Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/31/08

Continuation of 8/30/08 Thought For Today . . .

When we, as believers, truly understand that without God, we only exist, we will get serious about seeking God. Once we understand it takes the wisdom and knowledge of God for us to live a truly blessed life, we will find time to search out that wisdom, no matter how busy we are. And, no matter how much we are chasing the $$$.

We will get up early in the morning to spend time with God or go to bed later – searching for Him at night. We will even turn off the one-eye monster (television). We will do whatever it takes. Note on television - I watch it mainly for news and weather. I only have basic cable (to be able see the local channels clearly) - don't need more than that. I rarely have time to watch it.

OK, it is going to take some type of endeavor in seeking God. We can't be laid-back Christians and find the completeness of God's wisdom and Master Plan for our lives. We just can't gather at church once a week, sing a song or two and listen to the minister’s sermon.

Please don't get me wrong. Gathering at church is good, and any degree of seeking God will bring us a definite amount of blessing. But if we want to live in power and victory on a continuing basis, if we want to function in the gifts of the Spirit and see miracles in our lives, seeking God have got to be our Number 1 priority.

There is nothing more important than going after God with your whole heart. It is the answer to everything. The more you seek Him, the more blessed you will be, not only in spiritual things but also in natural things such as health, finance, peace in your home, healing in your body and joy to your life!

Much love,

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stealing In Yoga?

In class today, a student shared with me at his job they now have Yoga classes for employees. The other day he attended one of the classes and to his surprise the person teaching the class was one of the students that attends classes I teach. He stated that she stole sequences I use in class. She even says some of the things I say in class.

My response to him? Great! I’m so happy for and proud of her. Another student taking what she learned from me to the world. I believe Solomon in the Bible stated that there was nothing new under the Sun. Yoga is a group effort of students and teachers in the Yoga community which has been around for a few thousands years. I cannot and will not take ownership of any of the ideas I teach from as my own. Again, I'm so happy for and proud of her!

Now, there is a student who took classes with me for a few years – he now lives and teaches Yoga in CA. He told me the other day he always gives credit to me on the quotes and sequences he uses in the classes he teach. Thanks Mike!

In conclusion, I’m just happy that the teachings I give are so clear and understanding that other teachers want to repeat the information (in whatever form) to the students they teach.

Yoga is all about sharing and becoming ONE.

Much love,

Yoga Class Not "Hard" or "Challenging"

OK, this weekend, one of the students that attend the Yoga classes I teach mentioned to me when was I going to teach a “hard class?” By “hard” she explain doing poses such as “Flying Crow”, “Side Crow” and what some call “Running Man.” Early during the week, the same student stated to me she wanted to take a class from a Yoga studio that was “hard” and “challenging.”

My response to her was that the classes I teach are challenging. Does such pose as mentioned above make a class “hard” or “challenging?” I have taken classes where we only did Sun A and Sun B for the most part. Let me tell you – those classes were “challenging” or “hard.”

I often tell students during class, wherever they are with their Yoga practice is where they are to be at present or that they are at the perfect place in their practice. They just need to see what has surface and work with that information. I see to many students wanting to move to the next level and are yet to experience the true joy of how their body feels after they just finished a Yoga class.

I see so many students (20s’, 30’s and some 40’s) only wanting the physical part of Yoga. They fail to experience the spiritual side of Yoga, which is connected with the physical. They ignore it! I see the more mature students grasping hold to this principle early on in the beginning of their Yoga practice. Their practice is more of a solid foundation. They never get bored or experience an “easy” class. From my personal experience, I have never taken a Yoga class that was not challenging. Whether is restorative, gentle or power Yoga. All of them were “challenging” or “hard.”

Just perhaps, the style of teaching I do is just not the style of Yoga that no longer works for this student. She may have to shop around until she finds a class that fits with what she wants to experience.

If you get a chance, take a look at the blog I wrote sometime ago “Yoga is Boring?”

Much love,

Thought For Today - 8/30/08

Do you know what your purpose is? What is the Master Plan for your life? Are you doing what you were born to do? What do you want? What brings you joy? What excites and energizes you?

Well, when you do what God has called you to do and hook up with His Master Plan for your life, the questions above can be easily answered. The plan of God is where true peace is. His plan is where true joy is. His plan is at the place of liberation.

You have endured long enough things that you were not sure were right for you. You have pushed yourself through too many things without purpose too many times to count. There is a better and distinct way.

God does not have a great plan for one person and a stupid plan for another. He does not love one more than the other. He has a wonderful plan for every one of us because He loves us equally and He is good to all!

His plans for each person will be distinctive because we are all unique. However, know that His plan for you will be just as good for you as mine is for me. How could His plan for you be anything less? It’s been perfectly designed by the Master Himself.

How do you learn about the Master Plan for your life? One of the first things is to seek or find out about God and what His is for your life. Let God become a vital need in your life. A vital need is something we can’t live without. We don’t live but merely exist with God not in our lives. We are totally missing out on real and abundant life.

The possibilities are limitless. The time is not later – but NOW!

Much love,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Your Yoga Practice

Today and everyday during your Yoga practice - begin to let your spirit flow through your body. Let the light flow through your body. Release the past, because failure is there. Take hold of the present, because there lies your prosperity. Leave your hurts and disappointments on your mat - release them during your practice. Let love flow through your veins. Let love flow through your body. Listen to your body during your practice. Don't force your body - but flow into every pose. Where you are in your Yoga practice is where you are suppose to be at present.

Much love,

Personal - 8/29/08

OK, here is more personal information on me ...

I so miss my fellowship with God. Wow, I know you are surprise to see that written. Well, it is the truth. There was a time that I would spend lots of one-on-one time with my Father - God. Now, most of my time with Him is a few minutes in the morning and while driving to various locations to teach classes or train clients. However, there are times when I wake up between 2-4am to fellowship with Him. We sometimes have a conversation, or He does the talking and I listen or I talk and He listen. But, I really try to listen more than I talk. We were actually made to be in fellowship with our Creator.

There were times in the past I would spend hours praying and meditating with God. Those were also times that I would receive in depth revelations about spiritual things, insights to situations, visions on future events, etc. But, with this lifestyle of being so personal with God brings a sort of loneliness. Unless some of your community does the same thing, you can't share with them what's going on in your life. Because, they just would not understand it (well maybe some would understand).

I fail to mention also during these times, I was pretty much ministering in a church pulpit on a weekly basis, either in the role of a pastor, associate pastor or guest minister. I yet long for those days again. I miss the closeness of being with my Father - God.

I will share more later ...

Much love,

Thought For Today - 8/29/08

God commanded us to love one another which removes from us all that are not loved. Jesus really only left us only two things to do on this earth - 1) Love God with our whole heart and 2) love one another as we love ourselves. When we realize our mission in life is to love, we will realize that every situation is an opportunity to carry that mission out.

As we walk in love, we find every situation is a lesson in becoming who we are capable of being. I ask God daily to give me the ability to walk in His love - not Joseph's love (which has limits). I'm not saying it is an easy thing to do. But, with every situation there can be an opportunity to surrender my will (desire) and ask God for help and direction.

Much love,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Comments

A quick note - several have mentioned they read the blog daily. But, have never left a comment. Reason being, they felt like it was silly or didn't make sense, etc. Let me state - the comments are for you to freely write regarding anything that I have written. The comments are about real people - You. So, write your comments - please.:)

Much love,

Thought For Today - 8/28/08

A few things I learned along my journey. Enjoy . . .

1) Very important to forgive yourself (only you know for what) - you cannot really forgive others without forgiving yourself. Neither can you really forgive yourself without forgiving others.

2) There was a time when I constantly thought and talked about what I needed (it was various things). Then, one day, I began to focus my attention on receiving, having, sharing and giving. How did this happen? I got out of the mental patterns of lack (poverty) and realized that, as God knows no lack, neither do I.

3) I on purpose make it a point to love everyday. I don't wait for Christmas or until its' someones birthday. I give the gift of love and joy. I give words of encouragement. I tell individuals how much I appreciate them. I tell them I think they are wonderful. I even tell them they are perfect just as they are (if they need to change - its' not my job to tell them unless they ask). I found out when I give gifts such as these of love to others - I'm giving them to myself. Try it for yourself.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/27/08

Many people don’t understand the power of words. They don’t realize that the things they are speaking out of their mouth are setting the course of their life.

Some words deceive. Some words transmit faith. Spend a few moments on that last sentence. The words you speak can transmit faith or fear. I’m talking about words spoken that are powerful enough to change lives for the better or worse.

So many people think words are not important. You have heard people say statements such as “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words won’t hurt me.” Nothing is further from the truth. Words will kill you! If you don’t know what you are doing with words, they can destroy you.

Whatever is in your heart (your spirit) will always tell the truth about you. Give thought to the words you speak. Ask God to place a guard over your mouth and keep the entrance of your lips. (Scripture found in Psalm 141:3)

Much love,

Thought For Today - 8/26/08

Many of us are living our lives as if love is not meant for us. We look at our past failures in relationships and feel (or believe) sad and deserted. We see others skipping along their journey, moving ahead in their relationships and just being happy. Then we turn to our own lives and see only those times we’ve been let down and left out, the time that life (as it may seems), people, and the world haven’t been there for us. You begin to say and believe - love may be real, but it’s not real for me.

Open your spiritual eyes. Open your heart - your entire being to God. Then you will begin to see and experience all the blessings you have been given – the master plan for your life, the direction, the help, the support, etc. Stop seeking for people to be your source. Begin to look on the inside to get what you need. See how your inner person can guide you. Put your trust there.

As you do this, you will begin to see people smile towards you. You will experience true friendship. You will be seen as a whole person.

Know that love is there for you. Learn to identify it as it comes to you in so many ways.

Much love,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Of 8/23/08

A few notes on my weekend. It was good. I actually took a class (I was the student) at Yoga Island in Flower Mound. Great class too! I spend some time of course teaching a few Yoga classes which I always enjoy. On Saturday afternoon, I met with a friend of mines and several highly skilled Yoga instructors. My friend is opening a new Yoga studio in Dallas called Twist Power Yoga ( The studio is located at the corner of Marsh Lane and Forest Lane – next door to Sprouts. Check out their website. I’m teaching there too.

On Sunday morning, I visited a local church in North Carrollton . Later that afternoon – visited with a family who is doing mission work in Europe. This was my second gathering with them and our discussions were amazing. They are heading back the first of September to continue the work. They were only here in the States for a few weeks. One thing that came out of our discussions which was so clear - we are so blessed in America. No matter what we are facing and experiencing here - it could always be worse.

For the past several months, my heart (spirit) has been desiring to also do mission work in Europe, but especially in India. I sense a very strong pull to this country. I heard one minister say, “He wanted to go where God’s Word is hardly spoken and His light is dim in the lives of individuals.” What a powerful statement and call. I too, can relate to that statement.

OK, we are starting a new week. Many students are returning to school, college, etc. and some for the first time. So, there will be opportunities for offense to come into play. Lets’ put LOVE to work this week. Select a problem. Put LOVE (God) to work on it. Take God (LOVE) as your partner in your plan to serve and resolve the problem. You will not fail. You will have the answer!

I trust all will have a safe and prosperous week.

Much love,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/22/08

All creative people I know state they cannot tell where their best thoughts come from. They only know that they begin thinking or meditating in a certain direction because they have first come to a decision about some need or desire, and the needed idea then comes to them. So, we must first make a decision about what we want, then decide that it can be had or done. Then we seek, knock, ask and it is done for us.

Much love,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/21/08

We generally look at things from our own perspective, even the things God has for us. But, from personal experience, I have learned if I spent time in meditation on God’s Word (The Bible), I begin to see things from His perspective. My desire for His will increases, and I will begin to understand more about His desire for me.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/20/08

If you do not know of your spiritual ability, you will be governed and controlled by events and conditions of this world system (which was made to fail); you will tend to criticize yourself and generally hold a low assessment of yourself (you might never admit it).

In other words, due to your lack of knowledge you will pay tribute to the power of circumstances and fail to realize the tremendous powers within you, which could lift you up and set you on the high road to total happiness, divine health, financial freedom and the joy of living a long and fruitful life.

A few books that can help you in obtaining this:
1. The Bible
2. George S. Clason - The Richest Man In Babylon
3. Napoleon Hill - Think & Grow Rich
4. Napoleon Hill - You Can Work Your Own Miracles
5. Melody Beattie - Journey To The Heart
6. Andrew Murray - Humility
7. Robert T. Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad
8. Baron Baptiste - Journey Into Power
9. John G. Lake - His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith - published by Kenneth Copeland Publications, Fort Worth, TX

Much love,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/19/08

Today is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. God's mercy and grace are new every morning in the lives of my sons.

Today, August 19, 2008 my youngest son - Joseph David (we call him David) turns 21 years of age. I have two sons. My oldest son is Jeffrey Paul and he will be turning 28 years of age in November of this year. Jeffrey has a 17 month old son - name Jackson. That's right - I'm a grandfather!

There are four generation of only males in my family. My grandfather had two sons. My father had two sons. My brother has three sons. I have two sons. My oldest son has one son.

My sons are a wonderful gift and blessing from God. I believe they will always bring me great joy and not heartache. They are the blessed of the Lord, and today will be a great day for them - a day of joy, peace, and fulfillment - especially for David!

Much love,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yoga Extravaganza - 24HF (Valley Ranch club) - 8/14/08

Hey, I want to thank all who showed up last Thursday (8/14) at the 24HF – Valley Ranch location for the 7:30pm Yoga class. This is the normal day/time I teach there. However, that Thursday, the management at this location had a Yoga Extravaganza. Current members were allowed to bring FREE guests (1, 2 or more) to the Yoga class. The class was held in the basketball court. Over 170 people showed up for the class! 24HF – Valley Ranch location will have this event monthly. Please visit my website: for updates.

Also, I want to give special thanks to the Lululemon Athletica store at the Flower Mound (Highland Village) location. The management staff there provided several Yoga mats (around 20) for students without mats (students were able to keep the mats too).

Side note - please make an effort to go by and visit this store. They are a specialty apparel store for Yoga with styles for men and women. I wear their clothes too! They are located at: 4071 Deer Creek, # 120, Highland Village (Flower Mound), TX 75077. Phone: 972.317.4216. Tell the staff there – Joseph sent you. Also, when inside the store - look for me on the wall in a very large photo in Tree pose.

Much love,Joseph

Thought For Today - 8/18/08

Here are four things I say daily as I start my day.

1. Today is a day I will have compassion.

2. Today is a day I will have ease.

3. Today is a day I will have no stress.

4. Today is a day I will have a care-free spirit.

Try repeating the sentences above and see how much easier life can be.

Much love,

What I Desire In A Relationship?

Hey, I really can’t believe I’m putting this info into my blog. But, here is probably a good place as any to share more personal things. I had a friend the other day ask me about male/female relationship. They wanted to know in a few sentences what I would want in a personal relationship with the opposite sex. Yep, that’s right, what you are about to read is brief and to the point. Note – it is not an ad (though I’m not currently involved with anyone).

Here they are:

  • The first thing I ask is for God to allow me to love again.
  • I will not have fear of losing my soul in a relationship.
  • I want us to be honest about our relationships and past relationships with others.
  • I want us to be honest about differences.
  • What does our spiritual connection look like?
  • Our failures are in the past – ours to keep – ours to have learned from.
  • I want to be open, honest and have emotional safety.
  • I want to build a long lasting friendship and respect for each other's character and personality.
  • I want someone with common interests, goals and values.
  • I want someone who is willing to change (as I will) and grow with me, open to and take responsibility for their part of the work in the relationship.
  • I want someone who I could share any concerns with support me in dealing with them and I will do the same for her.
  • I want someone who will trust me enough to be emotionally vulnerable and I will do the same.
  • I want someone who is compassionate and open to letting love in.
  • I don’t want to be afraid to love.
  • I do believe the time is now.

Ok, there it is.

Much love,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/16/08

Every relationship should have open communication. It’s the foremost way we can walk in the love towards the other —but it takes effort. Sadly, it’s an effort many couples don’t make. Successful relationships don’t just happen. They are the result of investments of time, effort, study and a putting into practice.

Effective communication is one of the necessary skills every relationship needs. It involves not only knowing how to talk to each other, but also knowing how to walk in love towards the other. Love is the key. Each person feels as though what he or she has to say is valid, significant and appreciated when this kind of communication takes place.

So talk, listen and only respond in love!

Much love,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thought For Today - 8/15/08

Find time today to let light (God) flow through your body. Release the past, because failures are there. Take hold of the present, because here lies your prosperity.

Much love,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yoga and Christianity

I thought it good to share my thoughts on Yoga and Christianity. These comments were shared at previous meetings I had with Christian leaders in the local community.

Almost seven years ago now, I made this drastic, faithful and much needed move out of the corporate world, into the world of physical fitness. After acquiring several fitness certifications from The Cooper Institute of Dallas, and with a genuine desire in my heart to help people get well, I ventured forward to fulfill God’s plan for me.

Then, six years ago, as a Personal Trainer, I stumbled upon Yoga, and in the process, found my destined vocation. I am now happier and healthier than ever before in my life!

To me, yoga is not an outside interest; it serves my faith completely. I have become a better person by having my body in good shape, my breathing and my mind all integrated together. As I have stated before, Yoga is not a religion. I look at Yoga as a technique that helps anybody live a well-balanced life.

I currently teach Yoga to over 800 individuals per week. Some of the students are Christians, others of the Buddhist and Hindu faith, while others are of no faith. I am for the most part the only image of “Love” (God) that they come in contact with throughout the week. And, it is because of them attending Yoga classes that I am allowed to show them the Love of God.

There are many individuals from different cultures that also attend the Yoga classes I teach – i.e. India, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, China, and Japan. They all have stated they only come to the Yoga classes I teach because of how I make them feel, including the energy and environment within the room.

Jesus was a man for all peoples, with no distinctions. As a Jew, he taught that people should stretch beyond the rules, make it a connection from your heart. Do I need to be in a pulpit to minister to people? (I have been in the ministry since 1978 and I have been an ordained minister since 1982, pastoring a church for a while in Mississippi) No, not really. However, I do know that what I say during Yoga classes encourages the students in their daily lives – it’s my “Sermon on the Mats.”

Without a doubt, I know God has called me to the profession of teaching Yoga; yet, my biggest critic has been “the Church.” Ironically, the church could really learn from the lifestyle of those who have practiced Yoga for years. From my observation, the majority of them walk in peace, are somewhat more spiritually, physically and even financially fit than some church goers.

Much love,

Saturday, August 9, 2008


What I am sharing with you is spiritual truth. It is totally contrary to the world’s way of thinking and goes against the grain of human behavior. To live and walk in forgiveness, you will have to resist pride. At times, you will have to go to your brother (sister, friend, neighbor, etc.) and ask his forgiveness. You will have to forgive him, even though every ounce of your being wants to strike out against him or her.

You will have to forgive others, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you. But remember, you cannot make it without God’s forgiveness. You cannot have His forgiveness unless you forgive.

Forgiveness requires an act of your will. You cannot depend on your feelings. Most of the time, you will have to forgive—not because you feel like it—but simply because the God states you must.

Make it your goal to develop and maintain an attitude of forgiveness. See that you keep your heart clean before God. Be quick to say you apologize (and mean it) when you are faced with opportunities for friction. Don’t allow darkness any place in your life.

God’s love is the most powerful force in existence. Darkness knows that. It knows what the love of God can do and the tremendous power that lies in forgiveness.

A revelation of the love walk and forgiveness in our spirits allows that power – power of God’s love to flow. Make the quality decision today to commit yourself to walk in God’s love and forgiveness. I guarantee…you will never be the same.

Much love,

Yoga Is Boring??

As the door is closing on The Place of Carrollton Church, another door has open wide – my personal blog! And this is my first blog entry...

In the past several months, a few (just a few) students who attend Yoga classes I teach made mentioned to me that they have become “bored” with Yoga or “bored” with the type of Yoga I teach.

Ok, here was a great opportunity for me to become “offended” at their statements. If I allowed offense to come into my heart, it would only affect me – not them. So, I smiled at their comments and suggested they may need a break from Yoga or a break from the classes I teach.

There were other things I could have said to them that I believe would have nailed their feeling “bored,” but didn’t. However, I’m writing it in this blog.☺

This past weekend, I took time to really think about the comments these students made. As I mediated on their words, it became clear to me that Yoga was not what they were bored with. They were bored with their lives so to speak. There were issues in their lives and Yoga was actually trying to bring those issues to surface. And, they didn’t realize it.

You see, your Yoga mat is a mirror – a reflection of your life. If you are having challenges in your personal life – they are going to show up on your Yoga mat. Instead of breathing through the challenging poses, being present and focusing on that and only that pose at that time, your spirit, mind and body are at war with each other.

When I practice Yoga, I look at who I am and what is actually happening during my practice. When doing this, I’m constantly getting feedback from myself which I now know is pretty much accurate on what is happening in my spirit, mind and body. This in turns gives me another opportunity to learn more about myself – from being on my Yoga mat.

I could go on and on – on this topic. But, I will close with this. Yoga is life changing! Yoga is a spiritual faith building experience! Yoga is uplifting! And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll experience once you connect with your Yoga mat. Only then will you find answers to your daily challenges.

So, in your next Yoga class – whether in one of the classes I teach or another, get ready to experience a practice like never before – where it not only feels right, but it is right and not “boring.”

Write me your comments on this. Please forward me any question you might have. I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Much love,