just shut down on the inside – fear would kick in and stay there.

But, as I continued my Yoga practice, one day taking a class, my instructor said “wall work,” I looked at fear and said within myself “bring it on.” I then was able to do the wall work poses. Now, this didn't happen over night. It was a process. It doesn't matter how long the process takes. Just keep moving forward. And, before you know it - you will say the same words as you look fear in the eyes saying "bring it on."

As you go about this day and week and rest of the year, don’t allow fear to say unkind words to you. Don’t allow fear to bring unkind thoughts into your mind. Think about this. Would God say those unkind words or bring those unkind thoughts to you? NO! They are from darkness and it has no place in your life!

Much love,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeffrey Paul!

Today is my oldest son – Jeffrey Paul 28th birthday. I don’t have a picture I can show you. However, he is a fine looking young man. He is married and has an almost one-year-old son.

Jeffrey and David (youngest son) are both receivers of God’s promises. I boldly proclaim that God has prepared a bright and glorious future for them and their families. They will live in God’s abundance in every area of their lives. God’s blessings will overtake them. God will direct their steps. God’s favor will be upon them, and they will succeed at the assignment God has for their lives. They are quick to take a stand for what is right and against what is wrong. They are both man of peace and kindness, with a heart of compassion for others. Both sons will be a living testimony of God’s love, power and grace. They will live a strong, victorious, and God-centered life. Amen!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey Paul!

I love you!

Thought For Today - 11/6/08

When I did my teacher training with Baron Baptiste, we would do a silent walking meditation each day of the training. It was at this time in my life, I learned to relax, connect with my body and spirit in a way I had never before. I became present, full and complete than ever before. Since then, my life has become a walking deliberate meditation.

If you want a revelation of what you are to do – you need to spend time in meditation.

If you are tired and discouraged of not seeing results in your life you had hoped for - you need to spend time in meditation. When you feel it’s time to give up - you need to spend time in meditation.

Meditation will help you leave your daily routine. It will help you slow down. It will help you relieve stress, tension and fear. Meditation will bring peace, rest and love. It will renew you and refresh your life.

Take the time to meditate!

Much love,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/5/08

If we don't know who God is, it doesn't matter how much information and knowledge we have of Him. We can have head full of Biblical knowledge. We can read the Holy scriptures and know the Bible from front to back. We can study about the love of God until we have memorized every scripture it takes about it in the Bible. We can know all of the steps and path to living for God. But, we will not have the thrust to put the above things into action unless we spend time and fellowship with God and then continue to maintain a living relationship with Him.

At the end of the matter, it is not what we know that counts, but what we actually do with the information we have obtained. Without fundamental, continual communion with God, we will not be spiritually strong enough to know what we are to do in all circumstances.

The key to maintaining a living relationship and fellowship with God is staying connected to Him daily. It must be the number one and main concern of your life.

Much love,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/04/08

Today is November 4, 2008. We are electing our next President and Vice-Present of the United States today. What a privilege and honor for us to be able to participate in such an event as this.

Obey God and vote as He directs you. If the individuals you voted for don't happen to win - don't fear or fret. God looks at your obedience in voting as He directed you as a seed sowed. God will take care of you - you will lack for nothing. God has a plan for you and me. And, it is a very, very good plan.

The Holy Scriptures tells me in Psalms 75:6-7 "No one from the east or the west or from the desert can exalt a man. But it is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another." (NIV)

Let us keep our love walk. Love God. Love people as God has loved us and continues to love us. LOVE NEVER FAILS - nor does the plan God has for us.

Much love,

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend - 10/31/08

My weekend was quiet and challenging mentally/spiritually. For the past several months – I have been challenged mentally and spiritually with situations and circumstances involving my life.

Some of you reading this blog may have or are currently experiencing challenges in your life. Some of you may have hit rock bottom while others are near. Regarding myself, I can only say “I’m on my way up.”

I know that God has a plan for me. But, I must have faith that God does have a plan for me. I have been under so much pressure and spiritual attacks for the past several months, I had begun to grow stiff spiritually and got anxious. But, through faith, I had to regain my confidence that God was, is and will always be in control.

I had to and will continue to believe the following: (1) God has a perfect plan for my life. (2) I will receive God’s plan for my life by faith – not wavering – sight unseen. (3) I know God’s plan will first come out of the spiritual realm and manifest itself in the nature. (4) I do have the ability to hear God’s perfect plan for my life. (5) I will be obedient to God’s perfect plan for my life. Whatever He tells me to do – that I will do!

I have asked God for forgiveness for sins of omission and commission regarding me. I know God heard my prayer and I receive His forgiveness and that He will give back (restore) my first love with Him.

I pray the same for you and that He would give us our nation back!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 11/3/08

God lives in me and you. We just have to get it clear with our spirit that He lives in us. When I meet people, I want them to experience a pure, sweet, living presence of God living in my life. When people look into my eyes, I want them to see God. I want them to see His love.

People are looking for God. Can they see God in your eyes? People are really not interested in a form, a figure, or a name of God. They only want to see God.

Is God in your life? Is God in Joseph? Is God speaking through Joseph? Is God speaking through you? Is God moving in the life of Joseph? Is God moving in your life? Are we seeing God? Are they seeing God?

Something to think about.

Much love,

New Yoga Class - Frisco - Thursday @4:30pm

Hey, starting Thursday, November 6, I will be teaching a weekly 4:30pm class at 24 Hour Fitness. Below is the address.

24HF Frisco, TX
3865 Preston Road
Frisco, TX 75034
(214) 618-5524

If you are in the neighborhood, please drop by and take the class.

Much love,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/2/08

Today is Sunday. Don't settle for small things in life. They will come and tempt you. They will try to get you off your path. You must say "NO." A word that many people don't use hardy anymore. Tell those small things that come to tempt you that your purpose in life is something different. You are moving forward. You don't have time for the sideshows or whatever they may have to offer!

As you move forward on your path and your journey, things and people will for sure tempt you or at least try. Again, say "NO" to these distraction - small things. Your path and journey is taking you to another level - something that is eternal and that will last forever and ever and ever. God's way is your way!

Therefore, my dear love ones, stay in love, stay in faith and do whatever God tells you to do rather than listening to the voices of the small things.

Much love,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thought For Today - 11/01/08

The weekend is here and the start of a new month. We are almost to the end of 2008. So many students in the Yoga class I teach are such multi-taskers. They are what I consider “movers and shakers.” They are constantly doing more than one thing at a time. I have caught several during Yoga class – receiving and sending text on their cell phone. Yes, you heard me correct.

What these students have unsuccessful realize is on some level dealing with challenging demands of society today will cause stress and even illness. They don’t think they can do less in a society that always wants more.

Yoga will allow or caused us to slow down. It is impossible to practice a challenging pose (i.e. – Tree Pose) without learning to focus and letting go of the thoughts that attack our mind during times of stress. As we focus in class, this is the first step of becoming present.

So, lets take this week and the first day of November 2008 to slow down, stop the multi-tasking and start to only doing one thing at a time.

Much love,

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thougth For Today - 10/31/08

We all have experience this in Yoga class - working that pose that challenges us, makes us look on the inside, and teaches us about ourselves. On many days it might be inaccessible, something we only imagine doing, such as a full split. But once and a while, for a glorious moment, we try it and actually succeed.

This happen to me the other day I was doing a full split and was actually able to bring my forearms to the floor while in the split. That was the moment that taught me a great lesson during that class. I went into the pose, realized I was actually doing it, and then realized the fear was not there, but total excitement.
As you allow your body to move to the next level in your Yoga practice, take this next level into your daily life. See yourself going beyond your usual comfort level.

Don't be terrified or fearful. This is your opportunity for growth and freedom!

Much love,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/30/08

We are living in challenging and dangerous times. There is only one way we can make it. We must have the power of God living in our lives. Patience is one of the powers - it cannot be stopped. No matter what the circumstances, it will not quit. Temperance is another power in that it can master all unruly desires of your flesh (no matter what they are). The greatest of these powers to me is Love. LOVE NEVER FAILS!

If you don't have these powers in your life. Then, do what you need to get them operating there. Let God and His precious Son Jesus be Lord of your life. With God in your life, darkness can not hurt, harm or cause any danger to you. The power of God will just flow through you and correct any problems that come your way.

God will keep you steadfast when all the people around you are falling down. God will keep you on your feet when governments fail and when the storms of life come knocking at your door.

Guys, this is where my source is - in God and His Son Jesus. I have lived this for many, many years. It works. God has never fail me. If you have not experienced the above, will you today? If you do, you will never fail!

Much love,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/29/08

My spiritual life is based on the Bible – the Word of God. The Bible is my foundation for life. Without which I’m unable to build anything that will last.

My practice of Yoga has increased my awareness of just how much my spiritual life is based in the teaching of Jesus. Yoga has not taken away or disturbed my spiritual roots in Christianity, but it has given me deeper insight of what God is all about. God is LOVE!

Love has no selfish desires. Love is always at ease. Love is never restless and never disappointed. Love is always craving to serving others. Love wants to remove suffering from people. These are just a few things Love does.

Ok, if you don’t believe me – try this. Find someone to make happy. When you make them happy, you will see happiness in their face. Then, check yourself out – you will feel happy too!

Experience the joy of just giving something for the sake of giving. Afterward, you will wait passionately for the opportunity to get that joy over and over again.

This is what Love (God) is all about! And, starting my personal practice of Yoga which I now do 24/7 has brought out more of God (Love) in me. Nothing else really matters. Everything else will pass away. But, Love (God) will eternally be here.

Much love,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/28/08

If you are having vague thoughts and wishes about what you want to do with your life will give you no happiness or success. Few people really know what they really want of life.

However, those who do know exactly what they want, and want it badly enough, always get it. Why? Because they made a decision. Decision has the power - the ability to open the way to opportunity. It draws strong people into your life. These individuals are ones who help and breeds success in whatever it touches. You will find intelligent individuals who not only understand what you are trying to do but will help you do it. These individuals make good instead of making excuses.

You will also discover that these individuals have an attitude of prayer. They also have faith in themselves. They pray 24/7. They pray while their work - making their work a prayer.

Something to think about? I would say so!

Much love,

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Personal Stuff About Me

There are days when I’m tired, weary, and perplexed. The atmosphere, the people, the experiences just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I ask questions within myself – what in the world am I doing here? I even ask God – OK what is my next assignment?

Yet, deep inside the truth whispers to me – Joseph – you are not finished with your assignments here on earth yet. Truth goes on to say - there is more for me to do and it is so worthwhile!

I don’t apologize for my feeling. I believe it is part of my journey. The feelings I feel can mean I have reach a turning point in my life – a new journey is about to begin.

Truth goes on to tell me to be present to the moment. Don’t look at the past nor try to figure out the future. I have worked through so much. I have come so far. I can’t stop now.

Truth tells me to press through. These are more growing pains, more healing for me, more refinement of myself and allowing God to come forth fully in my life. Truth tells me the past has prepared me for NOW.

In conclusion, truth says I’m about to walk through a new door. My heart is now open. I can see clearly. I know more about the wonders of love. It’s reward time for me. I must keep moving forward – trusting Him for direction.

Now, you know a little more about me.

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/27/08

This is a new week and a new day.

If we murmur and complain about our circumstances, we are already defeated because the murmuring and complaining means we are not living in faith. We have moved over to the negative side of life.

We don't thank God for what darkness has done. But in the midst of darkness, we can give thanks and praise to God because we know He will deliver us out of every test and trial that comes our way.

If we give thanks to God and count our blessings from Him, we move back to the positive side of life. Only then can God move on our behalf.

Much love,

Weekend of 10/25/08

In summary my weekend was good.

Saturday, I took a Yoga class at Yoga Island in Flower Mound and taught two Yoga class at 24HF – Carrollton (Trinity/Marsh) and Southlake. Afterward, spend over two hours giving a private session to eight Yoga students. One of the students won a raffle for the private session. I donated a free two-hour session for a charity fundraiser they had several weeks ago.

Sunday, I attended church in Arlington, spent a few hours with friends and family, then back home to Carrollton. Got ready for another week.

Here is my prayer for you this week . . .

"Father, I pray over the individuals you have brought into my life – those that I’m responsible for and to. I pray they will have a prosperous week. I thank You that You liberally supply and fill to the fullest measure every need they have this week.

I pray You will make all grace, every favor and earthly blessing, come to them in abundance so that they are always, under all circumstances and whatever the need, totally self-sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support.

Father, I thank You that Your angels are free to minister for them and bring in the necessary finances so that they can continue provide for their families and Your work.

I pray they have no lack and they want for nothing. Abundance is theirs. Success is theirs. Your blessings are theirs. I thank You for doing this for me. Amen

Much love,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/26/08

Good Sunday To You!

I don't know anyone who is dong everything right, including me! I'm always finding ways that I can do things better and in more love. We can always do more right things. We can always do the right things we are doing now - but better.

So, today, this Sunday, let me encourage you to get rid of things that may be stopping you from moving forward and living a prosperous (spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially) life.

I would love for all of us, including myself to walk more in success and love. This really means living a life according to what God says and not according to what the world says. The world system is crazy and mixed-up big time and will continue to fail. However, you and I don't have to be part of this.

God has something good and better in mind for us. He has days of heaven on earth planned for us. His will is for us to prosper (spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially) and be blessed.

You will continue to think and behave like the world until you change your way of thinking to agree with God. Change your mind and you will change your life. There is not a better day to start than today!

Much love,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/25/08

The weekend is here.

So many that you may know are dealing with lots of fear due to things happening in the world. Take this weekend to observe and to act, rather than react to situations. Let peace and compassion come forth from you to them. Let this be a weekend of meditation where you will send love and compassion to those who are suffering.

In your meditation – see their situation changing. See joy and faith coming into their lives. See them being connected to God. See them loving themselves. As you meditate on them – the same will happen to you.

Much love,

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/24/08

I’m learning to trust myself more and more in doing what is right for me. I know this might sound selfish. But, there have been so many times I have been in situations that I tried but could not adapt to. No matter how hard I tried and wanted the situation to work – at the end it did not feel right. Can you relate?

More times than few in the past I would say something is wrong with me if I don’t like this or this is not working. I would say OK, I would try a different route, a different approach – thinking it would work.

These were times I begin to feel confused, weak, scattered and uncertain. My passion began to fade, my emotions disappeared. I was always sleepy, trying to run away, moving into depression. I would even become physically ill.

I had to come to the point in my life – I need to take care of Joseph. I need to love Joseph. If we love ourselves, we won’t be down on ourselves for long. If a place, person or situation does not work, that is okay? Something I say in Yoga class daily. I had to apply that phrase to my life.

My message to you this day is to trust yourself to know what is right for you. If it does not feel right – don’t forsake yourself. Leave the situation. Try something else until it does feel right for you!

Much Love,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Connection To God

I think when some read the blogs I write - they just don't know what to think about me regarding my relationship with God. I even had one Yoga student tell me she only reads the blogs of the headings that don't have anything to do with God. But, all that I write in reality is connected with God. Some blogs are more direct while others are no so direct.

Ladies and gentlemen, God is my life. Yoga is my life. Yoga has brought me into a closer relationship with God, His Son - Yahshua and the Holy Spirit. Not wanting to know or read about my God in the blogs is saying you don't want to know or read about me. I can't separate myself from my God and my Savior - Yahshua.

Bills paid supernaturally, food provided supernaturally, new clothes given supernaturally, and the list goes on and on and on. God did it! God being in my life has changed my life. For my troubles and problems - He gave me solutions and victory. He brought what I needed into the seen realm of reality.

My healing is in God. My meals are in God. My deliverance from darkness is from God. Yahshua put His life on the line just for me - and you. It is my personal and correct choice for me to serve the God I serve. If want to experience the same things (just a sample few) of what I have written above - you can. You must accept Him as your Savior as I and many, many others have!

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/23/08

There are many student in the Yoga classes I teach who often mention to me they wish their friends and loved ones would share in their passion and discover the benefits of Yoga.

One thing I suggest is they tell their friends and love ones to come try a class. I tell them to tell them they will get in the back of the class with them (to make them feel at ease). I tell them to encourage them during class and not to be a show off (you know what I mean).

However, I believe the best way to bring or introduce our friends and love ones to Yoga is by living a life of Yoga. If they would just simply conduct their Yoga practice with dedication, their friends and families will notice a positive change in their personalities. These changes can include a more loving attitude, a positive outlook on life, more energy and just a peaceful temperament.

Yoga has changed my life. Let if change your life. As we do this – our friends and families will see the change. Then, some will show up for class.

Much love,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thought For Today - 10/22/08

On a weekly basis, there are students who miss class. Some students having what I call “been missing in action.” When they come back to class, some say they have been too busy with new job, new baby, moving, and the list goes on. Coming to Yoga class was pretty much at the bottom of their list.

My response to them – don’t go more than 3-4 days without practicing your Yoga asanas. I tell them as they stick to this suggestion, they will stay healthier (inside/out), calmer and less prone to injury (which can be associated with a stop/start Yoga practice asana).

I also tell them if they can’t make it to class - please start a home Yoga practice asana. Even if it’s just only doing 10 Sun Salutation A & B. Find a small space in their home and do something that will keep their practice fresh.

Much love,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Morning Special Note - 10/21/08

I didn't sleep well last night. I got home late from teaching a late class. Stayed up until around 11:30pm. Got up around 2:30am and spend time in prayer. Afterward, went back to bed and before I knew it my alarm went off for me to head to the gym. I mainly do my workouts in early morning (around 5am) due to my work schedule.

However, this morning I didn't head to the gym. I just stayed in bed. I did manage to get up around 6:30am. After being up for a few minutes - the Word of God begin to stir up in me. I so clearly hear in my spirit that I am to ONLY allow a problem or situation 24 hours in my life. The problem or situation has no business staying longer than that.

I am to speak the Word of God to problems or situations and watch them disappear from my life. It doesn't not matter what the problem or situation is - just speak the Word of God to it.

This revelation from God was so powerful to me this morning. I begin to jump up and down in my kitchen - praising God for His Word. His Word was directly to me. However, I'm sharing it with you too! And, yes, there are times I get very excited and emotional about the goodness of God.

So, you learned something else new about Joseph today. I am person who practices, teaches Yoga, lift his hands and voice, jumps up and down as he gives God praise. What a combination. :)

Much love,

Thought For Today - 10/21/08

On a weekly basis I get questions from Yoga students regarding meditation such as how do I begin a meditation practice. One of the main things I generally tell them they have to do is “focus". Most Yoga students have challenges with their “breath” during class. But, talking about the “breath” during Yoga asana can be another blog.

Back to meditation. I tell the students there is nothing mystique about meditation. I tell this especially to the Christian Yoga student. Meditation is used through out the Bible. Meditation is used through out many religions. I tell students meditation is one of the most natural of our human abilities that was given to us by God.

Meditation takes you to the “present.” You are not thinking or questioning the past or looking toward the future, but simply being “present.” This is the real meaning of meditation.

I tell students to find one and only one thing to place their focus or attention on. Bringing their focus or attention on what is significant to them at that moment or time they have set aside.

When our mind is able to focus on what is significant to what is happening at the present, we experience ourselves as being at one with what we see. Only then will you experience meditation in the true state (my interpretation), which is joyful and wonderful. It actually can bring you into a full and complete life experience.

Much love,